Tel Ah Phon

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Islander Territory of Tel Ah Phon
Tel Ah Phon
Flag of Telephone
MottoFor Saworton!
Royal anthemSilence
Red Telephone
Tel Ah Phon image flag.png
Location of Telephone
Map of Tel Ah Phon.
(and largest city)
Official languages Islander
Recognised regional languages English
Species  Penguin, Puffle
Demonym Telaphonian
Government Colony
 -  UPI Emperor Tom Saworton
 -  Territory Representative Childpengu1
 -  Honorary Princes/Princesses Sir Snowman 1001 and Sir Alxeedoo1010/Lady Homsolo and Lady Hat Pop
Legislature Telaphonian Territory Parliament
Colony Colonized by United Penguin Islands 
 -  Founding 1934 
 -  Colonization by UPI 2013 
 -  2009 estimate 4,370,580 
 -  2013 census 5,731,460 
Currency UPI Dollar
Drives on the Right
Calling code +827

The Islander Territory of Tel Ah Phon (pronounced "telephone") is a United Penguin Islands territory located near UnitedTerra. The island was discovered back in 1934 by one of Puffle'and's most well known explorers, with a name that has never been revealed, but known as many as just "Logan". It is a large source of the UPI's economy, however has recently been on a downfall because of the UPI's recent invasion. The territory has a total of 7 divisions, the most important divisions being Snowcliff due to it consisting of the capital city, Snowcliff and it's boundaries, and being the best economic division.


Tel Ah Phon was discovered back in 1934 by a Puffish explorer, who went by the name of "Logan". He decided he wanted to for once run his own country, and therefore didn't report back to Puffle'and about his new discovery. He named the nation "Tel Ah Phon", as suggested by many people, originally to be a joke nation. Eventually, the nation turned out to be an amazing nation, with lots of developement. The last thing needed was a military, but Tel Ah Phon economically couldn't afford a military, and therefore the nation was handed over to the famous penguin known as Childpengu1. He made the nation stabler, before the United Penguin Islands were too quick to notice Tel Ah Phon didn't have a military, and easily invaded them within 30 minutes. Childpengu1 was kept as the Territory Governor, and many of the citizens supported the new rule, and were happy for their old king, Childpengu1 to still have a large amount of power. Since then, Tel Ah Phon has been apart of the UPI.


The currency used in Tel Ah Phon is the UPI Dollar, as it is a territory of the UPI. The only way this can be changed is if Tel Ah Phon is invaded by another nation, as it is a legal requirement that all territories/colonies of the UPI must use the UPI Dollar. The former currency before the invasion was the Club Penguin Gold Coin, as assigned by former king Childpengu1.


Tel Ah Phon's language is now Islander, as this is the same as it's motherland, the United Penguin Islands. A popular regional language used in Tel Ah Phon however is English, as that was the language used before the UPI's Tel Ah Phon takeover, and is still used quite often around the territory.


The Islander Territory of Tel Ah Phon consists of 7 divisions. The following divisions are listed below.


Mainly snow and ice, the largely famous Tel Ah Phon is however known for it's rare forests and blue shamrock trees. Snowcliff had many of these forests, but now it has many buildings for the huge number of citizens. Tel Ah Phon has less natural disaster probability than on any other place in Antarctica.


A red telephone.

In Tel Ah Phon, there are actually few resources. However, their main export are telephones, which is understandable.

Flag, Motto, and Anthem[edit]

The flag of Tel Ah Phon consists of the Nordic cross, blue, green and yellow, and a telephone in the top left corner. The colours represent the sky, the greenery, and the beach commonly seen around the country, and the telephone is the former flag of Tel Ah Phon before it's takeover.


The motto of Tel Ah Phon is the same as it's motherland, the United Penguin Islands, which is "For Saworton". The meaning of the motto is to support UPI's emperor, Tom Saworton and make sure he doesn't lose faith in the nation. It is required that Tel Ah Phon uses this motto by UPI's constitution.

The royal and national anthem of Tel Ah Phon is the single Silence by famous Telaphonian singer, Meaghan. It was voted in a recent vote since the UPI's takeover, and was chosen with a massive 73% of the vote. The United States of Antarctica has praised the anthem as a "good choice for an anthem".


Tel Ah Phon is a colony of the imperialist empire, the United Penguin Islands and therefore final desicions are decided by the emperor, Tom Saworton. Tel Ah Phon however does have a territory government lead by Childpengu1 to decide on minor regional changes, acting as a council for the territory. The former government before the UPI's invasion was a Monarchy, lead by Childpengu1, however this changed after the UPI's invasion.


Tel Ah Phon is one of the best places for music, as it's culture is heavily based on Music. The country is the birthplace of some of the world's greatest artists, including famous solo singer Meaghan, and the popular duo act, Tim and Tom. Telaphonians also enjoy Sport, and Telaphonians are allowed to play for UPI's national teams in several sports. The culture is similar to UnitedTerra's, which is not surprising as they are very close to each other.


Tel Ah Phon is famous for it's grand design of buildings, and the majority of houses in Tel Ah Phon are built in a strong frankterran style of housing. Many famous buildings however include the The Telephone Arena, The Telephone Building and the Royal Telephone Palace.

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