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Key details
Type Building, Untilities Powerhouse, Meeting House (Only in the Ninja Archipelago, Freezeland, and the Viking Republic)
Location Every city, town, and village that contains utilities
Inhabitants Priests, Datacons, Bishops (Only in Telenacle Cathedrals, the largest Telenacle type used in large cities)

Telenacles are buildings where the Governance Workers distribute the utilities and manage the company. A Telenacle is found in every city, town, and village that contains electricity and/or other utilities, in one form or the other. The Appearance of Telenacles can strongly vary depending on what country they are in.


Prior to 1881, before the Governance formed, the modern Telenacles descended from Meeting Halls. These meeting halls were first built in 40 AD, in the land of Snowprus, and were first used as places of discussion and where people could have a voice in government. The Penguin Empire loved the idea of the Meeting House, and soon many of their towns had them built too. The late Penguin Empire especially made their meeting houses more elaborate than the Snowpriot ones and soon became famous. After the fall of the Penguin Empire, the Meeting Houses became the center of society, and the Ninja Archipelago and the High Penguin Confederacy began building one in every town. Unlike the first meeting houses, the Ninja Archipelagoan Meeting Houses did not discuss politics much since they weren't very democratic, but most of them discussed about the latest news from around the antarctic, they announced deaths, marriages, and births also. The Ninja Archipelagoans named the building the "Telenacle" since some of their Meeting Houses were very large, and the name eventually spread throughout Antarctica. Eventually, in 1881, the Governance was formed, and the Telenacle was the first suggested place to start the business, which started in the basement below the meeting halls. Most Telenacles in the Ninja Archipelago, Freezeland, the Viking Republic, and a few parts of Eastshield and Trans-Antarctica, still today have meeting halls on the level floor and the computers/utilities business in the basement or in the upper story. Typically, Telenacle supplies does not take up much room anyways.


Telenacles come in different forms depending on their Provider and the town or towns they provide for.


  • Telenacle Chapel- The smallest of the Telenacles around. The Chapel is usually found in very small villages or can sometimes be found part of a certain building. Also, sometimes a Telenacle Chapel may be found next to another larger Telenacle as a backup just in case the major one goes down. A famous example is Saint Ninjinian's Telenacle, which was a house that was converted into a Telenacle. Most regular sized Telenacle Chapels still has a small meeting hall that can accommodate up to 20-50 penguins and puffles in the pews.
  • Regular Telenacle - A regular telenacle is the standard sized telenacle that can be found in a decent sized village to portion of a large city. A regular sized Telenacle has a meeting hall that can accommodate up to 50 - 200 penguins and puffles in the pews.
  • Telenacle Abbey - Telenacle Abbeys typically are secluded from civilization but are located not too far from some small villages. These abbeys tend to serve several small towns and villages in a remote rural area. Their purpose, according to the Governance, is to be a boarding school of sorts where those who want to join the company are sent to master telecommunications. Abbeys may contain a regular Telenacle but have many Datacons, in training and skilled, that maintain the place. It acts as its own civilization. Telenacle Abbeys have living quarters for the priests and several datacons, classrooms, and the latest and greatest technology to train the future Governance public workers. Male trainees are called Monks and female trainees are called Nuns. One example was Writing Abbey in Writing, which was destroyed by Swiss Ninja in order to promote the Telenacleship of Snowzerland.
  • Telenacle Cathedral - Telenacle Cathedrals are the main Telenacles of large cities, and usually have about one. (Because of it's large size, South Pole City has about three Telenacle Cathedrals). Telenacle Cathedrals are known for being world wonders because they are also meeting houses and can be intricately designed Without fail, their technology and infrastructure trump all others and offer the best lessons and services.


  • Governance - the Antarctic's first and most popular utilities company that was founded in 1881. The company owns 90% of all Telenacles in the whole Antarctic. Their headquarters is Centriepistula.
  • Telenacleship of Snowzerland - Separated from the Governance in 2010, the successful Telenacleship of Snowzerland serves all of the German States and the UK, although there are Governance buildings there, but the Telenacleship is more popular.
  • Free Telenacle of Puffle'and - the official telenacle provider of Puffle'and; it is the most popular provider in the UK and owns 60% of the UK's Telenacles. The Free Telenacle of Puffle'and was created because back in the day, the Governance never was able to reach the UK. The Free Telenacle of Puffle'and did not succeed overseas. To solve this problem the Megabishop of Noterbury established the Englican Communion, a group of National Telenacles which though independent must have the Megabishop of Noterbury's approval before raising bills etc. but must people don't know this. The largest is the Hospitable Telenacle of the USA.
  • Telenacle of Scotzeh - the Official telenacle provider for the region of Scotzeh in northern Puffle'and, and it was made the same time the Free Telenacle of Puffle'and was, except that Scotzeh wished to have it's own services. The Telenacleship of Scotzeh owns about 96% of all Telenacles in Scotzeh. Because some citizens from Scotzeh immigrated to the mainland during Colonial Antarctica and stayed there, there are some branches of the Telenacleship of Scotzeh in a couple of towns in the USA.
  • United Reformed Telenacle - An offshoot from the Free Telenacle of Puffle'and, the United Reformed Telenacle was created in 1963 after many citizens disliked the services and very high utilities bill of the Free Telenacle of Puffle'and. In response, they separated from the Free Telenacle of Puffle'and. The United Reformed Telenacle became very successful during Colonial Antarctica and became a competitor with the Governance in 1998, but during the Colonial War, 95% of the Telenacles were destroyed, but there are still many of these telenacles still in existence in some towns in Antarctica.
  • Telenacle of Cheesy Rye Crackers of Later Night Saints-This telenacle was founded by Josey Blacksmith in the 1920s because they thought other telenacle's policies were wrong. They are also known as the Normon Telenacle, because their instruction manual is known as the Book of Normon. Instead of telenacle cathedrals they build Telenacle Temples. These are not great halls, but they have many rooms for new members' initiation and rituals.