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Type Cultural
Official name Swissmass Day
Also called The Worst day of the Year; Ego Day; Swiss Ninja Day
Observed by Snowzerland
Dates December 26
Begins Sunrise
Ends Midnight
Celebrations Giving Gifts to Swiss Ninja (Yep, everyone has to), Singing glorified songs about SN, his Family, or Snowzerland
Related to Winter, Christmas

Swissmass is the worst holiday ever invented in history. It Celebrates and was founded by Swiss Ninja so that he can be glorified more. The worst part is that you have to give Swiss Ninja a present. Luckily, this is only celebrated in Snowzerland. Those who personally know Swiss Ninja are to give him presents on both Swissmass and Christmas.


Being Egotistical, Swiss Ninja was always a naughty penguin and never found any presents under the tree in Christmastime. For Years, SN has always been on Santa Clause's Naughty list. He wanted revenge, and he got it when he founded the UCSN and later Snowzerland in 2009. December 26, 2009 marked the first Swissmass, and it started out very unpopular. Eventually, SN Enforced it's importance, and penguins have to celebrate it by law.


Here are the traditions:

Giving Gifts to Swiss Ninja[edit]

In Swissmass, ALL Penguins, rich or poor, must give presents to Swiss Ninja, even if you are from Mwam, the Governance, or the ToS. SN Must have the present on time. Many dispise this, since there are some poor penguins that have to give away some of their precious belongins because they have nothing else to give, and NO, SN doesn't take trash, grass, rocks, dirt, feathers, or plant parts as gifts. Doing so will make SN angry and that penguin will have to pay a fine of 1000 Club Penguin gold coins. Those who can't pay the bill must become Indentured Servants until the debt is payed off. Most Penguins simply give SN gift cards or Money as a way to get out of the situation, which SN accepts.

Praising Swiss Ninja[edit]

Swiss Ninja is to be praised throught the day. Penguins will sing caroling songs about him, Cream Soda Drinking Competitions are held in his name, etc. Penguins also make SN shaped Cookies as well and eat feasts in honor of Swiss Ninja. In the afternoon, penguins must go to the ToS Telenacle and glorify Swiss Ninja some more. At the end of the day, penguins go to bed really tired.

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