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This article is about a character, Tails6000. If you meant the user, please go here. Sorry for any confusion.


One Fearless Penguin
Born Tails Maurice 6000
March 4th, 1993 (age 21)
Club Penguin Island
Gender Male
Nationality PWNguin
Other names Tails, The Fastest Penguin Alive, Little Bro (Metal Explorer called him that once during the Nightmare Epic to mock him)
Education Not the smartest penguin, but he does have a diploma
Occupation Fighting evil
Years active 13
Notable works Stopping Doctor Aye-Que from taking over the USA, being the first penguin in 700 years to go super
Home town Club Penguin Island
Height 47"
Weight 42kg
Known for His incredible speed, being one of Antarctica's greatest heroes
Title Fastest Penguin Alive
Spouse(s) Eclipse (in the future)
Partner Speeddasher
Children Tails Jr./Taiz (in the future)
Parents Julian6000
Relatives Uncle Chuckdechuck, Metal Explorer (in a way the two are brothers)

Speaker.png Click here to listen to Tails6000's theme!

It doesn't matter who you are. I don't care if you're an Average Joe, a weapon, a mayor, a king, or even a God. IF YOU TRY AND HARM MY FRIENDS I WILL BEAT YOU!
— Tails6000 during his rematch with Speeddasher.

Tails6000 is a fearless penguin, and one of the most powerful penguins in Antarctica, due to being injected with destruction energy while he was still in his egg. Even though he has some hard problems, he usually has the best ideas to solve most problems. He's known for being a very fast penguin, and was raised by his uncle.

For years, Tails6000 has been defending Antarctica from various evil forces, mostly Doctor Aye-Que. He's helped quite a lot during events such as The Great Darktonian Pie War, and the Nightmare Epic. He's also a member of Antarctica's Protectors.


Tails6000 as a kid

Tails was born sometime during the middle of Colonial Antarctica. He'd never seen his father or his mother as his mother died soon after laying his egg, and his father had left to fight in the war before he hatched. His uncle then raised him along with his cousin, however he soon realized that something was wrong with Tails's egg. He quickly took it to the egg to the hospital and soon recieved horrible news. The unborn chick wasn't going to make it. Chuckdechuck refused to let this happen though, and decided that he would do anything to save the unborn chick. After many failed attempts, he finally came up with an idea to save the chick. He remembered that Julian, Tails's father, had sent him some destruction energy that he had harvested from the war in case he needed it for an emergency. Chuckdechuck couldn't think of anything more urgent than this, so he used several tubes to inject destruction energy into the yolk in hope that the chick would eat it an become stronger. A few weeks from then, the egg hatched and revealed a healthy chick. However, the energy he'd been injected with had some side effects. Chuckdechuck noticed that Tails had incredible speed and stamina. His uncle then decided to send him and his cousin to school, but Tails didn't fit in to well. Bigger penguins would always tease him, and some even threatened him. Tails didn't really mind though and he would simply run around them, leaving them in a cloud of dust.

One day, when Tails was around eight, he saw a large metal object floating around. He decided to check it out. He then saw that a whole bunch of fish had been turned into robots and so had a few other animals. Tails knew he had to stop this and he quickly followed the aircraft. Eventually he found out that the villian behind this crime was a Puffle under the name of Doctor Aye-Que. They had met once before in the pet shop, but neither of them knew that. The two battled and Tails won. The animals were then turned back to normal and Aye-Que was forced to retreat. Since that day the two have been enemies and Tails always wins.


Tails is a penguin of average height and has a slight muscular build. He's usually seen wearing his black hoodie, and mine hat, but he also wears a black karate gi during his battles. His feathers are bright yellow.

His voice is usually filled with excitement, but it will change to a rather serious tone if one of his friends is in danger.


Tails6000 usually wears a ninja suit with its mask. He may also wear a black hoodie, yellow arrow wakeboard, black sneakers, and mining helmet. You might see him at his house playing a video game, or at the arcade with some coins playing other games like Thin Ice, or Penguin Micro: The Game. He dreams of being a great gamer someday.


Due to being injected with energy from the destruction gems while in his egg, Tails is one of the most powerful penguins in Antarctica. He has the ability to run at the speed of sound, and is also quite a skilled fighter. His reflexes are also super fast. He's also the only penguin to master the Hadouken technique (which is his main attack). He apparently learned this from a friend from another wiki universe. Another ability he has, is being able to harness the energy of all seven gems inside of him and become Super Tails. He first did this during a battle with Aye-Que, and was the first penguin to go super in around 700 years. He's also quite a skilled marksman, and can hit almost any target using his slingshot.

Tails has also upgraded his moves from time to time. For instance, in his super form he's managed to upgrade the hadouken to a "Super Hadouken". He does this by using some of the destruction energy in his body and combining it with the energy of a hadouken. The result is a powerful attack that can leave a 2,000 feet deep crater in the Earth. However, he uses this move only when he has no other option, as it puts massive strain on the body and drains his energy, causing him to loose his super form. His most powerful upgrade however was during the Nightmare Epic. After training for around a month and a half, along with the rest of the Protectors, he was able to unlock some of his as of yet untapped destruction energy. The result heightened his abilities to a new level, giving him speed fast enough to cause a sonic boom. It wasn't until the Power4U Affair, in which he and the others went through even more training, when he fully mastered his new power though. The result put his strength on par with some of the most powerful super penguins.


While usually knowing the best thing to do in battle, Tails isn't the smartest penguin. He's not an idiot by any means, but he is simple minded, and not very good at solving complicated problems (especially math related). His other weakness came from the power boost he received during the Nightmare Epic. While it did increase his speed and strength enough to fight on par with Metal Explorer, he was unable to go at his new top speed. The reason being that it was so fast he'd be unable to control where he was going. He later overcame this weakness during the Power4U Affair when he mastered his new power.


  • (war cry) DO'H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Why would ya do this to me!
  • *turns to audience* You have to realize sometimes Mabel is a pain in the hind quarters!
  • Explorer what ya working on?
  • Come on! Is that all you got?!?
  • Try this cadence!

Winston: NINJA HHHUUUGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tails: Uh-oh!

Winston: How's my favorite black hoodie wearing penguin?!?

Tails: Winston, your squashing me! Let go!

Winston: Ok! *Winston lets go*

Tails: Alright, this is for your own good! *fires slingshot ammo at Winston*

Winston: Tee hee! That tickles!

Tails: Darn! *runs off*

Tails: Explorer, I got a prank! Let's try to prank Link!

Explorer: How?

Tails: With this!

Explorer: Wow!

Dooley: Tails! Wanna see my newest invention?

Tails: Ok!

Dooley: *unveils new invention*

Tails: Wow, what is it?

Dooley: A candle lighter!

Tails: Wow! Don't tell me! There's an on and off for safety mode?

Dooley: Of course!

Tails: What can it do?

Dooley: It can light candles, fireplaces, and bonfires. It cooks fishdogs, burgers, fish, and more!

Tails: Cool! I'll get started on the mini version right away!



Tails(in gamer mode): Must beat darktan!

Explorer: Hey Tails! What's up?

Tails: *pauses game* Hey Explorer! What's new?

Explorer: Nothing much. So, wanna play a few games?

Tails: Sure!

Explorer: Okay! Call me when your ready to face me!

(in PWNage mode): Tails6000 need thesaurus to find a synonym for beast and whack this puffle with a fish!

Tails: Oh, you are TOAST PogoPunk!

Explorer: Hey Tails! What's up?

Tails: Nothing. So, wanna play some brawl?

Explorer: Sure!

Auld Lang Syne: Hey, sprout! What's new?

Tails: Nothing.

Auld Lang Syne: Any requests? *gets out harpischord*

Tails: Did you hear the song Bad Day?

Auld Lang Syne: Indeed I have! Why though?

Tails: I had a bad day, and that song will cheer me up!

Auld Lang Syne: Awww! Anything for you sprout! *plays bad day on harpischord*

(At the airport)

Tails: One ticket please!

Cashier: Here you go!

(in the flight)

Tails: Is this ride bumpy or what?

Explorer: I'll say! Why are you in our seats?

Tails: This says my seat code! (code shows seat 14 row 1 code R)

Fred: Um, those are for first class!


Explorer: Sorry, but we have first class as well, so, wanna sit together?

Tails: Sure!




(alternative war cry) SCREAMING EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Tails6000 has been on some of the craziest adventure of any penguin. He was even turned into a chick once.
  • He has the 12 summoning card like Sensei.
  • Tails thinks Dooley's inventions are so realistic. He's a big fan of D's work, and makes miniature versions of his machines.
  • Like Max 1537 Tails has a super form
  • His two weapons of choice are his slingshot and hot sauce machine gun
  • He is famous for being in so many games like Super Smash Mates Brawl, Tails6000 and the Secret Rings, Tails6000 and Darktan At the Olympic Games, and Ultra Penguin Baseball
  • Auld Lang Syne loves Tails like a son even though he isn't his son but he cheers him up all the time
  • He is an actor in Ford Car and Link. He played as Darktan until Season two when he played himself.
  • He is on an adventure to find the Bottomless Coin Sack
  • There is a game based on his ongoing quest for the Bottomless Coin Sack called Tails Zone: Vibrate That!.
  • Tails6000 is said to build portals to other worlds, some hostile. One world led to him nearly being crushed by a steamroller. He claims the villain had dyed red hair (it was really fake, like he dunked his head in red paint), and he calls him "The British Guy". He has transported to strange worlds like one with a lazy bean human power plant worker, one with a fat plumber saving princesses, one with a fast, unknown creature, and many more.
  • He seems to know a lot about the gothic rabbit that appeared on April Fools' day... suspicious.
  • He keeps a lot of costumes from the Portals in his closet. He loaned an eerily familiar cloak to Professor Shroomsky for his AIA dress, for instance.
  • He is a parody of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • The only penguin to exceed his speed is Darty.
  • He is an allied force to the EPF he is a infiltrator and scout when Aye-Que wreaks havoc on the island, his codename is yellow blur by most, but often named as speedster by his friends who worked for the EPF,and since he was giving a puffle whistle he could take Flare, the lite black puffle out with him for a walk, or to stop Aye-Que's plans.
  • It is clearly unknown to many, but Tails has a robotic spirit that can attack at his command, as shown in the Super antics bros. Z April fools special,This is 50% true, but it might be impossible to be that telepathic to have a robotic spirit of mind attack, but it is proven in the episode 50% true......
  • He often likes to run around his enemies in a circular blur, when fast enough he starts attacking his enemies, he is so quick theycan't see him attack them, he zooms off after he defeats them as they are 3 ft. or so in the air.
  • He still likes to use his Hot Sauce Machine gun (the weapon oin his back) and sling shot (in his hoodie pocket) but he has rarely used them for a bit of a while in favor of his buster cannon and hadouken technique, but if he is weak and has no buster cannon (or if his buster cannon runs out of ammo and needs a spare idea) he will use either of these 2 side arms as a spare weapon

Relations with others[edit]


He and Wings get along perfectly as they mainly attack Aye-Que as a group. Also he joined Wings and Fists to form Team Tails with him in fly formation. He can attack opponents with ice shot.


Tails and Fists have a good friendship, well except when Aye-Que tricks him into thinking Tails is the bad guy. He joined Tails and Wings in Team Tails as power formation, he is guardian of the Master Gem, besides the fact that Freeze tries stealing it.


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