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Roleplay.jpg This is a Role-Play talk page! You may pose as one of your characters and "talk" to Kwiksilver!

Hey. This is my Talk page. If you need to contact me, leave a message after the beep. If you're Darktan, look out.-Kwiksilver



I have a problem with the Etana State I wanted to be created, but if I would do, I would have stared a war between Weddell and Freezeland. I was told to contact with you. --Idoreconise (My Talk here!) 19:06, 29 March 2009 (UTC)

And I should be afraid of a backpacking gypsy why?

--Lobelia B. Sackville

PS. About the meaness, I cant help it. I have had a troubled past..


Hello. I'm the Director of Time Penguins. I would like to offer you a job as a Time Penguin. It is a great offer. I understand that your fighting Darktan and that you may not be able to reply for some time. Though, I would be pleased if you did. - The Time Director Contact me


Why do you keep calling me Lame dux? Leekduck


Why are we in The Last Sysops on the CPFW? Is User:Ninjinian & User:Kwiksilver doing this? PP. Ninjinian It's over here!


Hi Kwik well I just made a game called Sam Rudi is missing and your one of the main characters and I just want your permission I will delete it if you dont aprove so write back on the Sam Rudi is missing or the Sam Rudi Discussion page and thanks.

-Sam Rudi

OK but one thing[edit]

How do I make a PNG photo or an animated one?

-Sam Rudi


I accept your offer. I bid you good luck my friend. Happyface Tee Smiley the 500th (TALK 2 ME!!!)

RE:Rogue Agent[edit]

Sorry that I didn't get back to you earlier, Rookie shorted out my machine AGAIN! I just got it after 3 weeks of me trying to fix it. Rookie is very good at ruining things... So, yes, I will take the job. Thank You,

Dan Sig.png Talk to me here


Hey Kwiksilver how would you like top join us? We can take down whoever you want. We also are going after Darktan II and Xorai and DTA. so if you say yes respond to us or our leader.

Flywish's Army (Talk to us here) (Talk to our leader here)