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Tapestrea Williams
Tapestrea image.png
Does a turntable have eighty eight keys?
Background information
Birth name Tapestrea Williams
Born March 5, 1990 (1990-03-05) (age 29)
Club Penguin, USA
Origin United States of Antarctica
Genres Classical, symphony, orchestral
Occupations Musician,
Years active 2007–present
Labels Independent
Associated acts Independent
Website iamnodj.com / tapestreamusic.com
Notable instruments

Tapestrea Williams, better known simply as Tapestrea (pronounced TAH-PAY-STREE-AH) is an independent classical and orchestral musician that rose to fame in late 2007. She plays the piano, and occasionally sings and conducts and composes music. She is also known to be Cadence's older sister, both of whom share a rather bitter sibling rivalry. Peng Guin was always pulled into their fights when they were younger. She is often considered Cadence's "polar opposite". While Cadence went off to "phat beats" and "mix-master DJ" hip-hopping, Tapestrea turned to classical music - particularly the piano. She currently teaches piano at no charge to anyone who is willing to bear her strict disposition. She tours Antarctica regularly, but never manages to sell out her shows. Sometimes her venues are overruled by Cadence's record label, who have a higher authority than Tapestrea's managers and crew. Just like Tapestrea has rivalry with Cadence, the record label Club Penguin Music Records also have rivalry with Tapestrea's managers and crew. Peng Guin is her younger brother.


Tapestrea Williams was born on March 5, 1990. Cadence and Tapestrea both grew up together, since Tapestrea is eight months older than Cadence. Each one discovered their passion around the same time. After that, the sibling rivalry formed, especially because her mother preferred Cadence's music, while her father preferred hers. Even though they were loved equally (they bought Tapestrea a grand piano and Cadence a turntable, for instance), it was their music that they battled over.

Cadence is considered the ultimate in politeness, but these "considerings" have never seen her near Tapestrea. The two sisters also dressed differently. While Cadence kept her natural hair color (yes folks, pink/purple was the family's natural color), Tapestrea dyed hers a permanent brown. However, streaks of purple and pink can be seen, but she denies this. Another thing Cadence points out on Tapestrea is her "conservative clothes", stating "her grandparents didn't even wear that".

Tapestrea counters with Cadence's lack of much clothing at all, as well as those "bulbous growths on the sides of her head", which, as they both know, are Cadence's headphones. Later, when they were in pre-school, their parents had another chick named Metronome. Tapestrea loved him dearly and spent a lot of time with him. She taught him what Classical Music was, and played games with him. However, Cadence liked him just as much as she did and took every moment to take her away from Tapestrea. After they left their parent's home and got their own igloos, they stayed isolated. Yet, come every Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other CP party, the two would meet once more and sibling rivalry erupted. A few years later, their parents had Peng Guin who said Cadence was his favorite sibling, to the dismay of Tapestrea.

Musical career

Early years


Tapestrea is to classical music as Cadence is to hip-hop.

...this may be why no one has ever heard of her.

Fortunately, the sibling rivalry hasn't been witnessed by Cadence's papparazzi, nor Tapestrea's pupils.


(to a random rapper on the street)

...and that is how a piano works.
(pupil raises flipper and asks question)

  • *girls meet together*
  • Tapestrea :Grrrrrrrrr...
  • Cadence: Grrrrrrrrr...
  • Tails6000 buts in the stern staring
  • Tails: Girls, girls, girls!!! Just calm down
  • Tapestrea :Out of the way, idiot!
  • Random Walrus: LULZ11!!!!!11!

  • Tapestrea is teaching class and Tails6000 comes in

Tails:Tapestrea I might need some help on this

Tapestrea: Okay keep your beat (says bum to beat) (both talk in midst of beat) ♪Tails you don't understand the life of a penguin it is really hard to get yourself a job♪

Tails:♪Tapestrea I can't its way too impossible the only job I can do is be a sysop on this wiki also how long has the coffee been in the burner I could use a cup about now♪

Tapestrea:♪I was so busy I meant to make more but I was watching the news about Pogopunk X♪

Tails:♪He is such a big nut job♪

Tapestrea:♪He should be locked up about now♪

  • Tapestrea: Classical music is amazing!
  • Cadence: DJ music is pure ice!
  • Tapestrea: Classical music is pure ice! Wait, did I just say slang?
  • Cadence: Heh heh...


  • Tapestrea is named after the "TAPESTREA", a discounted, second-rate freeware program that involves automated musical analysis.
  • She sometimes uses the slang of her sister, but immediately slaps herself afterwards.
  • In tribute of her hate for Cadence, she created a redirect to her official website - "iamnodj.com". She also released an EP of that name.
  • Her catchphrase is "grand accomplishment", which is ironically an exact synonym of Cadence's "epic win". It is even used in the same context (that arpeggio was grand accomplishment! / that dance was epic win!).
  • She dislikes Explorer and the Furry Flats, who, on more than one occasion, have been invited into her igloo and played "I Like To Move It" on the harpsichord, violin, cello, and concert flute.
    • She dislikes Danny the most, who, more than once, has told her to "yell pianissimo" or "diminuendo", which, technically, means "Shush already!" in musical terms.
  • She dislikes Tails6000 and Tails Underground because Cadence is in the band, but she only likes one of their songs, which is Super Sapie Bros. Brawl theme because of the harmonic tune.
  • She was the target of the prank played by her sister, Cadence in Tapestrea Gets Cadence Rolled.
  • She voiced WitchyPenguin in Ford Car and Link and X and the City.
  • She is DJ386's enemy, but DJ pronounces her name wrong (TAPE-stree)

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