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Team Stealem is a rogue alliance of PKMN-Jitsu trainers, acting as thieves, contracted by Shadow Inc. to literally steal PKMN-Jitsu cards from fellow PKMN-Jitsu trainers in the middle of a match. Their pride and joy was the Stealem Vacuum, which was taken by Leo when he deleted their base, along with everything (and everyone) in it. After capturing a card, they'd mail it to Shadow Inc., and get paid as they converted the cards into Shadow Cards.

They also serve as mercenaries for anyone with money, but they fight by PKMN-Jitsu, which makes them a unique asset to any would-be contractor. Usually, the only real way to defeat a PKMN-Jitsu trainer is with PKMN-Jitsu itself. (In a pinch, the weaker, more basic Card-Jitsu can suffice.) This means, of course, that Team Stealem often has the upper hand in their dirty work.


Team Stealem was founded, obviously, on greed. Bands of ninjas, having mastered Card-Jitsu training and found it boring, sought a more edgy lifestyle. Their devious nature led them to the bowels of villainy, where they joined the likes of Team Spaceship, Team Universal, and the Temperature Goons. (This is why they had a never-ending supply of grunts.)

They did not have a goal, unlike others, but they were eager to do bad for anyone with enough money to purchase their "services".

Their main contractor was Shadow, Inc.. The company hired them as thugs to swipe any and all PKMN-Jitsu cards they could get their grubby mitts on.

One notable penguin of their group, Leo, was a high-ranking Stealem goon with a conscience. This conscience constantly told him that what he did was very wrong, but his raising and generally poor upbringing balenced this urge to do good with an equal urge to cause havoc. Yet, the good did prevail in the end. Leo decided that corrupting PKMN-Jitsu was wrong, and while he was okay with petty thievary, he wasn't okay with cheating to do it. (How odd: a thief that doesn't like to cheat!)

Leo, definately okay with his dark side, stole his company's only Stealem Vacuum- which was the only means they could assist the big moneymaker, Shadow Inc. -and rode off on a motorcycle with a smirk on his beak and an explosion behind him. That's right; he blew up his company's headquarters and deleted everyone inside. That is certainly a way to take his job and shove it.

Their operations destroyed and their top brass sent to the great beyond, Team Stealem built itself back, eventually, and became another mercenary group of vigilantes. If one has the money, one gets their help, be it for good or for bad.


  • Shadow, Inc. - Their highest paying contractor by far, this was their biggest (and virtually only) gig until Leo blew it all sky-high. They battled other PKMN-Jitsu trainers and stole their cards when they least expected it, shipping them to their boss for a huge sum of cash.
  • Austin8310 - Austin occasionally seeks the aid of these corrupt trainers to assist him in nailing the Hochstadt Gang. Although, they are not as advantegous as usual against that group, because they are ninjas with skills in Card-Jitsu that are strong enough to compete with Stealem's PKMN-Jitsu.
  • Team Spaceship - Always needing more grunts, Stealem often finds themselves donning the red "S" and patrolling lame warehouses and smuggling goods.
  • Underground PWN Mafia - The greatest gangster on the earth, the one and only Bugzy, has, at times, honored Team Stealem by contracting them as Piccitos in his low jobs, such as protection. PKMN-Jitsu cards are very effective in shake-downs.
  • Black Market - The Black Market has been aided, a lot, by Team Stealem, both independently and on pay of a real Market player.
  • Mecha Baron - Harold knows that his Goons don't have to be supplemented only with goodie-goodies. Sometimes, a down and dirty thief is needed to get his job done, and Harold is not ashamed to contract the likes of Team Stealem to accomplish his goal. Ironically, under the guise of Mecha Baron, Harold fights Team Stealem with their own illegal cards.
  • Inquisition - Seriously. Team Stealem has no qualm about enforcing what is right, as long as they get paid. Team Stealem, though, usually wets its collective beak by keeping some of the goods they were supposed to burn with their boss.


  • This is a parody of Team Snag-'Em from Pokemon's Colleseum.

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