Techno State

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Techno State
Name Techno State
Foundation 2017
Head What Tambourine
Job Listening to techno music
Members DJ Duke, Raveous
Headquarters What Tambourine's house, Chill Island

The Techno State is an unrecognized micronation on Chill Island. It was created by What Tambourine in 2017 after he was fined by the Chill Island Protection Force for playing excessively loud techno music and disturbing his neighbors. In response, he decided to declare independence and make his own state without noise laws and out of the CIPF's jurisdiction. Since then, they have been attempting to receive recognition from Mayor Chill57181, to no avail.


The Techno State consists of Tambourine's house, along with the houses of his friends DJ Duke and Raveous, who conveniently all live next to each other. In early 2018, the three purchased the abandoned Prepostera Enterprises building and converted it into the Techno Club, which was also added to the Techno State.


The Techno State is led by President What Tambourine, who was elected in a unanimous vote which consisted of himself, Duke, and Raveous. The president is elected for life and has unlimited power, although he is still technically bound by Freezonian laws. The only other positions in the Techno State's government are Grandmaster DJ and Lord of the Dance, held by DJ Duke and Raveous respectively.

The government doesn't really function at all, as ultimately it consists of three guys who just want to party.

National Anthem[edit]

The Techno State's national anthem is It's Hard to Say Goodbye, one of DJ Duke's compositions and Tambourine's personal favorite song, which can often be heard blasting from his headphones at excessively loud volumes.

It is often the sole song played during the Techno State's protests for three reasons; it's heavily patriotic for the Techno State, the repetition causes the protest to be even more annoying than it would be normally, and What Tambourine likes the song.


The Techno State's loudest opponent is Tambourine's neighbor and editor-in-chief of the Daily Egg, John C. Beckson. Already annoyed by their excessively loud music, Beckson began publishing articles in nearly every issue of the Daily Egg after they declared independence, denouncing them as "menaces", "sound-based terrorists", "eardrum eradicators", and "the techno punks", among many other insults. In response, the Techno State once staged a protest outside of the Daily Egg Headquarters, although this only made Beckson double down on his articles.

Unfortunately for the Techno State, the one person they want to recognize them, Mayor Chill57181, has never commented on the Techno State's existence. In desperate attempts to gain recognition, Tambourine has sent Chill letters and emails begging him to recognize the Techno State. After this proved fruitless, the Techno State began staging increasingly elaborate publicity stunts to gain Chill's attention.

Since the opening of the Techno Club, a small minority of Freezonians have begun to support the Techno State's independence after attending their dance parties.