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Type Food
Effects Filling and delicious.
Source Taco Ball (USA), everywhere in Caltexico
Location Taco Ball, Any taco vendor in Caltexico
Cost to buy 15 coins
Cost to sell N/A

Tacos are most renowned as the main dish at the Taco Ball restaurant chain, and are considered one of the popular "minor" foods out there (major foods being pizza, for instance). Tacos traditionally consist of flour or corn tortilla shells, ground meat (usually fish), vegetables (if in season), and sour cream.


Tacos originate from the Castillan Colony of Caltexico, which also invented the tortilla, which is what holds the taco together. It is believed that the first tacos were made during the Atztech Empire, but not until the Castillan conquest occur when Tacos began to have cheese (and sour cream) on them. Tacos became a very popular treat amongst the Caltexicans that they took the tradition of taco making to other places like Penguifornia, where during the Great Platinum Rush, many penguins from the High Penguin Confederacy also liked them.

Although tacos were a mainstream dish in Caltexico, and they were a popular icon of the island and its cuisine, they could not be found very often in mainland Antarctica. A young entrepreneur named Sk8rbluscat decided to change that in 2008. Thus, he founded the restaurant chain Taco Ball, and since then tacos have grown tremendously in popularity across Antarctica and other nations.

In 2013, Tacos became permanently available on Club Penguin. Prior to that, they had only been available at parties, such as the Winter Fiestas.


  • Fake Tails6000 is allergic to them. Nobody knows why. Usually, his feathers will randomly turn pink with orange spots when he eats one, but that doesn't mean he hates the dish.
  • Apparently, Sonicspine31 never tasted a taco, but he wishes to get one in one day.
  • Mabel and Director Benny are the only known Puffles to hate this food. Likely, though, there are many others out there who despise tacos.
  • Tacos are the favorite food of Green Puffles.

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