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A Teleportal
Type Portal Device
Effects Creates two portals at a time that can be traveled through.
Source Ed Laboratories
Location Ed Island
Cost to buy Illegal to buy
Cost to sell Illegal to sell

A Teleportal is an experimental device that can create two portals that light and matter can travel through. The portals it creates are formed from a miniature black hole inside the device that gives off energy, which is shot out when either trigger is pulled and a portal is created.


The Teleportal itself is a smooth, curved, white device, overall resembling a gun. A glass tube in the center of the device works as a "funnel" of sorts for a portal to come out of. The black hole is contained inside a chamber in front of the handle, where it creates the portals. The handle of the device contains two triggers, one for each portal, which triggers the black hole to create that color portal.


The Teleportal draws it's power from a miniature black hole contained that is "[almost] completely safe." The portals can be conducted on a surface large enough to hold one (about the size of a penguin), flat enough, or made of solid or liquid Ditto. The portals themselves are two different colors (usually red and blue, but other colors are common), and allow matter or light to pass through, so an image can be projected through one portal into the other. This also allows one single object to exist simultaneously in two different locations. However, if something or someone is inside a portal when it closes, it is pushed towards whichever portal it is closer to.

When the Teleportal is fired, a burst of colored energy is emitted from the barrel, corresponding to the colored portal it is intended to create. Upon striking the targeted surface, a portal is formed, surrounded by a colored ring. If the surface cannot accommodate a portal for whatever reason, the shot will dissipate in a shower of colored particles. If one portal is shot into its opposite, the portal will be formed next to the first one, assuming the surface has enough room for it to form; otherwise, it will dissipate as normal. The device can only create two portals at a time. If a third is fired, the other of its type will be automatically closed and a new link will be formed.

Along with it's portal-conducting nature, the three prongs on the front of the device can contain a Zero-Point Energy Field, which can levitate objects in front of it. This field can also be used to "punt" objects by hitting them with a secondary field behind it with great force, which throw the object forward. Combining this with the portals, the Teleportal can be used as an effective weapon. The triggers have two different uses while holding an object. When an object is in the energy field, one trigger sets it down gently, while the other throws it.

Several Teleportals are upgraded with new abilities, aiding in tests. In addition to its normal ability to pick up objects, it can extend the beam to move them further away from the user, even through portals, up to a distance of several meters away. It can also physically grab and reorient portals from any distance so long as they remain on a flat, acceptable surface for portals. It cannot move them across wall corners. Solid objects grabbed by the beam can be rotated on all three axes, allowing for precision aiming. There is also a type of cube, the Scaling Cube, which can be manipulated by the Teleportal, allowing the user to make it larger and distort its shape. Doing so also changes the physical properties of the cube; making the cube larger, for example, not only increases its size but also its mass, allowing it to break a pane of glass that it normally could not and crush anything it lands on.


  • Teleportals are rarely (and mostly illegally) encountered outside of Ed Laboratories. Most of them outside are prototypes, which have no black hole, and one can't look through a portal. Instead, it includes a crystalline core, not unlike a Deletion Crystal, and the portals are solid, meaning that there is no telling what is on the other side of the portal. In addition, they do not include the Zero-point Energy Field, and are prone to many malfunctions.
  • The Teleportal is powered by a miniature black hole, which is kept stable through the use of a cooling fan at the rear of the device. In case the black hole should begin to fail, two miniature Wulfen stick grenades, stored within the casing, can be used to restart it, by screwing them into two small holes in the device. Should the fan fail, the device should be disassembled to retrieve the Event Horizon Estimation Wheel, which will determine the minimum safe distance to survive the resulting overload.
  • The first functioning prototype Teleportal, F-1, is on display in a small museum in the Ed Laboratories entrance.