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As with any controversial subject, Death is under censorship, but since deceased characters often add to drama and story plots, a separate policy on life and death (in Antarctica) will be written here. You will need to follow these guidelines on the restrictions on Death and follow them when you need to.


Within common sense and reason, keep it at PG or lower. Instantaneous death is preferred, but not required. Great suffering before death is allowed but may not be expressed in great, wanton detail, but gore is not allowed due to the PG limit.

  • Poison is a preferable way of killing, so long as it kills quickly, and without causing disgusting side effects (eg, Uncle Joe drank the liquid and then exploded in a ball of blood and gore).
  • Being eaten is an acceptable way of killing, so long as it is not gory. Penguins have natural predators, get used to it.
  • Blood is acceptable, as long as it is not used often and in small amounts. Also, remember that it must still fit within the PG guidelines.
  • Suicide is a very sensitive topic and should be avoided whenever possible. Similarly, explicit references of mental illness (ADHD/autism/schizophrenia, etc.) are inappropriate for use in a Children's wiki.
  • We tolerate and allow all people of all religions to come and have fun here, so make sure all death-related content isn't offensive in any way.
  • We are here to entertain the masses, to have a good time. If it will discomfort our visitors, don't do it. Keep it positive. We don't like "dark" and/or really depressing stories. No one likes a bad time.