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This is the place where you can ask the ducks to annex your country.
Quack --
Quackerpingu (talk). These aren't the YT-1300 light freighters you're looking for
14:47, 31 March 2016 (UTC)

Hey so[edit]

Are you even allowed to conquer so many islands, considering how recently this page was created? ULSK12TalkContribsBATCHIRIMINAAAAAA I WANT TO BE SPECIAL.jpg 13:05, 3 September 2016 (UTC)

Yes. --Black Duck (talk) 13:12, 3 September 2016 (UTC)

Article Standards[edit]


I admire your foray into the delightfully cancerous world of memes, however as a wiki we hold strict standards pertaining to how we use our grammar for non-satirical articles, for which such language is intentional. As a result, I highly encourage you to adhere to such standards and not make your country in such a manner that it becomes unbearable to read. Thanks. -Wonderweez (Talk · Contribs) 02:32, 10 September 2016 (UTC)

I won't remove the memes. That's not bad. Also, Brant possibly doesn't know what is a solo article. --
Quackerpingu (talk). Quack
07:56, 10 September 2016 (UTC)
Also, do you realise that you removed the prime minister, as well? --
Quackerpingu (talk). Quack
08:01, 10 September 2016 (UTC)
Also, I don't like how the article looks without them. --
Quackerpingu (talk). Quack
08:07, 10 September 2016 (UTC)
Also, Bill Gate$ has all the S letters replaced with $ symbols, but nobody removes that. --
Quackerpingu (talk). Contributions A link
13:05, 10 September 2016 (UTC)
Bill Gate$ was created during the pre-2016 era of CPFW where that didn't really matter. I guess they turned out to be kind of successful and funny somehow, which is why nobody removed it. --Wikipenguino (talkcontribsarticles) The randomness has arrived! Bananaphone.gif 09:52, 12 November 2016 (UTC)


[21:49] <Penstubal> so
[21:49] <Penstubal> I've been talking to EDFan and others and
[21:49] <Quackerpingu> .
[21:49] <Penstubal> they're apparently complaing that Duck Island doesnt have enough penguins
[21:50] <Penstubal> so I want to create a deal with you
[21:50] <Penstubal> since I like you
[21:50] <Penstubal> wanna talk to you
[21:50] <Penstubal> find you okay to deal with so are you ready
[21:50] <Quackerpingu> how many penguins should i add
[21:50] <Penstubal> look
[21:50] <Penstubal> i think you should just
[21:50] <Penstubal> at the moment Duck Island is mainly ducks
[21:50] <Penstubal> and the penguins are only secondary
[21:50] <Penstubal> i think you should make penguins dominant
[21:50] <Penstubal> and more powerful over ducks
[21:51] <Penstubal> but ducks are secondary and very influental
[21:51] <Quackerpingu> never
[21:51] <Penstubal> why not
[21:51] <Quackerpingu> It's DUCK island
[21:51] <Penstubal> yeah
[21:51] <Penstubal> and
[21:51] <Penstubal> there's an archipelago called Puffepelago
[21:51] <Penstubal> but puffles arent dominant or anything
[21:51] <Penstubal> there's lots of other islands named after animals
[21:51] <Penstubal> but they arent really more powerful than penguins
[21:51] <Penstubal> cause look
[21:51] <Penstubal> here is the thing that the administration is complaining about:
[21:51] <Penstubal> this is Club PENGUIN Fanon wiki
[21:51] <Penstubal> and we're in Antarctica
[21:51] <Penstubal> ducks dont naturally live in Antarctica
[21:52] <Penstubal> and since it's Club PENGUIN Fanon Wiki penguins should be most important
[21:52] <Quackerpingu> Well, i can make 50% ducks 50% penguins
[21:52] <Penstubal> sounds good
[21:52] <Penstubal> but
[21:52] <Penstubal> it's not enough just to write 50% ducks 50% penguins
[21:52] <Penstubal> you hould write more
[21:52] <Penstubal> involve penguins more
[21:52] <Penstubal> ands tuff idk
[21:52] <Penstubal> just write a lot about how penguins live there for example
[21:52] <Penstubal> write a lot about the treatment of penguins and write on some penguin personalities
[21:53] <Penstubal> ?
[21:53] <Quackerpingu> i have no time right now
[21:54] <Quackerpingu> i'll add something 
[21:54] <Penstubal> oh
[21:54] <Penstubal> okay
[21:54] <Penstubal> but
[21:54] <Penstubal> basically
[21:54] <Penstubal> involve penguins more
[21:54] <Penstubal> we need more penguins cause this is Club PENGUIN Fanon Wiki
[21:54] <Quackerpingu> ok
[21:54] <Penstubal> just write a lot about penguin life
[21:54] <Penstubal> involve penguins in POLITICS and MILITARY as well
[21:54] <Penstubal> and in the country's history
[21:54] <Quackerpingu> gtg now
[21:54] <Quackerpingu> ok
[21:55] <Penstubal> you dont need to completely remove all duck references or anything but just do more
[21:55] <Penstubal> okay
[21:55] <Penstubal> bye
[21:55] <Quackerpingu> bye
[21:55] <Penstubal> bye

Penguin City[edit]

You could still have Penguin City. It could just be "Penguin City, Duck Island" or "Penguin City (Duck Island)" --ayyy fam Wikipenguino (talk | contribs | articles) It's a dog! It's a plane! Ring Ring! Bananaphone! 09:24, 15 April 2017 (UTC)

I know, but Bro might not agree that the city has tha same name as the capital of Eastern Shops. --
Quackerpingu (talk). Contributions A link
09:51, 15 April 2017 (UTC)

(IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ) Statement of article improvement[edit]

I have made a pledge on Friday, 13 April that I will fix this article, and I mean fix it and completely renew it and make it greater than before. I managed to work out great deals with Quackerpingu, and I did a great job, he did a great job and I thank him for cooperating. We did a great job working on this article which we are still working on by the way. We are still working on the article. We are not done yet, I have to add a lot to the history, geography and government sections and I will fix the infobox and by Monday the article will be even greater.

I've tried negotiating with Quacker peacefully. Brant, Ed and CK all said I have no chance and they doubted whether I can get anything done. On Saturday, he tells me what I did so far then was a good start and that we're doing good, and we will see how good we do in the next 24 hours since I have one day left. Thank you all for not supporting me but that's fine. I'm working on behalf the wiki and I'm going to be mature and well with all users just as I have been with Dave and Quacker, two people who I have great relations with and can connect to in ways others can't (not because I personally dislike them but because the administrators and users don't seem to trust each other, but Brant and I agreed to end all those admin-user feuds and we will end them and I will cooperate with administrators like never before).

I am also looking to Wonderweez for advice and I am going to take advice from the guy I find a very passionate editor and a very skillful negotiator and administrator in general. Thank you to the administrators for your support regardless. I will talk to all users of this wiki, especially ones that don't seem to be too good with the administrators like Brant, Dave and Quacker and I'm going to work with them and I'm going to help them implement their reforms, we're going to help the wiki become a better place and we will end the feud with administrators once and for all.

I discussed this with CK not long ago and it's sad how our wiki's spirit is dying. We are no longer what we used to be. But we will work together. I want us to work together and unite once again and stop bickering over dumb things and witch-hunting the great, terrific administrators who have done a heck of a lot to help our wiki and make it a place. I've told this to people before. I've told this to Dave. I've told that being an administrator or leader of anything in general isn't an easy job. People truly rely on you and believe you will be good. Whatever decision you make, it will upset at least one person. Being an administrator / leader of anything in general is a hard job and I envy our administrators for all the great work they have done.

Thank you all for reading, and waddle on!

--Penstubal (Talk) (Edits) 12:31, 15 April 2017 (UTC)

That trivia link[edit]

After clicking the trivia link I am now on nationstates.(my country is "Millbush") —Preceding unsigned comment added by Radioactivechicken (talkcontribs)

Chitter debate[edit]

[20:41] <+BlackDuck> (Black Duck in Chitter) Math should be removed again. Long live me. Fat Duck lost his brain. #math

[20:41] <+FatDuck> (Fat Duck in Chitter) Black Duck wants to remove math again. #math

[20:42] <+BlackDuck> (Black Duck in Chitter) Quack. #math

[20:43] <+FatDuck> (Fat Duck in Chitter) Quack. #math

[20:43] <+BlackDuck> (Black Duck in Chitter) QUACK. #math

[20:43] <+FatDuck> (Fat Duck in Chitter) QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK! #math

--QP.png QUACKERPINGU WITH BIG LETTERS! (talk). Contributions A link Quackerpingu2.png 20:37, 17 February 2018 (UTC)


You know, considering an evil criminal mastermind a saint probably won't be a good thing for your relations with the rest of Antarctica. --Chill57181 Talk Contributions My Articles 22:08, 26 June 2018 (UTC)

Duck Island Confederation[edit]

I've proposed in Quacker's PM, and a few days ago on the Fanon IRC channel too, a proposal that could solve the problem regarding ducks living in Duck Island and penguins not being involved enough.

My idea was effectively turning Duck Island into a confederation with cantons - some with a penguin supermajority and others with a duck supermajority. The penguin cantons would effectively form the penguin state and the duck cantons would effectively form the duck state. Every 4 years, the country will have presidential elections - there will be 2 presidents, 1 for the penguin cantons (the penguin state votes them in) and 1 for the duck cantons (the duck state votes them in). Those 2 presidents rotate every year too as presidents of the presidency, meaning in the 1st year of the term the penguin-elected would be the president, in the 2nd year the duck-elected, in the 3rd year the penguin-elected and in 4th year the duck-elected again.

Overall, in the country, penguins would form a majority with a number that is still up to debate. This means that we would write a lot more about penguins than ducks in this article. Another compromise I had is perhaps sacrificing the large number of ducks in favor of a compromise where ducks are venerated and considered to be sublime compared to the penguins - basically, ducks would continue serving as the symbol of Duck Island and the penguins would also love ducks and support their politicians, which brings me to the fact that the penguin state can elect ducks for their president and the duck state can elect penguins for their president.

So this is just an idea I had. Quackerpingu has shown interest towards this idea, but has proposed his own and isn't entirely supportive of it. I want to hear both his and others' opinions. Also, if you have other ideas and how you think we can solve this problem with ducks and penguins, feel free to talk here and propose. I'm going away for the next 2 weeks, so I won't be here. --Penstubal (Talk) (Edits) 15:49, 2 February 2019 (UTC)

  • My proposal:
  1. No changing states
  2. Cantons only exist in Duck Island, Peng Island, Duck Island and Duck Island 2
  3. Citizens elect the duck and the penguin, then a group of politicians/someone/idk votes for those two, and the president is the one (that group has to be half ducks, half penguins of course)

Also, <Penstubal> no vote <Penstubal> it's a discussion <Penstubal> not a vote --QP.png Quackerpingu (Talk) (Contributions) 15:56, 2 February 2019 (UTC)

Duck Island Improvements[edit]

With some advice from Wonderweez and I, I feel that Quackerpingu has significantly improved Duck Island to the point it is a safe average quality article. Quackerpingu is not one of the greatest writers this wiki has ever seen and I think it is way too harsh for it to be demanded of him to make Duck Island be like one of the greatest articles ever. I hope you agree with me that the improvements Quackerpingu has made so far, including removing some redundant lists, for example, has indeed made the page look better and less cluttered. Of course, he's going to continue improving it in the coming days, but there's one issue that remains unresolved and that is the duck-penguin population issue.

There is no proposal made by the administrators other than making ducks tourists. Quackerpingu has been entirely open to compromise while the administrators have not been so willing. Quackerpingu has, in fact, already put into effect some sort of compromise - he reduced the duck population to as low as 11% and made a huge part of the duck population leave the country and migrate someplace else. Those are big steps to make, and it is significant progress compared to what the article was several weeks ago.

If you are still not satisfied with what is being done to add more penguin-related and less duck-related content, then please talk here and propose an actual compromise that would work out rather than leaving Quackerpingu all out on his own and refusing to yield any ground. --Penstubal (Talk) (Edits) 15:08, 2 March 2019 (UTC)

I'll continue improving it as soon as Penstubal comes online, I have a few questions. --QP.png Quackerpingu (Talk) (Contributions) 07:19, 7 March 2019 (UTC)


"While Duck Island does participate in any major role on the world stage, it joined the Western Union on April 1, 2018."

I think you meant "does not participate". --QP.png Quackerpingu (Talk) (Contributions) 15:36, 4 August 2019 (UTC)