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Roleplay.jpg This is a Role-Play talk page! You may pose as one of your characters and "talk" to Yorkay Porkay!

Hiyas, talk to meh here!! --YP



Nothing's up for me, how about you? RAWWRR!

Heh, I just can't stop saying RAWR! =D

- HP



The license for you to weiled a ROFLCOPTER has been accepted and passed through our beauracracy. Your license will appear in your inventory as of writing this. Please enjoy your new weapon, but be warned that it is a very powerful device and should be treated delicately. We shall ship you with the proper bullets for your gun (ROFL Waffles) every two months, but no projectiles will appear between that time, so please use your rashions accordingly.
Note that this license is for you and you alone, and that any aqauntince caught weilding a ROFLCOPTER without a license will be prosecuted by a five hundred coin fine and six months in prison, regardless of size or species.
It is unknown why Headmaster Champignion approved this or why he set it up in the first place, but it is our duty to report that your license has been granted. Your ROFLCOPTER will also be in your inventory, so please check now.
Thank you,
Antarctic Investigation Authority

|-|41 Y04K4Y1[edit]

1 571|_|_ |_0\/3 U --b3|\|

My Army[edit]

Wanna join me? You would make a great addition to my army. I can help you pwn any of your enemies. --Papa Flywish Speak to the Supreme Ruler of Liguria here!


Sure, I'm in. --Iceanator189 Talk Page Two pickles are better than one! (Contribs|Edit Count) 20:50, February 16, 2010 (UTC)

I'd love to join! Gary the Gaget Dude Talk:Gary the Gaget Dude

RE: Your message[edit]

Might as well, but I am friends with her.Wonderweez Fear Me!

About your little Mwa Mwa thing[edit]

About this whole think with wonderweez and you planning to destroy all Mwa Mwas, can I help you guys? I have a huge hate for them. I also have a rivalry with this guy. He took a bite of my sandwich and I hate him. --Papa Flywish Speak to the Supreme Ruler of Liguria here!

CNIC Weapons Delivery[edit]

Dear Miss Yorkay Porkay,

Our Admiral, Dan Beronews, has accepted your license for the PWN Missile. It is unknown why, but I am just the messenger. You will get 10,000 every week.

Also, our leader has invited you to join the CNIC. It is like the AIA, only with boats, nukes, and NO NEED TO KNOW TO BE ABLE TO OPEN DOCUMENTS! Please respond here about the job.

Thank You,

CNIC Goon #1337

Watch Out[edit]

I will get my revenge! --PYX


Simply comb her.--Wonderweez Fear Me!