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Hello this is The Leader the Mafia expert. Anyway here is a guide to the ranks:

  • Godfather and Underboss -- The Godfather is the leader of the UPM. The Godfather is also known as the Don, the capo crimini or the family patriarch. The Underboss is his second in command. The Underboss takes over the UPM if the Godfather is sick, in prison or dies (or any similar event). The Underboss can be called the capo bastone. DO NOT ADD ANYMORE!
  • Consigliere -- The advisor. Sometimes called the right hand man. Usually there is one but in the UPM there is three. DO NOT ADD ANYMORE!
  • Capodecinna -- Also known as a Caporegime or a Captain, they command a gang of soldiers, usually 10 but there can be more or less.
  • Soldato -- Also known as a soldier. A soldier must take the oath of silence before joining. Also called sgarrista, button man, made man, goodfellow or wiseguy.
  • Picciottos and Picciottis -- Both are actually Soldatos but anyway. A Picciotto refers to a young, inexpirienced member of the UPM while a Picciotii is a Soldato that performs simple tasks.
  • Associates -- The name says it. Corupt polititions, taxi drivers who support the UPM, anyone who could useful to the UPM.

When someone joins the UPM or any similar organisation they become a "made man" - they've just been made in other words. Well good luck! -- Firmato per Il Dirigente Conversazione verso Il Dirigente 18:58, February 25, 2010 (UTC)