Target Enhanced Weapons Technology

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Target Enhanced Weapons Technology
Type Private/Public
Industry Military hardware
Founded 2001
Headquarters Culldrome City, Culldrome Isles
Area served Culldrome Isles, Antarctica, Axle Powers countries
Key people Paul Phoenix (CEO, Founder)
Revenue Classified
Operating income Classified
Net income Classified
Employees 20,000

Target Enhanced Weapons Technology, or just TEWT, is a large, private, multinational aerospace, security and defense contractor. Formerly based in Antarctica, the now Culldrom company designs and manufactures a wide range of military and other heavy hardware, ranging from weapons and vehicles to spacecraft, rockets and planes. It formerly had a monopoly in the arms manufacturing business, with a 87% market share in 2009. It has since lost this leadership and went under the Culldrom government's partial ownership; it is now responsible for a large portion of the nation's military equipment. In addition, it has limited branches in the USA, Dorkugal, Lichenblossom Isles and other countries.


Early History[edit]

In 2001, TEWT was founded by Dr. Paul Phoenix in his home garage. As a mad scientist and inventor, he set up a small company, with him being the only employee. He thought that the USA needed a company to design and create new weapons for the 21st century. Paul began to manufacture ACOG Sights (hence the name "Target Enhanced"). These sights were built for Snowball Guns, Fruit Blasters and Banana Blasters. They were sold from his igloo, often illegally. This prompted the PSA to take action. The scientist was arrested and taken to the GourdZoid Council Hall.

Birth of a company[edit]

Dr. Phoenix pleaded guilty but requested one thing - he wanted to have a weapon manufacturing company to be established. He was appalled at the lack of an organized weapons manufacturing business in Antarctica. So, after countless hours of arguing, debating and eating Judgies, Phoenix was cleared of all charges and given one (and only one) chance. The government granted him a 1 million coin loan. The loan had to be paid off by company revenue by 2003. If this goal was not met, Phoenix would be imprisoned in the Hot Snow.

Soon, the inventor set off to Dorkugal in search of a suitable factory. Since there were no factories for sale, Phoenix purchased a warehouse on Floor 27 of the Googolplex. The warehouse, through Dorkuguese ingenuity, was eventually renovated into a factory floor with many production lines. The Dorkugese also helped Dr. Phoenix to design and create weapons. Soon, the company was set up professionally, with workers, janitors, associates, assistants and Phoenix as the CEO. The loan was paid off in 2002, earlier than what was expected,


Eventually, the company started to grow bigger. TEWT's largest customer, the US Army, requested that vehicles be also produced. Due to this, TEWT opened up a factory in Pengolia. The factory there began to manufacture the company's first vehicles. Navies and Air Forces from around the continent began to order weapons and vehicles from TEWT. By 2004, company profits were up by 300% since 2003.

Soon factories were set up all over the continent. Some of these factories also have warehouses and some have testing facilities. By 2004, there were 10 factories around Antarctica, 5 warehouses and 2 main offices. The company had also generated a staggering total of 15 billion Fish worth of profit.

In 2005, TEWT started making tanks and fighter jets in addition to previous vehicles. They also signed a contract to provide the Lichenblossom army, navy and air force with equipment. During the Great Darktonian Pie War in 2009, TEWT churned out lots of Pie Tanks, Pie Guns and other pie related weapons. The company toiled behind the scenes to help win the war for the Good Guys.

Culldrom Ownership[edit]

Beginning in 2012, TEWT began to lose profits and stop making money. PASA had cut down on spacecraft launches and militaries began to purchase their weapons from other, often cheaper sources. TEWT further lost its monopoly in the military hardware business, with the rise of corporations such as the WAB, PULSE and Ed Labs. The company underwent a series of cut backs but still posted a record loss of 1.2 billion CPC in July 2012. Running out of options, TEWT went into bankruptcy in September 2012.

However, in the aftermath of Nightmare of Culldrome, the Culldrome Isles needed a source of weapons for its rearmament program. The Culldrome government then bought out the remains of TEWT on October 1 2012, transforming it into a 50-50 private-public venture. The company underwent several structural changes and its HQ was relocated to Culldrome City. The company, in addition to receiving both private funding, was also partially funded by the government and tax payer revenue. Since then the company has grown significantly and primarily produces military hardware for the Culldrome Isles and the Axle Powers.


There are many branches of TEWT. These branches include factories, offices, warehouses and test facilities.

Name Location Description
TEWT Main Offices Culldrome City Main headquarters of TEWT, located in a 50 floor tall skyscraper.
TEWT West Pengolia Manufacturing Facility West Pengolia The 2nd factory to be built. This one was built in Pengolia due to the cheap price of manufacturing and maintenance.
TEWT West Pengolia Warehouse Complex West Pengolia The complex consists of 5 different warehouses. The warehouses are categorized.
TEWT Inland Branch Warehouse Inland Used to store emergency equipment for South Pole City. Destroyed during the Nightmare of Culldrome. Was never rebuilt again, with the ruins still remaining.
TEWT Inland Branch Factory Inland Located in the Industrial District. Closed after the destruction of the Inland warehouse.
TEWT Moss Manufacturing Facility Lichenblossom Isles Mostly creates Deletion Missile parts.
TEWT Marvin the Hacker Memorial Manufacturing Plant Lichenblossom Isles Named after Marvin the Hacker.
TEWT Mountain Factory/TEWT Mountain Testing Facility Antarctic Mountains The former factory was abandoned after a Ditto leak. In 2006, the factory was converted to a weapons testing facility.
TEWT Whiteout Manufacturing Facility Antarctic Mountains Named for the numerous blizzards around the area. Replaced the Mountain Factory.
TEWT Ice-Shelf Factory Snelten Island This factory manufactures 90% of TEWT's aerospace products.
TEWT Culldrome Branch Factory Culldrome City Manufactures light weaponry and vehicles.
TEWT Extreme Weapons Factory Toxic Island Heavy and destructive weapons are created here.
TEWT Extreme Weapons Testing Facility Toxic Island The most destructive weapons are tested here.
TEWT Technological Offices Circuit Valley Technological advancements are researched and tested here.
TEWT Clarkson Heavy Engineering Clarkson A large production factory, responsible for producing heavy hardware in large quantities. It employs a large portion of the workers.


Although TEWT has an all-round focus on technological research and development, there have been several large-scale projects, entirely dedicated to individual and separate operations. Since the 2012 Culldrome-TEWT restructuring, these individual programs have received less funding and are due to be completely phased out in 2019.

Pie War Project[edit]

The Pie War Project was initiated in 2009 to help the Great Darktonian Pie War. TEWT built the majority of weapons and vehicles during the war, excluding products sold by Billy Mays. This helped the war effort so much, TEWT recived the "Most Helpful Company Of 2009" award. Thousands of workers toiled away to help produce weapon hardware. TEWT had also recieved a lot of government funding to keep the production going. After the war the project was halted. There was a lot of unused, surplus hardware, most of which was recycled. Some of the hardware was diverted into other programs and projects.

MDA and LMCA Project[edit]

The MDA and LMCA Projects were initiated in 2006 and 2008 respectively. The MDA project was intended as an alternative to patrol planes and ships. The LMCA project was to be a replacement to the MDA, which was unstable and dangerous. Together, the two projects funded both of the large airship classes. It funded it's research, development, construction and testing. The project is still ongoing, as it manages and maintains the airships.

ASEP Project[edit]

The ASEP Project, also known as the Antarctic Satellite Extermination Platform Project, was started secretly in 2007. The ASEP satellite was to contain a laser beam to shoot and disable enemy satellites. Originally, there were supposed to be 3 satellites in the project. However, due to budget cuts, this number dropped to just one. It was slated for a 2009 launch but PASA had launched Frozen to intercept an alien satellite. The project was cancelled when a treaty was signed. It was scrapped and the remaining surplus hardware was transferred into the newly started AFLOD-Sat Project.

AFLOD-Sat Project[edit]

The AFOLD-Sat (or Antarctic First-Line-Of-Defence-Satellite) is a spy sattelite that is cross-funded by the EPF and TEWT. It is only designed to take pictures and beam them back to PASA. Originally, it was intended for spying on suspected Human continents. Then, the project was re-drafted in 2010 to allow spying on suspected enemy countries. TEWT, PASA and EPF has also approved the AFLOD-Sat to take pictures of Antarctica, to help researchers and scientists. The first satellite in the series (AFLOD-Sat 1), was launched secretly in March 2011. The payload reached orbit but pie crust got stuck in the components, causing a malfunction. Enough funding was secured to launch AFLOD-Sat 2 and was launched in December 2011. This time, the satellite failed to reach a proper orbit and fell out of orbit within a few weeks. Due to the failures, funding was cut and the project terminated.

Deletion Missile Project[edit]

The Deletion Missile Project was started to help design more modern Deletion Missiles. As Deletion Missiles themselves are not built by TEWT, only upgrades and testing items were produced. Items included "floating targets" and even large "fake cities" are also made. Fins and rockets are also offered as upgrades, as well as weight-saving measures and better guidance systems. The project is 70% funded by Lichenblossom.

PASA Collaboration Project[edit]

TEWT has been working with PASA for the design and construction of the PASA Shuttle Fleet. TEWT built 60% of the whole shuttle, including, the engines, wings and computers. In addition to this, TEWT also built the large external fuel tank and the rocket boosters used in flight. TEWT is also responsible for the conversion of the shuttles to RC control.

After the launch phase of a mission, TEWT provides the US Navy recovery ships to retrieve the solid rocket boosters.





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