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We need some valiant souls to carry on this important task of finding the greatest invention of all time.

Sign Up[edit]

  • You're going to need protection. And I think I'm the guy for that and I'll happily protect you... for a small fee. You have the choice of going through uncharted area at an high risk or taking me along. --Johnathan Wolfhunter
  • The team will also need transport as well. I believe that I am the most competent person in that matter. I own three airlines and I have an extensive collection of nine jet aircraft, a Snowing 767-400ER, a Snowing 737-800, two Learjets, four helicopters and an Airhail A330-300 aircraft. I also have an extensive collection of mobile tracking devices and microchips as well. I also design many aircraft and I love diplomacy and negotiating.

Sincerely, Sancho Monte Captio

  • Didn't you ban me from flying? We should use army jeeps. --Austin
  • It will be lifted temporarily under the South Pole Council's orders. I also can provide some jeeps,tanks,ATVs and survival kits.-Sancho Monte Captio
  • And the team needs somebody who ACTUALLY HAS EXPERIENCE with this type of stuff. (Then again, Johnathan has quite a bit, but still.) --Austin Devecter
I believe Explorer has some, but he didn't respond yet. --Icmer
  • Swiss Ninja will come. He will also bring a troop of RDA Clone Troopers with him too. He's only in this for the Glory and Fame. Why else would this egotistical maniac want to join anyways? (besides the fact taht his friend, Austin is going too)

--Swiss Ninja Signature.png User Talk SN.png 02:50, 21 January 2011 (UTC)

  • Frostborough is currently undergoing reconstruction from the War. I've left Lasaralyn and Will Whitefoot in charge. Lasaralyn is still mad at me for leaving her in Club Penguin while I traveled through the Trans-Antarctic Mountains. I will come! Hopefully we pass through the fair land of Cel-Adroth, but I doubt we shall be allowed to pass through it. My apologies for not responding quicker, I simply never checked the mail.

--Triskelle Waterdouse

  • I think this trip needs treats. And somebody could swap a brownie for the fruits. --If you need my owner, he will be in his office. Brownie

Commentary (not RP)[edit]