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Title Tammyfeih, or just Tammy. Dont call her Gorgonzola. or else...
Gender Female
Race High Penguin; 1/4 Khanz Penguin
Faction Nagging
Health It's OK for now.
Level 5
Status Nagging, as usual
Location Zurich

Not to be confused with Tammyshroom.

Tammyfeih Hochstadt (née Melo), also known as Gorgonzola Ninja, is the mother of Gaston, Swiss, Fisch and Clovis Hochstadt. She is the wife of Red River 2.


Tammy was born in present day Lisboagal near the capital city of Portalegro. She was born of a wealthy and rather snobby High Penguin family, a rare sight in the country. However, at age 17, her family moved to Club Penguin Island, where she met the love of her life, Red River 2. When they met, the two instantly bonded as Ninja partners who started their own Ninja Clan since both of them were avid students of Sensei. Soon, the two were married and the Clan was abandoned after more inactivity. They both loved travel, so they moved to Switzerland, where they had their four children, Gaston, Swiss Ninja, Fisch, and Clovis. 11 years later, they moved back to CP. Then, Tammyfeih and Red River 2 had a chick named Cheddar Ninja, but they considered him a disgrace and abandoned him. Tammyfeih was considered by many not to be a good mother because she had raised snobby, egotistical, or very strange children. Swiss Ninja and Gaston were raised to be very Egotistical and snobby, while Clovis and Fisch were around their father more and they acquired their strange costumes and personalities. Cheddar Ninja was considered a great family disgrace and became very weird, clumsy, and somewhat egotistical. Tammyfeih enjoyed hanging out with her old time friends more than family and continued to participate in Ninja Card Jitsu contests while her husband did not. Eventually, after finding out that her son, Swiss Ninja, became a successful monarch, Tammyfeih and Red River 2 moved to Snowzerland, where she now resides in the Keukenhof Castle with her husband and favorite son, now a prominent and famed figure in Snowzerland and is well respected as the mother of Swiss Ninja.


  • Tammy hates being called Gorgonzola Ninja. You will only hear more nags and complaints.
  • Tammy thinks Cheddar is ugly, dispite being his "aunt".
  • Tammyfeih expects penguins and puffles to give her gifts on Swissmass as well. Traditionally, only citizens that are mothers and grandmothers only give her an extra gift.