Swiss Ninja's Harem

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Swissy's Harem
Key details
Level Level Twelve in the RDA base under the Club Penguin University
Location deep underground the Club Penguin University
Inhabitants Swiss Ninja, hot girls, Hipengy

Swiss Ninja's Harem, also called Swissy's Harem, Hipengy's Den, Level Twelve, Player's Palace, and Kaiser's Keep, is a luxurious, secret lair where Swiss Ninja and a bunch of hot concubines go to make out, share drinks, make out, chat, make out, and make out.

Since penguins mate for life, Swiss Ninja is physically and psychologically incapable of going beyond casually dating his concubines, but he sure as heck can date his brains out!

Obviously, Maddieworld is unaware of this den of romance, and for Swiss' sake, let's hope she never learns... or, if one is a moralite, let's hope she does so Swissy can get a well-deserved beating.


This article is a strange one because of a married penguin being surrounded by goregous babes, so sit back and grasp these following terms to remember. Swiss Ninja is not going to marry these women nor have chicks. Cheating is enough for him.

  • A harem is "a social structure whereby several females associate... ...with a single male". It also refers to the place where these females gather with their Player. For the purpose of this article, the "association" is the dating and the single male is that cheating Kaiser.
  • A concubine is a female who is dating and living alongside a male, but is not a wife and certainly not there for anything practical, like marrying or raising offspring. Think of a concubine as a perpetual girlfriend: the penguin, though married, continues dating a concubine as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Swiss Ninja and other players- be they married or single -use concubines to get around the fact that polygamy is biologically impossible for a penguin. Swiss Ninja does not have offspring through concubines, becuase, literally, he can't... -bit he'll still date his brains out.
  • Mating for life, in the animal kingdom, means that a male creature can only select one wife and is incapable of having offspring/chicks/kids/babies with anyone except said wife, and vice-versa. Of course, the obvious loophole is to date one's brains out and keep that a secret. In real life, all penguins really do mate for life and can not divorce or lose that spouse until she (or he) dies.
  • As for dating one's brains out, does that really need to be explained?
  • For the definition of a player, see Hipengy.


Swissy lives it up in the lap of luxury. One enters the harem from the south.

  • In the center of the harem is a huge hot tub, big enough to fit that Mary Sue and five other hotties. This hot tub is made of ivory with gold trim, and uses jewels for faucets and temperature handles. The drain plug is an emerald and the button that turns on the jets is made of rubies. Hypocritically, this hot tub is NOT eco-friendly... at all.
  • To the north of the jacuzzi is a gigantic flat-screen television with built-in Blu-ray player, VCR, and cable connection. It's probably more expensive than most penguins' entire net worth, and is coated in a fine layer of gold leaf. That's quite unfortunate though, as the only reason Swiss got this TV was because the penguin who ordered it accidently typed in the wrong address in the order.
  • To the west is a fully functional smoothie bar, staffed with a barrista and a waiter! They serve the finest milkshakes, smoothies, Cream Soda floats, and quality drinks from all over Antarctica, all in one spot. That barrista is also quite the looker and she has, at time, lounged with the Kaiser.
  • To the east stands piles of gold, jewels, precious metals, and money. Swiss Ninja just keeps it there so that he can jump in it and toss it around in the air, or give it to his concubines.


This harem is top secret. The elevator in the Recycling Center only bares eleven floors on its dashboard, even though the twelfth exists right below. One could punch in twelve, but most creatures wouldn't think of doing that, considering that they would assume that because the number is not listed, it doesn't exist.

Clovis, Dave, and Leonardo di Tremezzo stumbled across this harem while assisting the EPF. They don't speak of it.

The second penguin to discover it was Hipengy. Considered the world's greatest player and a penguin that can out-date Swiss Ninja in four hours, SN actually granted him access to the Harem, where he too lounges with his dates until he brushes them off for someone hotter.

You know Ace, right? Well, he was the third to discover the harem. He hears rumors about this and had the guts to do this, and brought some food, so Swissy and his concubines would accept, and holy heck, it did work. He is one of Swiss's friends now.


  • Director Benny strongly approves this hilarious, but still wrong, violation of the holy contract of marriage.
  • Swiss Ninja is a ladies' man. A really big ladies' man.
    • Dating all these concubines inflates his ego.
  • The main harem is in the English Servers, but there is a backup harem in the German Server just in case.

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