Telenacleship of Snowzerland

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Telenacleship of Snowzerland
Type Private
Industry Communications, Utilities
Fate Trying to compete with the Governance.
Founded September 18, 2010
Founder(s) Kaiser Swiss Ninja Hochstadt
Headquarters Basel, Snowzerland
Area served German States, Puffle'and, Acadia
Key people Archduke Jsudsu9988
Services Providing power and utilities.
Parent Snoss Government
Subsidiaries Telenacleship of Puffle'and

The Telenacleship of Snowzerland is one of the utility companies competing with the Governance, headquartered in Basel, Snowzerland. Founded by Kaiser Swiss Ninja during the Snoss Schism, it was declared on September 18, 2010, with the Snoss seizing and transferring all of the Governance's infrastructure on Snowzerland to the new company. Swiss did similar in Puffle'and soon after, creating what would become the Telenacle of Puffle'and, also with himself as the head.

Though most of the original infrastructure was taken directly from the Governance, ToS service has never been as reliable or efficient for some reason. In fact, it is much worse than the Governance, with the only places having worse and less reliable service being North Joseon and those places where telecommunications are provided by Yow Access.


Swiss Ninja, considered a heretic by the Governance, hated the company since they refused to make him a Saint. Time and time again SN tried to make his own Utilities company.... but his plans always failed. That was, until SN started to use Green Energy using Solar Panels and wind Farms on the Northern Section of the Island to provide electricity for the Country. SN had already been doing this for a long time, and the Governance has let it slide for a while. His original Snoss minions were granted a "hippy's license" and was permitted to run their stuff. SN himself- a heretic -used his goons to get around the fact that he can't do anything regarding such utilities like water, electricity, etc. etc... Therefore, there where no green facilities in the real Snowzerland. All of the Dukes, Duchesses, Lords, Governers, and other nobles from Snowzerland Island and the remaining two colonies (they know that SN is their leader...) ask for and receive licenses from the PWNtiff. The POPE gets wise to this. Soon, a papal bull is written out: all "green" items must pay an extra surtax. The Governance begins this on all Snowzerland empire territories, which use renewable resources heavilly, particularly on offshore wind farms, solar panels, and geothermal plants on the northern part of the Island where everything is produced. SN gets ready to take the plunge and build a major green power facility on the southern portion of the Island, and he is not allowed to do that. The POPE himself heads on down to SN to prevent him from doing it, and says that he can't do that, that such a factory isn't right and in breach of his heretic status. SN didn't listen, and he villaniously strips the POPE of his power and incorporated his own telecommunications system: The Telenacleship of Snowzerland, or the TOS in short.

The TOS specializes in green power, and the angry SN quickly nationalized all of his empire's (now former) Governance-licensed hippy power plants. He then transfers them to the TOS and begins the first- and last -schism of the Governance. SN also nationalizes and transfers all existing infrastructure (wires, telephone poles, pipes, ect. ect.) and hands them to TOS. So, without spending even one royal coin, SN has just written his own Governance knockoff. The POPE was furious, but he's far too gentle to snap and attack. He is downtrodden but continues his work with the rest of Antarctica. He also declares every single creature that voluntarily subscribes to any service of Snowzerland a heretic, making at least half of the Snoss empire ineligible for ever receiving Governance services....but who cares? The TOS has cheaper Prices! That's why Puffle'and joined soon after, as SN promised them that this governance was "made" for puffles. While it's true that the ToS had cheaper rates than the Governance, that was because Swiss was willing to take a loss to make his citizens like it. Snowzerland has lost a lot of money through the ToS, but instead of prices they've continued to cut other government funds for public services.

Though the BoF didn't intervene again by blocking Snowzerland with clouds for months, they instead chose to simply make the ToS much worse than the Governance. Even though the original facilities were all seized from the Governance, ever since being given to the ToS their performance has been much worse. Infrastructure has been replaced and checked for repairs, but nobody can figure out why ToS services are so bad.

Infrastructure Hierarchy[edit]

The Kaiser of Snowzerland is heartily named the head of the Telenacleship of Snowzerland, as is the King of Puffle'and for the ToP. Here is the Infrastructure Hierarchy from most powerful to least powerful members:

  • Bishops - The Second in command. It has many sub categories as well.
  • The Archbishop of Canton Zurich - there is only one Arch Bishop of this governance, which is the Archbishop of Canton Zurich. He is the organiser of most of the Governance Conferences.
  • Primedatas - The Primedatas are a group of Bishops who are the main leader of each TOS Member Telenacle. They are commanded mostly by the Archbishop of Canton Zurich most of the time.
  • Reverends - Regular Bishops.
  • Priests - The majority of the Telenacle Employees. Priests are given the power by the Monarchy to forgive those who didn't pay their Bills.
  • Clergy - They also have the power to forgive those who didn't pay their bills, but their main jobs are to send and collect bills from the penguins. They also are the ones who maintain the telenacle.
  • Datacons - the lowest of them all, Datacons just simply record Electricity Usage, Bill Payments, Money Owings, and other records onto the computer. They're a big help.


These are the customers of the ToS.

  • Snowzerland- Since 2010. Swiss Ninja has also forced ToS to be used in all of his territory, though the Governance still exists in varying capacities.
  • Puffle'and- Since 2010. Though a majority of Permatan Island relies on the poor services of the ToS, most of Puffle'and's Colonial and Commonwealth residents still use the Governance.
  • Mergelin, Trans-Antarctica
  • Acadia


The Frankterran Hugenots are a small ToS subdivision in Frankterre. Unlike their country that declared their independance, the Frankterran Hugenots are still loyal to the ToS and Swiss Ninja. However, they are a small minority group and are not very liked in Frankterre.


  • The ToS headquarters is the Basler Munster in Basel. It was originally a Governance Telenacle that was expanded after being seized and given to the ToS.

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