TIE Fighter

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TIE Fighter
TIE Fighter Canon.png
The basic TIE Fighter
Vital statistics
Full name Twin Ion Engine Fighter
Role Starfighter
National origin Terninia
Manufacturer RDA
First flight May 4, 2012
Introduced June 27, 2013
Status Active
Primary users Snoss Air Force
Number built 4,500
Program cost
Unit cost
Developed from
Developed into X-Wing, Y-Wing

The TIE Fighter is revolutionary aerospace fighting machine that was invented by the Snoss. It is well known for its ability for being both an aircraft that can transition into space and act as a spacecraft. The Snoss are the main producers of the aircraft, but in July, the Snoss had began heavily producing a fleet especially for Darth Herbert and his own personal fleet.


The idea was developed after Swiss Ninja raised concerns about competing against Shops Island and the USA for supremacy in Space exploration. With the creative minds of top Snoss engineers, local terns, and RDA Troopers on the Terninia base, the TIE Fighter was created in secret and great precision. It was tested several times, such as in adverse weather conditions of Terninia and in a vacuum, to improve performance before going on the first test flight. After great preparation, the first test flight was made by an RDA Trooper Pilot from Terninia to Zurich Airport in Zurich, Snowzerland. The revered Kaiser Swiss Ninja, who was present at the TIE Fighter's arrival at the Zurich Airport, was very pleased with the aircraft's performance and ordered the aircraft to be mass produced. With the help of forced labor from the Political Prison Camps as well as the cheap labor from nearby factories and mines, TIE Fighters were quickly being manufactured daily and inexpensively to the point that they were abundant. Swiss Ninja made sure that the aircraft were commissioned into the Snoss Air Force immediately, but there were still TIE Fighters that were left in reserve by the end of June.

Service History[edit]

Swiss Ninja, though at first intending to keep the TIE Fighter only in the flippers of the Snoss, later sold a large fleet of them to Darth Herbert in early July. However, due to Darth Herbert's lack of experience and the overwhelming power of the resistance on the island of Club Penguin during his attempted invasion, his TIE Fighter fleet was nearly destroyed. The remaining TIE Fighters ended up into the hands of the USA, much to Snoss distaste. The Snoss eventually started a major SSS operation to recover the captured TIE Fighters and brought them back to Snowzerland.


Compared to Antarctica's X-wing fighter, the standard TIE Fighter is faster and more maneuverable, but has weaker laser cannons and does not possess shields.


Because of its modular design, several distinct TIE Fighter variants have been produced.

TIE Fighter variants
TIE/LN Fighter As the standard
TIE/sa Bomber The TIE Bomber is an anti-ground
TIE/IN Interceptor The TIE/IN is a dedicated interceptor variant of the TIE Fighter. Equipped with angled, arrow-shaped wings and six laser cannons, the TIE Interceptor is one of the fastest starfighters in Antarctica rivaled only by Culldrome's A-Wing.
TIE Advanced Fighter
TIE/sk Fighter The only purely atmospheric TIE Fighter variant, the TIE Striker features two flat top-mounted wings similar to those of the Interceptor. The TIE Striker was largely phased out less than a decade after its introduction due to the lack of versatility compared to other TIE variants.

Other variants mentioned or planned included advanced fighters derived from the TIE Interceptor, TIE Fighters with cloaking devices, and autonomous fighters piloted by a droid brain.


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