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Talk to me here! and not you Flywish! or Xorai or Penelope!

Roleplay.jpg This is a Role-Play talk page! You may pose as one of your characters and "talk" to Jenni!


(is reading page) "crushes...." is that my name there? *faints*

-Director Zenny


Hi There Cutie Pie! *Gives Jenni HUGE puffle treat bag.* There you go you so cute, adorable puffwuff!

-Maddieworld X

Thanks Maddie X! *Eats some puffle treats* *Cries* I still miss WishFlyX! *Wants WishFlyX to return home*


Yeah I want him back *Cries along with Jenni* Why did the PSA arrest him?!?

--Agent X

(A living computer comes) Hello friends, I am WishFlyX. I have been tortured by Flywish. The only thing is, I learned about biting PSA agents. I'm only biting penguins who aren't PSA agents. And how is Maddieworld X and Isakui? I miss them and 12yz12ab X. I will see you in 4 more weeks.


LIVING COMPUTER!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAH!!!!!! *GRABS HAMMER AND SMASHES IT* Its gone........that was scary.................-Isakui

YOU DOOFUS! That wa sWishFlyX you know n00b. -Isakui X

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan -Isakui