That Night

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That Night
Start May 15, 1997
End May 15, 1997
Prerequisites Rogue Tvarkov is born
Level Reality
Location Russia
Rewards Rogue isn't dead.
Imprints Once Upon A December

That Night is the story of what happened in Russia when Rogue Tvarkov was born.

That Night...[edit]

In a makeshift igloo in the forests of Moscow, Russia. 02:48

The small family of Tvarkovs were asleep. Their second child has just hatched and they were visiting relatives from the Northern Hemisphere. In a makeshift nursery deep in that igloo, a yellow baby penguin laid asleep on a small basket she happened to fit in. As she slept, she happened to wear a black ushanka with the Soviet symbol on it. She may later learn in her life that it would be part of her life. As she slept, a black figure loomed over her, then leaned closer to her. With the light of the nightlight, one could observe that it was Herbert. He held a knife in his hand and cackled.

"You will die, little one. You are a threat to my schemes and I will stop you from being so. You will be a troublemaker to me in the future, I can tell. Prepare to die." he cackled and raised his knife. How unlucky he was when the child woke up. Green, amber green eyes bore into that of the grey ones of the polar bear.

"Don't cry or else this does straight through your chest!" he threatens and raises the weapon. She only smiles and makes a face. He doesn't strike. Her hair was red, short and curly.

"The trademark color of a female Tvarkov." Herbert thought to himself. He further observed her and noticed how strands of her red hair would change color then go back to red. He even noticed how her eyes sometimes get highlighted with a different color then back to green.

"Stop it!" he scolded himself. He needs to finish the job, now.

Then an unexpected thing happened, Rogue laughed. She laughed loud, but no one was in earshot except Herbert and her. Her laughed was bewitching, electrifying, mesmerizing. Not many words can describe it and none were best. Herbert suddenly dropped the knife and threw it towards the wall. He grinned at the child and thought to himself.

"I'll let you live, girl. I will let you live long enough to see this year end. That is my promise."

When he left, the child was still awake. She crawled to the knife and looked at it. She took it into her flippers and examined it carefully. When she felt it's edge, she cuts herself. She stares at the wound, her eyes on the blood. It bled a lot and she touched it. It stung but she didn't care. It suddenly stopped flowing and it began to heal. After a few minutes, it was gone, as if she never even touched the edge. She grinned and crawled with it towards her basket, where she hid it and went back to sleep.

The End!!!

Author's Note[edit]

The thought crossed my mind fast. It would show how she first met (well technically met) Herbert, her future enemy. I practically itched to write this thing, and finally I did for goodness sakes. Well, this is all I could say. For now, do svidaniya.