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One Fearless Penguin
Full Name Tails Maurice 6000
Alias Yellow Blurr
Fastest Penguin Alive
Born March 4, 1993 (1993-03-04) (age 26)
Flag of None.PNG Seraphim Isles
Species Penguin
Race Emperor Penguin (PWNguin)
Gender Male
Height 3'11"
Weight 92.6 lb
Residence BandeiraClubPenguin.png Club Penguin
Flag of None.PNG Seraphim Isles
Citizenship USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Nationality USA flag.PNG Antarctican
Parents Julian6000
Spouse Eclipse
Children Taiz
Relatives Cyber Tails (clone)
Tails X (X-Antibody)
Uncle Chuckdechuck
Occupation Antarctica's Protectors
Employer Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature
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It doesn't matter who you are. I don't care if you're an average Joe, a weapon, a mayor, a king, or even a god. IF YOU TRY AND HARM MY FRIENDS I WILL BEAT YOU!
— Tails6000 during his rematch with Speeddasher.

Tails Maurice 6000 (commonly known as Tails6000) is a fearless member of Antarctica's Protectors and the fastest penguin in Antarctica thanks to an enhancement of destruction energy while in his egg. Since his youth, he's fought and defended against various malicious threats, eventually founding Antarctica's Protectors along with his friends.



Prior to being born, Tails's father, Julian6000, died due to a critical injury caused by one of his own creations. After her husband's death, Tails's mother would follow shortly after laying the egg that would hatch her son. The egg was taken under the care of Tails's Uncle Chuckdechuck. The egg didn't appear healthy, and Chuckdechuck's worries were solidified when the diagnosis came back from the hospital; the unborn chick wouldn't survive to hatch. Refusing to lose the last remnant of his brother's family, Chuckdechuck used his Destruction Gem on the egg to boost his strength. To his relief, the egg successfully hatched two weeks later, though the destruction energy had unprecedentedly enhanced the young chick's physiology.

Early Life[edit]

While attending school, Tails didn't fit in well with the other students, often being teased or threatened by larger chicks. Fortunately, Tails was very light on his feet and could always easily escape dangerous encounters before the situation could escalate. This ability of his would eventually develop an incredible cockiness as he felt that he could escape from anything without facing physical repercussions. In his early childhood, he was raised in the Seraphim Isles alongside his adopted cousin, PabloDePablo, before they moved to New Club Penguin a few years later.

When Tails was eight, his uncle was attacked at his home and had his Destruction Gem stolen. When he heard what happened, he followed and located the robots that attacked him and learned of their connection to Doctor Aye-Que, who was collecting the Destruction Gems at that time. Tails discovered that the robots were actually fish, crabs and other small critters who were being used as a power source against their will and swore to put an end to Aye-Que's monstrous acts. He finally located the doctor himself floating in a large floating device and set to put an end to his plot, though he was too late as the doctor had successfully collected all the gems. Just as it seemed all hope was lost, Tails6000 hijacked the united gems's power and became Super Tails, making him the first to wield the united power of the Destruction Gems in seven hundred years. In his new enhanced form, Tails was able to easily overpower Dr. Aye-Que's advanced machinery, freeing the critters in the process. After his victory, his super form wore off as the Destruction Gems scattered themselves across Antarctica faster than Tails could follow. Tails returned to his uncle Chuckdechuck, blaming himself on being too slow to rescue his uncle's prized possession. Chuckdechuck assured him that he did the right thing. Humiliated by his defeat, Aye-Que swore revenge on Tails6000, starting a long-term rivalry between the two that would last for years to come.

Forming Antarctica's Protectors[edit]

In 2005, Tails6000 joined the Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature and met fellow strong penguins who defended Antarctica.

Tails and the other Protectors winded up encountering Speeddasher, leading to a battle between them. Tails attempted to stall Speeddasher to allow the other Protectors to escape, though was impaled and tossed into a freezing lake. Having been hospitalized, Tails trained with Sensei to get back in shape and to sharpen his combat skills to prevent another dire loss. Tails and Speed would continue to encounter each other for rematches. In an intense battle they finally found themselves evenly matched until the two passed out from the fighting. When Speed woke up and found that Tails had awoken before him, he couldn't understand why he was spared despite being an enemy. Tails clarified to Speeddasher that they weren't enemies and that he had investigated into his past and learned who he was. With Tails's help, Speed came to realize that the world was not as unforgiving as he had once seen it, and the two learned to be friends.

At some point after Speeddasher's reformation, Tails, along with Speeddasher, Explorer 767 and Kwiksilver, founded Antarctica's Protectors with the approval of the Masters of the Universe to protect Antarctica as a whole from anything threatens it.

Protector of Antarctica[edit]

Tails6000 during the Great Darktonian Pie War using a destruction blast.

While strolling around Club Penguin in March 2006, Tails was suddenly attacked by a clone of himself made by Aye-Que seeking revenge. Tails was able to easily overpower his copy, accidentally injuring him with one of his new abilities, the destruction blast, to a point where cybernetic modifications were required to keep him alive. He discovered sometime later of what happened to his clone who was now calling himself Cyber Tails, and that he was in search of a Destruction Gem, starting a race to find them between the Protectors and Doctor Aye-Que.

Months later in September, Cyber Tails able to locate a single Destruction Gem, though was thwarted by Tails and the other Protectors who prevented him returning it to Doctor Aye-Que.

At the dawn of the following year in January, Aye-Que broke into a hidden vault within Ternville and discovered ancient Master technology he planned to use to take over Antarctica. Fortunately, Tails arrived at just the right time to stop him from getting anything too useful, though the Doctor did manage to find a Ray of Youth and blasted Tails with it. Tails instantly reverted to how he appeared when he was eight years old, though he wasn't bothered by it at all since he felt as though he had a chance to reexperience childhood.

The following week, Doctor Aye-Que had reverse engineered and replicated the Ray of Youth to make it into a commercial product that he gave out for free on Club Penguin. Many of the island's adults took advantage of this opportunity to become chicks again. Tails and the Protectors were able to locate a kappa named Yoki, whose species used to work for the ancient Masters of the Universe and constructed the Ray of Youth. With Yoki's assistance, Tails and the Protectors were able to put a wrench in Doctor Aye-Que's plan and turned everyone back to their proper age.

Late March 2009, Tails along with the other Protectors were kidnapped by King Shroomsky to help him defend Freezeland from Darktan's Army during the Great Darktonian Pie War.

Sometime during Club Penguin's 2009 April Fools' Party, Tails met Box Creator and learned how to create box portals into different existing pocket-dimensions. He would create and mess with box portals in his free time, exploring many different pocket-dimensions.

That Halloween, Tails co-hosted a Halloween Party in a rented igloo with Speeddasher, Ninjinian, Baby N and Mayor McFlapp. He dressed later that night as Luigi when the party began and used his vacuum cleaner to capture ghosts he detected.

That following month in November, Aye-Que had gotten close to recollecting all of the Destruction Gems. In a last-ditch effort, Tails and Speeddasher sent Aye-Que's Destruction Gems across time to prevent their use, forcing the two on a journey to recollect and return them to the present.

In March 2010, Tails later assisted Flywish and his army in defeating the HunEmpire's army in the Great Wishing Hun Conflict.

Learning of Destruction's Power[edit]

In 2012, Tails learned about the Midnight Clan that once lived in the Seraphim Isles though accidentally used the Destruction Gems to isolate themselves in a pocket dimension. While initially the Midnight Clan saw Tails as an threat, he was able to get through Eclipse who would convince her clan otherwise. He and Eclipse grew close together in the coming years, and Eclipse would become a trusted ally of the Protectors as a result. Tails began to investigate further into the capabilities of the Destruction Gems, since he never heard about them being able to warp others into different dimensions.

When Nightmare united X-Antibodies and Darktan's Army with her own army and sought the Destruction Gems in late March 2015, Tails along with the other Protectors went to defend Antarctica. At the end of the war, Nightmare became Super Nightmare using the power of the Destruction Gems and absorbed the King of Sorrow's abilities from Zone, effectively making her the most powerful being in all of Antarctica. Using her newfound power, she created her own version of Antarctica in a vortex to replace the current one. As Nightmare gloated of her accomplishments, Tails and Speeddasher disrupted and shoved her into the vortex, destroying her Antarctica. In anger for all she had done to Antarctica, Tails tapped into some destruction energy that had been incubating in his body since he was an egg, turning into Dark Tails for the first time. In thanks to the effort of the Protectors, Antarctica was saved and Nightmare was ultimately defeated.

The Protectors decided that for the future they would secure away any Destruction Gems they found and keep them away from each other so that no one with malicious intentions would ever come that close to destroying Antarctica again. Unfortunately they were only able to locate the orange gem in the time after Nightmare Epic, though Tails ultimately kept it for himself since it was the same gem that once belonged to his Uncle Chuckdechuck. Using the gem, Tails also sought to learn more about what other abilities it may have granted him while in his egg.

He would later master his newfound abilities after months of training in 2016, just in time for the Power4U Affair. Sometime after Power4U.com was permanently shut down, Tails and Eclipse got married, and made plans to live together in the Seraphim Isles.

In November 2018, Tails and Eclipse had their first son, Taiz. Tails slowly began to distance himself from the Protectors to dedicate more time to being a father.


  • Protector of Antarctica - For the majority of his life, Tails worked with Antarctica's Protectors to defend the continent from anything threatens it.
  • Self-Defense Instructor - By 2020, Tails is a local self-defense instructor for young penguins in the Seraphim Isles.
  • Voice Actor - Tails portrayed himself in the animated series Ford Car and Link and later once again in Crazy Antics Brothers.



Tails is a yellow emperor penguin of average height with a muscular build after years of training and practice. Since his youth, Tails has worn an orange miner's helmet atop his head. Tails wears a custom Seraphim black gi, though in the past he was well-known for his trademark black hoodie that he sometimes wore with black sneakers in casual settings. In the times he wore his black hoodie, for battle he would wear a similar black gi secured with a brown belt that he once dubbed as his “Anti-X-Spreader Outfit.”


Tails is described as a penguin full of enthusiasm who is also a bit of a goofball at times. However, his cheerful personality will quickly dissipate when his close friends are in danger. Tails also isn't the most keen penguin either, commonly having Eclipse's subtle romantic hints flow over his head, even in their marriage.

When he was younger, he was very cocky in regards to fighting since he felt that he could easily outrun any situation that called for it. This attitude was toned down as Tails almost witnessed Antarctica fall multiple times with situations such as the Great Darktonian Pie War and Nightmare's Apocal-X.


  • Battle Strategist - Tails has fought alongside the Protectors since for the majority of his life, and as a result has a clear understanding of battle strategies.
  • Box Portal Creation - Tails was taught by Box Creator how to create working box portals to different dimensions and would ticker with them as a hobby. As he aged up, Tails stopped creating box portals as often due to other interests taking up his free time instead.
  • Destruction-Enhanced Physiology - As a side-effect for being saved by the Strength Gem while in the egg, Tails's body was enhanced with unique abilities.
    • Dark Tails - At a time of high anguish or anger, the destruction energy within Tails's body will transform him into Dark Tails. When this form wears off Tails will pass out and will have a hard time recollecting what he did. Tails first discovered this ability during Nightmare's Apocal-X.
      • Limitless Stamina - As Dark Tails, Tails seemingly has no limit to the stamina of his body and does not show any physical signs of tire until after he reverts to normal.
      • Super Strength - As Dark Tails, Tails has super strength and can lift up to two tons or punch with tremendous force. Given his new strength, Dark Tails can also jump incredibly far and high should he have to.
    • Destruction Blast - In his super form, Tails could charge up an orb of destructive energy and release it. He originally suspected this ability was exclusive to Super Tails, though he later learned that he could also charge a Destruction Blast in his regular form at the expense of some of his own energy.
    • Enhanced Stamina - Tails has an incredibly high stamina compared to the average penguin.
    • Supersonic Speed - Perhaps the most notable ability of Tails is his supersonic speed that he has known about since his youth. He is currently recorded as the fastest penguin in all of Antarctica.
      • Sonic Boom - When Tails suddenly sprints, he can create a sonic boom behind him that he sometimes uses against his enemies. He wasn't able to perform this attack around his teammates until he mastered how to safely execute it in 2016.


Tails isn't the brightest penguin around and has trouble solving complex puzzles or complex math equations in his head.


  • Slingshot - Tails's former weapon of choice that he always kept in his hoodie pocket.
  • Hot Sauce Gun - A gun that Tails made that fires sauce onto his target, scorching it.


Tails is well-known across Antarctica for his aided heroics in every situation involving Antarctica's Protectors and is looked up to as a positive role model. In public when he's recognized, penguins will come up to him and thank him for his service to the continent and on occasion ask for his signature.

Portrayal in Media[edit]

Being a gamer in his youth, Tails gave permission to Snowtendo and other companies to use his likeliness and character in their games. These games usually feature Tails as a heroic protagonist and sometimes even as the title character.

Game Role Initial Release
Tails6000: The Element Bot Wars Protagonist October 7, 2006
Super Smash Mates-Jitsu Playable December 1, 2007
Tails6000 and Darktan At the Olympic Games Playable April 1, 2008
Ultra Penguin Baseball Playable January 2009
Tails6000 and the Secret Rings Protagonist February 2009
Explorer & Fred: Herbert's Inside Story Unlockable February 11, 2009
Tails Zone: Vibrate That! Protagonist March 2009
Penguin Aviators: The Video Game Protagonist March 27, 2009
Data World Ultra Playable May 22, 2009
Antics Festival Playable August 4, 2009
Penguin Kart Playable July 28, 2009
Razorbeak Racers Playable October 3, 2009
Super Smash Mates Brawl Playable 2009
Penguin Kart 2 Playable August 15, 2010
Great Darktonian Pie War: The Game Playable 3rd quarter 2010
Super Smash Mates for Snowtendo 3DS and Vii N Playable 2014
Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R. Playable 2018
Kermit Quest Final Boss 2019


  • Auld Lang Syne - Auld loves Tails like a son and always seeks to cheer him up when he's feeling down.
  • Dooley - Tails thinks highly of Dooley's inventions and finds them “so realistic.”
  • Eclipse - Though the two are currently happily married, it took Tails forever to get any of Eclipse's subtle romantic cues.
  • Explorer 767 - Explorer and Tails have been good friends ever since they were introduced when Tails was first joined the Bureau of Fiction. He and Tails both like to tease Speeddasher a lot, since they're both entertained by his overreactions. They fight alongside one another as apart of Antarctica's Protectors. He and Tails like to reunite with their old friends Hat Pop, Ninjinian and Zapwire on occasion.
  • Papa Flywish - Tails is an ally of Flywish and is recognized as an ally of his army.
  • Ford Car - Tails worked with Ford Car for his animated series, Ford Car and Link. Although he never got to know him that well, he still was shaken by his tragic death.
  • Fred 676 - Tails met Fred alongside Explorer and became good friends, even though Tails couldn't always understand what Fred talked about. While he isn't an official full-time member of Antarctica's Protectors, he assists the team a lot with his intense knowledge, which Tails admires.
  • Garrow Gorribix - When the first met, Tails was weirded out by his lookalike, the “Fake Tails,” though his concerns have since been put to rest when Gorribix finally took on an identity of his own.
  • Hat Pop - Tails and Hat Pop are friends from their time together on Club Penguin Island when they were young. Tails would on occasion team up with her puffle Lemon to prank her. They rarely speak to each other in the present, though reunite every so often along with Explorer, Ninjinian and Zapwire.
  • Kwiksilver - Tails and Kwiksilver both see each other as friendly competitors, though remain good friends nonetheless.
  • Ninjinian - Tails met Ninjinian in his youth on Club Penguin Island in 1999 where they became friends. Though they aren't able to contact each other as frequently as they'd like to in the present, they still reunite on occasion along with Explorer, Hat Pop and Zapwire to prevent them all from drifting apart.
  • PabloDePablo - Tails was raised with PabloDePablo as his step-cousin under Uncle Chuckdechuck. Tails likes to think of him as a brother even if they aren't directly related by blood.
  • Sensei - Sensei once trained Tails to help him recover from hospitalization after losing to Speeddasher for the first time.
  • Snowman 1001 - The two were once good friends on Club Penguin Island, though ever since his disappearance Tails hasn't heard from him.
  • Speeddasher - While their relationship had a rocky beginning, the two managed to form a strong dynamic, seemingly balancing out one another. They've been noted to stick together even in challenges that didn't involve Antarctica's Protectors, especially when it involves Destruction Gems.
  • Star Kirby12 - The two met working in the Bureau, though didn't get to really know each other well until the Great Pie War. After Darktan's defeat, Star was invited to join the Protectors, where he remains today.
  • Uncle Chuckdechuck - Chuckdechuck is Tails's uncle that raised him growing up alongside PabloDePablo. Tails hold a high admiration for his uncle, and still looks up to him for guidance sometimes.
  • Willy the Penguin - Like most of the other Protectors, Tails finds Willy's personality as excessive and is slightly annoyed by him, though tolerates his value as a member of the team.
  • Zapwire - Tails met Zapwire when he was young on Club Penguin Island. Since they find themselves busy with their current lives, Tails meets up with Zapwire on occasion along with Explorer, Hat Pop and Ninjinian to maintain their friendship.



  • (war cry) D'OH!!
  • Why would ya do this to me!
  • *turns to audience* You have to realize sometimes Mabel is a pain in the hind quarters!
  • Explorer what ya working on?
  • Come on! Is that all you got?!?

Winston: NINJA HHHUUUGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tails: Uh-oh!

Winston: How's my favorite black hoodie-wearing penguin?!?

Tails: Winston, you're squashing me! Let go!

Winston: Ok! *Winston lets go*

Tails: Alright, this is for your own good! *fires slingshot ammo at Winston*

Winston: Tee hee! That tickles!

Tails: Darn! *runs off*

Dooley: Tails! Wanna see my newest invention?

Tails: Ok!

(Dooley unveils his invention)

Tails: Wow, what is it?

Dooley: A candle lighter!

Tails: Wow! Don't tell me! There's an on and off for safety mode?

Dooley: Of course!

Tails: What can it do?

Dooley: It can light candles, fireplaces, and bonfires. It cooks fishdogs, burgers, fish, and more!

Tails: Cool! I'll get started on the mini version right away!



(Tails is really concentrated on the video game he's playing.)

Tails: Must. Beat. Darktan!

Explorer: Hey Tails! What's up?

Tails: *pauses game* Hey Explorer! What's new?

Explorer: Nothing much. So, wanna play a few games?

Tails: Sure!

Explorer: Okay! Call me when your ready to face me!

Tails: Oh, you are TOAST PogoPunk!

Explorer: Hey Tails! What's up?

Tails: Nothing. So, wanna play some brawl?

Explorer: Sure!

Auld Lang Syne: Hey, sprout! What's new?

Tails: Nothing.

Auld Lang Syne: Any requests? *gets out harpsichord*

Tails: Did you hear the song Bad Day?

Auld Lang Syne: Indeed I have! Why though?

Tails: I had a bad day, and that song will cheer me up!

Auld Lang Syne: Aw! Anything for you sprout! *plays bad day on harpischord*

(At the airport)

Tails: One ticket please!

Cashier: Here you go!

(In the flight)

Tails: Is this ride bumpy or what?

Explorer: I'll say! Why are you in our seats?

Tails: This says my seat code! (code shows seat 14 row 1 code R)

Fred: Um, those are for first class!


Explorer: Sorry, but we have first class as well, so, wanna sit together?

Tails: Sure!

Benny: Tails, no matter what I said, I always sort of liked you!


Benny: Huh?



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