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Taken (formerly Penglantis)
Key details
Type Underwater City
Location Under Fruit Island
Inhabitants Penguins

Taken (pronounced TAY-KEN) is a derelict underwater city under Fruit Island. It was previously known as the underwater city Penglantis and was only populated by friendly crabs who utilised a special "bubble wall" technology to keep out the water. However, in 1912 the mastermind billionaire Theodore Stars took over the city and populated it with the smartest penguins from across the globe, attempting to make it a "Naughtzee-free haven" for creative thinkers. He renamed the city "Taken" and drove the crabs into exile. Free from all laws of society, the populace of Taken created blood-based genetic enhancements, Systopes, that gave them special powers.


The city's founder is unknown, but it was discovered by an Aqua Grabber pilot who was accidentally swept off course by the current. The news spread throughout Antarctica, and many penguins visited Penglantis for its weird bubble technology (e.g. bubble buildings). It's architecture is an excellent example of Snowpriot-style architecture, featuring many decorative spirals, points, curls, marble columns, and flashing neon structures.


The currency is, of course, the bubble. Available in denominations of 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, and 89, the bubble is worth the same as a Khan (0.5 Fish).


  • Bubble Lab-- Where scientists work on developing bubbles into new structures.
  • Financial District-- Where things are sold and bought.
  • Blower Room-- Under the Financial District, this is where the giant bubbles that form the dome and buildings are made.
  • Sububbleia-- A suburban neighborhood on the north side of the city.


In the short couple of months spent creating the Systopes, there were a total of 8 made:

  • Electric Blast - Shoot electricity from your fingertips!
  • Telekinesis - Pick up objects and throw them about using your mind!
  • Incinerate - Attack with deadly fire!
  • Hornet's Nest - Hatch millions of wasps from your hand that attack your enemies!
  • Winter Storm - Keep cool with the ability to create ice shards out of nowhere!
  • Security Alert - Tag enemies and turrets, cameras and robots will go for them instead of you!
  • Hypnotist - Make foes work for you!
  • Techno Master - Instantly hack machines to your advantage!


  • Penguins
  • Pink Puffles
  • Harp Seals


  • Leopard Seals


  • Bubbles


  • Taken is a parody of Bioshock's Rapture.

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