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The nerdy puffle.
Born Terry Van Furry
March 19, 1997 (1997-03-19) (age 22)
Lagois Mansion
Gender Male
Nationality Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalian
BandeiraClubPenguin.png Club Penguinite
Other names TVP
Ethnicity Blue Puffle
(Moschomicrotherium pufflei)
Education Unknown

Elite Penguin Force Agent

Member of the Organization of Human Research
Years active 2008-present
Employer The Director (EPF)
Home town Unknown
Known for Services and work for the EPF, accompanying the Venturous Three on explorations and being a prime member of the Orrganization of Human Research.
Title Terry The Nerdy Puffle
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Parents Lisa Van Furry (mother), Fernando Van Furry (father)
Relatives Wikipenguino45 (owner)

Terry Van Furry is Wikipenguino45's rather intelligent blue puffle who accompanies Wikipenguino on his many adventures as a member of The Venturous Three. A puffle capable of speech, Terry also shares Wikipenguino's interest in science fiction and technology, and researches fourth-wall and beyond fourth-wall related subjects such as reality. Terry is also a core member of the Organization of Human Research which focuses on studying human behaviour, strange objects used by humans, and many other things to do with humanity. Terry is aware of the fourth wall's existence, but has very limited knowledge of it or how it functions.


Early Life[edit]

Terry was born somewhere near the edge of the Tropicalian jungle in a small Puffle-inhabited hotspot to Lisa and Fernando Van Furry. For reasons still unknown, Terry's parents seemingly abandoned him at the age of 2 with the other puffles and left him with a letter explaining who he was and that he was in need of a home. After an incredibly long journey, Terry soon found himself being transferred to a pet shop in Tropicapolis. Not too long after he arrived there, the president of the country, Penguino Lagois IV, along with his wife and son waddled in to adopt a pet. Hearing from the shopkeeper that Terry was desperately in need of a home, the family adopted him and took him home.

Despite being incredibly afraid at first (especially due to the dangers of his journey to the pet store), Terry slowly adjusted and learned to live with his new family. He grew up alongside their son Wikipenguino and took an interest in reading books and learning. Terry travelled with the family on all of their countless trips abroad. After a trip to Dorkugal, Terry had the chance to learn a lot there, and there, he picked up many of the local nerds' traits, such as their interest in maths. In school, Terry excelled at several subjects, almost always being the top student in the class.



Terry has occasionally been with Wikipenguino45 and Falco on reconnaissance missions to the Darktonian Realm and has (though sometimes reluctantly) shared a lot of their adventures from venturing around Antarctica to find Darktan, embarking on a mission to take down a mysterious villain, as well as many other adventures. Terry is also an EPF Agent, and usually follows Wikipenguino on whatever mission he is assigned to.



Terry is considered highly unusual for his kind, enjoying reading books and often less willing to involve himself in anything new. However, he does still share similar traits with other blue puffles such as loyalty.


Terry is able to code, hack and can speak fluent English, read binary and other computer-based languages. If given the right tools and items, Terry can create a simple computer with basic functions and programs.


Terry appears to be nerd-like at first glance. Terry has blue fur, and because of his bad eyesight, wears round black, glasses. Terry can sometimes be seen carrying around a book, a telescope, or in some rare cases, a calculator.


Terry has one yellow puffle for a brother, Jerry Van Furry who also lives in Tropicalis.



  • Despite being a real nerd, Terry does not have Nerd Sickness.
  • It's quite likely that he may have some Dorkugese ancestry.

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