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We Need Examples[edit]

I think we need examples and images of how cruel the Jerks are to the Dorkugese. I don't really know why, but some serious (yet clean) insults to the Dorkugese seem neccessary. If someone can simulate cruelty, this would be the time for it. Just don't go overboard. I really do think we need examples of cruelty. It would bring more sympathy to the Dorkugese. Alas, I am actually incapable to be genuinely cruel, and I've never been bullied before, so I need someone else for this.

w:c:clubpenguin: Jesus Loves You and Died for You!! :)  :) Speak to the Webmaster! I command you! 22:34, 2 November 2008 (UTC)



You do know that that's the same genus as the Dorkugese, right?!

In binomial nomenclature, creatures of the same genus can have hybrid babies...

Wouldn't that be weird, if a Dorkugese and a Jerk penguin had a child?

What would he look like?



RE: Genus[edit]

I know it's the same genus. I'm more worried about what might happen if there was a Jerk and Dorkugese hybrid, now that you mention it... - (the preceding comment was unsigned by Explorer)


Well well well wanna see what I learned check this out

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