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Roleplay.jpg This is a Role-Play talk page! You may pose as one of your characters and "talk" to Maddieworld!

Talk to me about anything from other universes 'cause I've probably seen 'em. -Maddieworld


Hi Maddieworld! Pie is yummer-rific!


tank woo[edit]

tank woo *gives THE LOOK*

  • cling sot your weg*


RE: Your Illness[edit]

Hmm... well, child... I'm not allowed to prescribe anything, but by your symptoms, I feel that you need surgery.

Yes... head to the Eastshield Hope Hospital and tell them your issue. Tell them you need surgery. If anyone asks if the Minister of Health told you to get surgery, do not respond. Ignore anyone suggesting that you need a band-aid or a simple antibiotic. Those won't cure you, you need surgery. Get another doctor to authorize and prescribe it...... surgery is the only way to go. Yes...

-Doctor John Barrbuh, Minister of Health, Executive Cabinet.

Wanna join?[edit]

Wanna join my army and help us destroy Darktan II? It's ok if you don't but if we get destroyed in a battle then Swiss Ninja may die and he won't get to spend his final minutes with you.



You can be a nurse. That may be helpful. Especially with Radal around. and Radal X.


(Out of nowhere Radala nd radal X start hurting Flywish in ways even the treacherous trio are scared to use)


Swiss just.....did something weird with Kill.....-Corai