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Callsign TERRA
Founded November 7, 2001
Commenced operations November 10, 2001
Hubs New Club Penguin International Airport,Neo Domino International Airport, Satellite City International Airport
Secondary hubs Blizzardville International Airport
Focus cities Frostborough International Airport
Frequent flyer program TerraPoints
Airline lounge TerraClub
Airline alliance SkyAlliance
Subsidiaries TerraExpress
Fleet 32
Destinations 43
Company slogan Time to Fly
Parent company TerraFly Inc.
Headquarters 55 Hicks Ave., New Club Penguin

AirTerra is the secondary flag carrier of UnitedTerra, and has more than 70 fleet. It has a main hub at Neo Domino International Airport.


The airline was first created by the government in 2001. After a year of governmental ownership, the airline split from the government, and was bought by TransTerra. The airline bought many aircaft, from Antarctic aircraft companies, such as Airhail and Snowing. It avoided Kumpchema, to become more modernized, claiming that it would be more efficent for their routes. In 2004 they stepped in to merge with TerraMount Airways. AirTerra was having a financial crisis n 2008. Sancho Monte Captio saved AirTerra saved the company by giving them 500,000 ĎÁÚ in return for a 50% stake, that Sancho would become the Managing Director and that they become a member of the SkyAlliance (they previously rejected membership). They agreed. That means Sancho owns 50% through SkyJet Aviation Holdings and TransTerra owns 50%.


Currently, there are two, who have split it.

Key People[edit]

  • Jack Simmons, President
  • Sancho Monte Captio, Managing Director
  • Lucas Zealos, TransTerra Relationship Officer


Current Fleet[edit]

  • Snowing 757-200 (12) (International short/medium haul)
  • Snowing 777-300ER (5) (international medium/long haul)
  • Snowing 747-400 (8) (international long haul)
  • Airhail A320-200 (18) (international short/medium)
  • Airhail A330-200 (12) (International long haul)
  • Airhail A340-300 (8) (international long haul)
  • Labraer 195 (8) (domestic ultra long)

Retired Fleet[edit]

  • McDonnell Douzas MD-11 (21, retired 2004)
  • Airhail A310-600 (11, retired 2003)
  • Snowing 727-200 (7, retired 2001)
  • Snowing 747-300 (4, retired 2002)
  • Airhail A321-200 (8, retired 2005)
  • Snowing 737-800 (10, retired 2010)
  • Snowing 717-200 (8, retired 2010)

Future Fleet[edit]

  • Airhail A350-900 (13 ordered, to start service in 2013)
  • Snowing 787-9 (12 ordered, to start service in 2013)


  • TerraExpress is the airline's regional carrier, with it's main hub at Neo Domino City, it offers service around UnitedTerra. It has 21 fleet and is the biggest regional carrier in the country.
  • AirTerra Cargo is the airline's cargo carrier, and has it's main hub at Satellite City, it offers charter service around the continent, and has 22 fleet.


The airline has six classes, Domestic Class (domestic flights), FirstDomestic (domestic first class), Foundation Class (ecomony), Foundation Pro (premium domestic), ExecutiveTerraContinetal (executive) and Executive Pro (first class).

Domestic Class[edit]


Foundation Class[edit]

Foundation Class is the international economy class equivalent of the airline and is available on only international flights.The class features specialized leather seats that can recline to 150 degrees, for a passenger's comfortability.The seats also feature PTVs, which feature more than 15 television and 7 radio channels as well. Passengers also receive free 2 course meals in-flight, as well as free snacks beverages, and other amenities as well. The class also features free shuttle buses to points in selected destinations.


FoundationPremium is the international premium economy class equivalent of the airline and is available on only international flights.The clasd features specialized leather seats that can recline to 150 degrees, for a passenger's comfortability.FoundationPremium's seats have a larger pitch than those of Foundation, and more legroom as well.The seats also feature PTVs, which feature more than 20 television and 12 radio channels as well. Passengers also receive free three course meals in-flight, as well as free snacks beverages, and other amenities as well. The class also features free shuttle buses to points in select cities and access to the TerraClub at select destinations.

Incidents and Accidents[edit]

  • On January 4, 2010, AirTerra Flight 3421, from Polaris, was a Snowing 777-300ER, and it's nose landing gear broke on touchdown at New Club Penguin International Airport. The aircraft slid across the runway, and stopped in the Runway Safety Zone, resulting the airport to close for 23 hours, and diverted and or delayed many flights to New Club Penguin (many were diverted to Neo Domino International Airport). No penguins were hurt in the incident, and is under investigation by the National Safety Board of the United Terra.
  • On September 12, 2004, AirTerra Flight 6782 from Neo Domino International Airport to Shield Island International Airport (via Aquarius City Airport), was a Airhail A330-300 and suffered engine failure when a skua's feather fell into the engine and into the fuel system started to set on fire to the engine. Luckily it was just after the plane had touched down in the aiport two hours earlier and even the pilots had left. The plane was damaged, including it's port wing, which was heavily damaged, as well as it's starboard engine. Two airport staff suffered minor injuries. The incident has been dubbed a mechanical failure by the FAAA. A year later all Airhail A330-300s were taken out of service.


When Orbit Oceanic Airways protested AirTerra joined them in the NO WAY UTA/CPA scheme. In 2005, a group of barnstorming aircraft created the words "NO WAY WITH UTA AND CPA, LOVE AIR TERRA" above the skiesNew Club Penguin International Airport. There was controversy over this, since what was being claimed was that AirTerra was using them for the National Terrian Air Show. Although they did take part in the air show, where they repeated the same messahe, the National Safety Board of UnitedTerra deemed this "this feat could have endangered airspace around the airport, and may have caused an accident". The FAAA received complaints from two airlines, the former MammothAir and UTA, that they clogged up the runway which caused the planes to arrive late. UTA even claimed that "they intended to delay the landing to give us a bad reputation and people like that are evil". MammothAir didn't comment, neither did Orbit Oceanic and the UTA sued them. ATR were fined 500,000 pebbles by the FAAA and 750,000 from the National Safety Board. Surprisingly, the stunt made the air show more popular and almost everyone say that 'LOVE AIRTERRA' shows that the airline has a sense of humour.

AirTerra has been accused of deliberately targeting UTA. In June-July 2006, AirTerra redirected all flights inbound for UnitedTerra, causing major disruptions for UTA. AirTerra was investigated by the FAAA and was forced to pay 500,000 pebbles in compensation and to provide free seats for passengers affected by this. In the next year, AirTerra temporarily moved focus city operations to Margate International Airport and providing discounts for anyone flying there. UTA sued AirTerra for 'dirty tactics' but the court was in favour of AirTerra. UTA was forced to cope with it. AirTerra then set focus city operations to normal in 2008 but UTA made their second lowest profits that year. When Sancho Monte Captio partially bought the company, these dirty tactics decreased but many AirTerra directors have admitted their hatred for UTA and that they'd do anything to give UTA a bad name.

AirTerra has also been accused of dirty advertising schemes. In 2009, an advert was released showing independent surveyors on board an UTA and an AirTerra flight, surveying customer statisfaction. In the advert, AirTerra was obviously made look good however an anonymous leak revealed that everyone on that AirTerra flight were paid actors. The UTA flight was genuine but did include some actors. UTA sued AirTerra and the Advertising Standards Board fined AirTerra 250,000 pebbles. In the same year, AirTerra attached a slogan to all their planes, saying "screw those hoes UTA, AirTerra rocks the sky". UTA sued once again and the Advertising Standards Board fined AirTerra another 250,000 pebbles. In early 2010, in an Terrian airline satisfaction survey, AirTerra claimed it got 94% customer satisfaction on it's website.

The Advertising Standards Board threatened them with a ban on televising anymore adverts for three years unless they changed it to the real review. AirTerra changed it and AirTerra actually got 74% customer satisfaction, just behind Orbit Oceanic on 82% and ahead of UTA on 58%. The most recent controversial advert was in Christmas 2010, which showed Santa Claus vomitting on a faked UTA flight and him saying 'should 'ad gone AirTerra'. The Advertising Standards Board actually banned them from televising adverts for one year on any major channels. AirTerra has sued and so far, a court case in on going. SkyJet Aviation Holdings, a major stakeholder in the company has also threatened to drop the company from their funding and shareholds unless they cease with this "unruly, intimidating behaviour" as SkyJet Airways CEO Sancho Monte Captio put it. Though many speculate it was SkyJet Airways who started the obscene advertisements, it was actually the AirTerra Marketing Team, who were not affiliated with the SkyJet Airways who did it.

Sancho Monte Captio, the owner of SkyJet Airways and a shareholder and Managing Director of AirTerra, has condemned AirTerra's anti-UTA actions, calling it 'extremely childish behavior'. He dismissed previous advertising staff and replaced them with new ones. These staff sued, calling it 'unfair dismissal' and AirTerra was forced to pay compensation and to give their jobs back while the new staff were hired by rivals UTA. AirTerra directors called this a 'disgrace that former AirTerra employees go to work for our rivals'.