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Country FarleyaFlag.png Farleya, Shops Island
Headquarters Tharntonville House
Population 400,000
General information
Demonym Tharntonite
Founded 1243

Tharntonville is the oldest city and one of the largest cities in Shops Island's empire. It also used to be the capital of Farleya, before it was annexed by Shops Island in 2015, and the capital was moved to Colony Island. It has a population of 400,000 penguins.


Tharntonville was founded in 1243, the same year that it was discovered. It started out as a tiny settlement on the coast, but evolved to a large fishing town within years. In 1248, when Farleya became its own country, Tharntonville became the capital of the country. Tharntonville saw its height in the 1800's and 1900's, when Farleya was a big trading area, and Tharntonville was a major port. The city saw a steep decline starting in the late 2000's, as Farleyan trading waned on the Antarctic stage. When Shops Island took over in 2015, Tharntonville lost its title as capital to Colony Island, much to the discontent of Tharntonites.


  • Tharntonville House - The current city hall, and the old seat of government. Now mostly a historic site. Also known as "The Capitol Building".
  • Tharnton Square - A large public square located in Downtown Tharntonville, which is host to many public outings and events.
  • Port Siegfried - The port of Tharntonville. Although not as busy as some other Farleyan ports, it still hosts much trade for the little colony.
  • Siegfried Boardwalk - A boardwalk just off from Port Siegfried. It's host to many tourists and vendors.
  • Mount Tharntus - A mountain with a beautiful view of all of Tharntonville, and all the way out to sea. On a good day, tourists can see Royal Island in the distance.
  • Lookout Lighthouse - A massive lighthouse in Port Siegfried which guides ships at night, also a landmark to many residents.
  • The Old Town - The oldest part of Tharntonville, which attracts many tourists. It contains many artifacts and buildings that date all the way back to the 1200's.


Tharntonville is on the sea, so the culture of the city is very much influenced by the fishing and ocean-related industries. Fish dishes reign supreme over the culinary scene in Tharntonville. The city is also renowned for its old architecture, which is the oldest in all of Shops' empire. There are many old houses, monasteries, and castles in the hills which date back to the 1200's, when the city was founded. These landmarks are a great sense of pride to those living in the city.

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