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Television Snowiny (TVS)
TVS Logo
Type TV Network
Source Television
Location Winsburg, United Provinces

Television Snowiny or TVS is a 24-hour cable news company based in the United Provinces. It is the most famous news source among right-wing Snowinns and is controversial for its very blatant right-wing, nationalist bias and often using sensationalist headlines, as well as promoting fake news.


It was created in 1964 by the government of the nationalist Republic of Snowiny and used to be state-owned media until 2003. Not much changed in its broadcasting and it continued to be media owned by a right-wing media and continued to promote nationalist agenda. It gained a lot of attention under the years of Conservative President Robert Smith whom the network would often cast as a "savior sent by a higher force to crush the evil leftist total opposition". It was known for its patriotic coverage when Ed Island declared independence from Snowiny and denounced the rebel leaders as "evil Neo-Naughtzees supported by the leftist total opposition in an effort to destroy the country".

The broadcaster is known for its vehement support for the Nexon War and The Plague War, calling for "all able-bodied Snowinns to go to war and stand for the fatherland". It is known for its support towards Robert Smith, calling him "the biggest patriot in the country" and "a great leader who fought for our fatherland's place under the sun". They were very controversial for labeling Nexonans as terrorists.

They are also known for their controversial headlines during Simon McClark's presidency. Once he was elected, the broadcaster would run headlines like "USA intervened to support total opposition in destroying our fatherland", "Simon McClark known for his self-hating anti-Snowinn rhetoric" and "Simon McClark a communist traitor seeking to make us ashamed for being Snowinns".

Some of the known controversial headlines by the broadcaster include "Brant Esser is a hero the total opposition is scared to death of", "Since President Smith's inauguration every country trembles at the might of our fatherland", "Total opposition announces support to Pengolian communist devils", "Megg is a traitorous feminist who detests patriotic Antarcticans who wish for an alliance with Acadian brothers" and "Shops-funded evil opposition organizes coup d'etat against our beloved King Robert" (the day when Robert Smith resigned in July 2015). The broadcaster was often called out by name and lambasted by foreign leaders, notably Megg, who called the network "the real, true face of Snowiny".


  • TVS 1: Primarily concerned with politics.
  • TVS 2: Mostly comedy series, films, movies and other such entertainment.
  • TVS Sports: Mostly related to sports.
  • TVS International: Made for international viewers.



  • It is one of the largest cable news companies in the United Provinces with a substantial amount of right-wing viewers. It is known to have deep impact on the psychology and thinking of right-wing Snowinns.
  • The channel is also available in Margate and Acadia where it is, just like at home, popular among right-wing viewers. Many right-wing citizens of those two countries primarily follow this channel in order to get a glimpse at UP politics.
  • Chill always liked the station because its funny, but he doesn't want their Sponsors' messages, so he pirates it off the Internet.

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