Terrain Island

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Terrain Island is an island state owned by the United States of Antarctica, near Valley Island. The island itself is full of many terrains just as its name suggests. The island has two sides of different terrains: Desert and Grassy. The mountains that are lined within the middle of the entire island, show that the west is Grassy, usually with hills and jungles, while the East has desert terrain-like areas. It also one of the strangest islands since it is somewhat humid and hot there, similar to the island of Tropicalis, whereas the only places that have snow are the mountains and glaciers.


Terrain Island was first founded around circa 1692 by a group of Puffish explorers who began to search the entirety of the island and eventually colonize parts of it, making towns and villages. It around that time they saw an island that would later become Valley Island. Around 1701, gold and diamonds were first discovered in caves and miners began to find gold and diamonds to be either rich or sell them. Agriculture also started as they grew crops such as wheat and corn, and also farming as they also feed their animals and care for them. Many penguins have also been providing supplies to other penguins such as building schools, and others, before in the future in which the island would be owned as an island state by the United States of Antarctica.

It is also similar to what happened to Valley Island.


Terrain Island has been the name of many areas where there are many geography landmarks. Such include the following:

(For the West Side)

  • Cape Reddick - A Cape near Blizzard Bay in which three villages settle in, as Cape Reddick has a lot of water along its sides, making it a place where water is one of the main sources around the cape. Cape Reddick was founded in 1693, the following year, since the explorers went to find what is on the west side.
  • Woodwind Forest - This huge forest was discovered the same day as Cape Reddick was founded. The Woodwind Forest is known for it's cold, damp environment which hosts many varieties of plant and wild life.