Tails Zone: Vibrate That!

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Tails Zone: Vibrate That!
Box art for USA version
Type Adventure
Effects Amusement
Source game stores
Location Game stores.
Cost to buy 50 coins
Cost to sell 30 coins

Tails Zone: Vibrate That! is a game based off the adventure of Tails6000 trying to find the Bottomless Coin Sack.



One dark and stormy night in what legends call "The Vibration Nation". An extremely evil pirate known as "The Vibration Monarch" was holding the nation's president and legislature hostage, along wih all the other inhabitants. One however was able to manage not getting caught by his minions, and set off to find help. In the REAL WORLD however it's just some plain old treasure in a museum, a globe and telescope, to be specific. A thief was eyeing it like it were important, the person decided to take it for themselves, as they knew someone who would find this interesting.

The next morning we saw our hero resting in a bed in his garage (unlike all the other games where he has a house or just runs around), and a mailman had given him a box containing said museum exhibit. When Tails had opened it, the box itself opened, reading a letter from his friend's ally Freeze, a treasure hunter, however he was slightly displeased, and attempted to break it with a giant hammer. However the said kerfil who had escaped the Monarch's grasp flew out of the telescope, making Tails drop the hammer on his foot. The penguin attempted to attack the kerfil with his jump attack, but he was stopped upon hearing he needed help. Tails decided to hear out the small...penguin...thing, and decides to head into the nation to stop the monarch once and for all, also knowing the treasure he may collect might be worth a lot on the internet. Before leaving he also had learned that the destruction gems are gone, thinking that the monarch had done this would add more worth to the fight.

Will our hero prevail over this monarch? What of the destruction gems and their power, and will there be any time before their powers are used to make a monarchy of vibrations?

Basic Level Synopsis[edit]

According to Freeze the only way to get to the monarch himself is to get through 5 lands,defeat their guardians, and gain the emblems given to them by the monarch. There are 4 main levels until reaching the guardian, and two secret levels if Tails shakes somewhere that a hidden map is placed.

The level in short is like this:you run through the level, save the kerfil, and go back before the time runs out. treasures,coins,and gems are scattered across the land for you to collect,so if you do see them GRAB THEM!


The games play COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the regular tails games. There is no emphasis on speed,which had been stolen when he first got into the nation. It's more of a platformer than the usual 2D Tails games. Game mechanics from previous games do return in different forms, to note, his super speed spindash is possible if one ducks then uses the dash attack, but it's only priority is to break metallic blocks tails can't break normally that are in his way from the sides. His soundspeed dash makes a return, but it has more priority than normal, it can be charged to dash over a gap in no time, can travel along a path of coins, and very late in the game, can be proved useful against the final boss himself. His seek-jump attack returns as well as a method of attack, and as a way to find hidden treasures.


  • Dash Attack: A simple flipper charge with some of tails' regained speed.



World I, Mount Maraca: This festive, Fiesta themed summit has Tails climbing tall peaks and treacherous hills, avoiding cacti and villains in stereotypical sombreros. This land includes "The Alamoe", "The Festive Chairlift", "Cha-Cha Cliff", and "Taco Peak". The final boss is a giant, living maraca who holds the first emblem.

Final Boss: Vibration Monarch:


  • This is a parody of "Wario Land's Shake It".

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