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Code to Copy Paste

{{Infobox government
|name           = 
|flag           = 
|coatofarms     = 
|headquarters   = 
|languages      = 
|membership     = 
|leader         = 
|members        = 
|establishment  = 
|earlytimes     = 
|officialstart  = 
|website        = 


{{Infobox government
|name           = Name of the government.
|flag           = Flag. They HAVE to have a flag.
|coatofarms     = Their coat of arms. If not, do any other picture related.
|headquarters   = Their headquarters.
|languages      = Which languages do they accept?
|membership     = People in the government.
|leader         = Leader
|members        = Other important members.
|establishment  = The building of the government
|earlytimes     = Time range of the early years e.g. 1990-2006
|officialstart  = When did the government begin it's official popularity.
|website        = Website of the government. Give a fake one.


United Antarctic Nations
UAN flag.PNG
Headquarters South Pole Council
Languages English, Terrisian, Penguinian, etc.
Membership People in the government.
- leader Corai
- members Unknown
Establishment Modern years
- early times 1959-2002
- official start 2006-
Website http://unitedantarctic.com/