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Roleplay.jpg This is a Role-Play talk page! You may pose as one of your characters and "talk" to Grand Poobah of the Multiverse!
Please leave your messages for the Grand Poobah here. His secretary will give him your message and he should respond soon.

Hello grand Poobah! here is a song for you!

Deep in the hundred acre zoo Where Grand Poobah played You'll find the enchanted Wonderness of Grand Poobahs childhood days A Donkey named Eyore was his friend And Kanga And little roo And tigger too There's rabbit and piglet And there's owl But best of all (sing this part quickly) Grand Poobah of the Multiverse (stop singing quickly) Grand Poobah, Grand Poobah, tubby little chubby little stuffed with honey called Grand Poobah, Grand Poobah, willy nilly grand old bear. Waiting for reply, - Penguinpuffdude