Tails X

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Tails X
The master thief himself
Title Thief
Gender Male
Race X-antibody
Faction unknown
Health pretty decent
Level 11
Status Searching for the Destruction Gems
Location Unknown

Tails X is Tails6000's X-Antibody and a loyal servant of Nightmare. He was created to search for the Destruction Gems in order to aid Nightmare's Army and allow the wraith to turn into Super Nightmare. Due to being released from his host slightly prematurely his left flipper was never fully developed, thus he has a mechanical claw. Despite not being liked by many, due to being a thief, there's one thing everyone agrees on about him. He has one dashing unibrow. He was the third antibody made with REM Sleep.


It all happened one night when Tails600 was watching Ford Car and Link. He had caught the disease many had called the X-Virus and he didn't have the strength to do much else. He eventually couldn't stay awake much longer and fell asleep on his couch. After a few hours the TV made a loud bang and Tails jumped out of his seat and accidentally coughed up a glob of large black goo. It then started to form a penguin roughly the same size as he was. The two looked similar to except while Tails6000 was yellow this penguin was orange, and instead of a hoodie this penguin was wearing a black robe. He also had a black miners hat instead of an orange one, and instead of a light his hat had a purple eye. The penguin jumped up and down until he noticed he had no left flipper. He ran towards Tails and started hitting him saying that he woke him from his development to early and that now he was stuck with no left flipper. Tails6000 didn't want to stand for this loonie so he tossed the Antibody out off his house, turned of the TV, and went to bed.

Days later the antibody, who was now called Tails X, had been able to buy a mechanical claw from a gift shop near the entrance to a city and was trying to figure out what to do with his life. Just then he felt someone behind him. He turned around only to find nothing out of the ordinary. He simply kept on walking when all of a sudden the street he was walking on began to crumble and fall into complete darkness. The same thing happened to everyone else as well as the buildings. TailsX tried to escape from this catastrophe, but then lost his footing and fell into the pitch black world. He fell for hours (at least it seemed like hours) until finally he hit the ground which was also pitch black. He attempted to find a way out of the pitch black world, but ended up running into a pitch black wall. Just then he heard a voice inside his head.

"Why do you insist on walking blindly. Check your hat and tell me what you see."

TailsX didn't know who this was talking to him, but he still took off his hat and saw the purple eye starring at him.

"I see this strange purple eye-thingy starring at me."

"That my child is your third-eye. It has the power to see what no other can see. It can see distances that no penguin could ever dream to see."

"Why are you calling me your child. I mean who are you anyways? SHOW YOURSELF!"

Just then a near pitch black penguin appeared right behind him and yelled boo. TailsX nearly jumped out of his skin as the penguin laughed.

"N-now th-that's just rude!"

"My apologies child. I'm Nightmare, the one who sees all and knows all. Protector of the X-Antibodies and enemy of the penguins. Anyways do you know why you were created in the first place my child?"

TailsX simply shrugged.

"You were created so that you may go on a very special quest. A quest to find the seven gems of legendary power throughout Antarctica. The Destruction Gems."

"Ah yah, you lost me at you were created."

Nightmare growled and attempted to explain his goal again. She finally succeeded at attempt 150.

...and you need to collect them so that I can use them. Do you understand?"

"I suppose, but I'll need some motivation. What's in it for me mother, at least I think you're my mom?"

Nightmare growled.

"Why are my latest children always so stupid? Okay how's this. You get me the gems, and you get protection from Antarctica's upcoming apocalypse!"

TailsX decided that was a good deal and Nightmare then exited his dream, but not before giving him his snowball popgun. Since then he's been using his abilities to search for the gems and bring them back to Nightmare Crater.


Tails X spent most of the Nightmare Epic searching for the Destruction Gems so he could give them to Nightmare. Tails6000 caught him stealing them at times and for the most part managed to beat him. However near then end he did manage to get all seven gems and give them to Nightmare, who then became Super Nightmare.


Tails X's most powerful ability is his third-eye that is on his construction hat. It never blinks and can see stuff even when he sleeps. It can see for miles and even through solid walls. It's because of this that Nightmare gave him the task of finding the Destruction Gems. He's also very skilled with weapons.


Tails X is quite germaphobic and believes that all penguins contain vast amounts of germs all over their body. Because of this he refuses to partake in flipper-on-flipper combat with a penguin and insists instead on using firearms.


(while voicing his opinion on Tails6000)

You know, even if that guy wasn't a penguin, I'd still despise him.

(while being caught by the EPF)


(diamond is gagged with a card saying thank you)

Tern: Thank you? ALL RIGHT IS THIS A GAG!

(The anti-body was seen flying with a jet pack.)

Tails X: Hellooooo!

(He was caught stealing a Cybergem to a trap with mayor McFlapp.)

(While bragging to Tails6000)

Tails X: It is impossible to beat me penguin. Look at the shadow my magnificent unibrow casts upon you. A shadow so dark it could send any normal penguin into the feeling of blindness.

Tails6000: Good thing I'm not just a normal penguin then.

(Tails shoots hot sauce at him and it nearly stains his unirbow.)

Tails X: HEY YOU, WATCH THE UNIBROW! It's worth more than all you penguins combined times 10,000.

(After collecting the last Destruction Gem and contacting Nightmare on his phone)

Tails X: Mother Nightmare, after many days of searching high and low for these gems, I have finally gotten the last one. I'll be arriving home as soon as you tell me where it is.

Nightmare: You have performed well child. I will send you the cordinates so you can teleport home imediatley. Now return as we execute the plan for the apocalypse.

Tails X: Oh yes, well about that. Could we keep EFF, I simply love that restraunt.

Nightmare: What? What gives you the right to ask me to keep that filthy...

Tails X: Oh also, for my hard labour I would like to make a request.

Nightmare: R-request!!!

Tails X: Oh it's a very simple request. For the new country, I want the flag to show all the stages of antibody development, only with me at the top. I think it'll be...Hello? Hello? She hung up. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

(Tails X then teleports home)

Weaponry and Tactics of Thievery[edit]

Tails X uses a snowball popgun to protect himself, and yes the corks are non-lethal so they don't hurt much. However they can knock you out for 60 seconds. He also has a Ninja mask which he stole from the Dojo, and has proven to be quite useful to Nightmare's Army. He even rivals Tails's speed using a flying bike he calls the Nice Princess. He has a major dislike for penguins like most antibodies. He especially hates Tails for interrupting his development stage on accident. He at times attempts to race Tails6000, but never ends up winning.


  • Him having a dashing unibrow is a slight parody of the Spongebob Squarepants character Squilliam Fancyson.
  • Since he was taken out before his finished form (due to his flipper) it seems as if he somewhat resembles the personality of Dan Hibiki from Street Fighter.
  • Tails6000 and Flystar have found a way to repel him from his targets The Freedom Day song when used he goes nuts and runs from battle.
  • He likes using a popgun snowball gun to fight his enemies, or to look cool like he holds a real snowball gun.

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