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Ok. I "renewed" this page with all of the old content because it seems like the page was quite old and stuff before the split/invasion. Here's some stuff that needs improving:

  • I put in the "Former country" template, but some of the stuff (like population) had no place for me to transfer it from the old template. So, I left the old template on the page with <!--- --> tags so someone else can see the other stuff and possibly transfer it or something?
  • Also, all of the pre-tense terms need to be changed to past-tencse (is to was, etc.)
  • Personally, I think the page needs some work to clean it up and make more sense.
  • The history needs to be expanded to include the invasion(s) and disestablishment.
  • SOMEONE NEEDS TO MAKE A NON-GIF FLAG FOR THIS, and possibly that "senster" country, or "Senstaria", or whatever it is to involve in the history.
  • Maybe add more presidents since it doesn't make sense for senster to rule for 71 years imo :S

CKSig.pngWannaTalk? 06:56, 3 July 2013 (UTC)

Former capital?[edit]

Ok. I understand that Flystar City was the last capital, and is the current capital of North Flystonia. However, this page is also supposed to refer to the former country of Senstaria, which received some name changes when Flystar took over.

According to the article, Senstaria was a nation on the Antarctic continent until around 2004, when it was forced into the current islands by East Pengolia or whoever, and overall annexed by the US afterwards. So, I am trying to figure out where the former territory was, and as such, the capital city.

The reported location of the archipelago. However, the islands are obviously oversized.

I assume from the location of the archipelago, that the original territory was somewhere along the coast of Trans-Antarctica. I actually was going to place it around what I now know to be the 90-150 Ice Shelf (thanks to the map of Trans-Antarctica), but that's not really an option. However I still think it should be along that coast. So, I was thinking that either Pengu Town or Newton Town would be good ideas for the capital city, or area for the former territory.

Now, I'm wondering everyone else's opinions. Note: I also plan on majorly renovating this article later on to bring it up-to-speed as best I can. CKSig.pngWannaTalk? 19:33, 21 April 2014 (UTC)