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We officially call for Duck Island, Candvia, Dragonstone, Emperorlands and Finipines to end their accession negotiations to enter the Western Union on the 24 February. We announce we have officially closed all the chapters in Duck Island's accession negotiations. Almost all chapters are closed in Dragonstone's, Candvia's and Emperorlands' accession negotiations. As for the Finipines, we believe we will finish negotiations before midnight 25 February.

The Western Parliament will vote on 25 February to approve the accession of these 5 countries to the Western Union. We expect the WU Accession Treaty to be signed on 1 March 2018. We believe the signing will be a quick and smooth process and that the nations will successfully enter the Western Union by 1 April, the target entry date. All member states must sign and ratify the treaty in order for it to go into effect.

We are calling on the 5 nations to immediately decide on the date for their Western Union accession referendum. Referendums in the 5 countries should be held anywhere between 27 February and 7 March. Referendums are, however, not required in order to join the Western Union though it is recommended in order for the people's will to be demonstrated.

I thank the candidate countries for successfully cooperating with the Western Union and its seven members. I hope that the five candidate countries will by 1 April be members of the Western Union in their own right and that we will be able to even further enhance cooperation between our countries and develop those 5 countries.

- President of the Western Union Commission, Ludovica Carvillia
Western Union Commission