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The Walrus Was Paul!
Title Paul
Gender Male
Race Walrus (species)
Faction Law abiding good Walrus.
Health Fat
Level Master of Disguise
Status He wants to be your friend.
Location Ross Island
Occupation Locksmith
Hobbies Making friends
Friends Hopefully, you
Enemies Walrus Crime Ring
Archetype Good, very good

TheWalrusWasPaul is a friendly male Walrus whose name is Paul. He was once considered a penguin (seriously) and no one knew his true identity until a fateful incident. Everyone screamed "THE WALRUS WAS PAUL", and the nickname stuck. It turns out that he was a good Walrus and tried to hide his species so that he wouldn't be discriminated.


Paul immigrated with the other Walrus villains in 2008, aged nine. He went to Ross Island while most evil Walri went to big targets like South Pole City. Unlike his Walrus Crime Ring cronies, he wanted to be a good and productive member of society. Thus, he put on a clever disguise and blended in with the penguins. He was eventually accepted as a morbidly fat penguin. It was unknown that Paul was a Walrus for years since he wore a clever disguise. However, he once tripped and ruined his disguise, revealing some of his blubber. His days as a normal penguin were over.

Paul was afraid that he would be shunned by his ex-friends, but he thought wrong. Since he was so friendly to the others, Paul was graciously accepted as a citizen of the island and was eventually bestowed citizenship by Carl Arnott himself.


Paul is currently running a computer repair and locksmith shop. Any major resident of Ross Island can tell you where he is, just ask "if The Walrus Was Paul, then where did he go?", and they'll tell you his address. He fixes computers like nobody's business.

When you're locked out (or in) or you need help opening something, then Paul's your man, um, walrus. There's nothing like penniped ivory to yank open the toughest of stuck items. Tusks come in handy sometimes!


  • Paul is a good Walrus and wants to be your friend.
  • He plays cards with Communist Poker Face when in South Pole City.
  • TheWalrusWasPaul, after all... who knew?
  • Before TheWalrusWasPaul appeared, everyone thought TheWalrusWasJoe.

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