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Not to be confused with Taylore

A koi
Title Taylor
Gender Male
Race Koi
Faction Tailors & Makeup artists
Health Good
Level medium
Status alive
Location Awesome Drama Theater, his pond

Taylor is a white and orange Koi that was adopted by Eborpas the same day as Shelly. It is the costume designer for the Awesome Drama Theater


Taylor was born in the pet shop. Like Shelly, he could talk, and was pretty smart, and they were best friends ever since she met him in a pen. He liked fashion and painting, and Shelly built him a waterproof sewing machine so he could make clothing and a waterproof easel and paint so he could make drawings. He was adopted by Eborpas because Shelly refused to leave without him. Eborpas agreed, and decided that he couldn't design and make all the clothing.

The first two plays for the Awesome Drama Theater didn't require much costumes as the cast were puffles who are generally unclothed, but he asked Taylor to design promotional posters for them. When the plays did become popular, Taylor did much more. Penguins needed costumes, and Taylor wasn't very familiar with their bodies, so he spent hours at night trying to figure out how to make clothing for penguins. He evantually got the hang of it, and the costumes were very beautiful and extravagant (when they needed to be).


Taylor is much more softer and gentler than his friend Shelly. He likes listening to music, relaxing, and art. He is kind and friendly, and doesn't try to rush things. He thinks small and does only what is required for his mind. He spends his free time drawing or sewing.


  • Taylor is a tailor
  • Taylor is almost the opposite of his best friend.

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