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TAGP (The Army of Great Penguins) is an army founed in 2006 by a penguin named Donut67890.


A penguin named Donut67890 founded the TAGP back in early CP. Pink Mafias and Oagalthorp also helped in the making of it.

In the beginning, their alliance with the Nachos was strong. With their strong allies, TAGP couldn't be defeated. TAGP kept growing and growing.

They were so strong, they stopped ACP from invading one time. It was a very historic moment in TAGP and they were one of the largest armies out there.

Eventually, after 3 years, TAGP was falling. Nobody was joining. But then they ran into an army called the Ninja Fighters. The leaders were Yorkay Porkay and her good friend Zapdos255. Zap offered a merge, and TAGP gladly accepted. TAGP was back on their feet.

Then they became even stronger after TAGP had two divisions, the Dark Warriors and the Light Knights. The two divisions could attack one army and another at the same time.

Now, TAGP is the 13th largest army in Antartica.


The ranks of TAGP.

Dark Lords/Light Kings- Pink Mafias,Oagalthorp

________________________Retirement Island____________________

Leader- Donut67890, Zap225, Yorkay Porkay



Ambassador-Benag,Rover Bot,Flipper7706

Advisor- Alfrondo1465,Miroos (zamros)

___________________________Owner on chat line_________________

Commander General- Elvie333,Kidik,Rexrider,Zeered,Comperter,GrumpyDrawer,MixingRed,

Maxthepen, Imainz,Tigers Class ,Storm15039,Yungtj83,lbk42396,

Grand General-Jedi,English54,Ibk,Spyguy202,Sss go away,patisdabst,alec1404,Skito36,Nuggetsrule2,Coolkid4040,Hero981

Major General-Agent5,Cowbay,Aleeen898,Mansnow,Etac14,



General- Salitia,Coco,marshmallow5,Nathancool1,Nilesoatman,Blake 10467,Brifcore,Lillykins67

Commander- Soldierjo,Pagalan166,Akronanas,Robin888,Tats20, ,Cjtoupy123,Penki 75994

_______________________Mod on chat line_____________________

Lt General- Dudejosh5,Clanleader67,Blueswill,Alfrondo1456,Mask King2,Hedcog,Maxthepen,Dave31374,Matt Robins,Greenday184,Rockangels2,007joc

Bragaider General-Littleboy789,Chimpbrad,Khjbcbrcr,Ashmeo


Captain- Jeremy,Yazin1,Ggoa619,Pjp113,Mrsskipperrr,Zeesky,MonkeyBandiz

Red Fire 296,QQaazz1,Macoman26s,Ice pop15,Dywa1,Bbbbrrrr,kieranmega yMajor- Flubber9909,Crazyfrog08,Waddles0,Clubzooyo,Podles9706,


Luetennant- Kingblackeye,Corinthw,Happyman444,Penguyo 9,Iglookid18

Sergant-Spikeman8,Nission 098,Frenley,Greenday184,Nb 45,act 723

Officer- Monkey AP,Canada goose,Element25,Manhunt,Ashmeo,Steven45678,Mudbrownie09,lilsosa,

Corporal- Donuts12345,Zman1111,Watex000,Superpants3,Toozac,20reanacter,Justredman



Recruit BlastRed,Sunny0306,James,Kellym,Tcbp,Spartansfan,Mrtchy, Empireking5,Cpt Louis, Haho4, Motorcycler6, Skyblue950, Minisure25, Grove 12 qb, Undrtker515, Mask King 2Snowball1226,Sman2323,Native 3,Supemankid,John 16126,Cane Y2j,Minnie1705,Kingblackeye,Ziggy80680,Lil Deuce 62,Cali Dude 19,Masrerblue,Streamsong13,Mg Dog,Uss Arizona1,Duck man2000,AwsomeTK90,Gumdrop4377,Hasanb123,Urica,Aan10,Andrew 24,Alighf,Fizzell,Righty Red,papermario97,Maxwell43

Troop Count = 103.

Theme Song & TAGP Videos[edit]

<videogallery> Video:Super Smash Bros. Brawl: FrontLine|The TAGP theme Video:TAGP Training Video:TAGP Practice Battle

Video:Join TAGP another great club penguin army </videogallery>

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The real TAGP site link is

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