The Adventures of Penguin Man

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The Adventures of Penguin Man
The cover of Penguin Man #1
The Adventures of Penguin Man #1-150
Author Stan PengLee & others
Country Olde Antarctica
Colonial Antarctica
Language English
Genre Action
Publisher Clock Tower Comics
Published April 1982-September 1994
Media type Comic Books

The Adventures of Penguin Man was a comic book series made by Stan PengLee and published by Clock Tower Comics (now known as SHAZAM Comics). It was Clock Tower's first popular comic series. Today, Penguin Man is often overshadowed by "cooler" superheroes and teams such as The Defenders and the League of Super Penguins.


In 1982, Stan PengLee, collaborating with Peter Matko, created Penguin Man. According to the script, Penguin Man was just an ordinary electrician, but when he got struck by lightning one night, it gave him power over electricity. Over the years, through various story lines conceived by PengLee, Penguin Man gradually got more superpowers, such as having super-strength, and the ability to jump over tall igloos in a single bound.

Many villains have been created over the years to go against Penguin Man, such as the Trickster, who usually tries to blow up Penguin Man's various headquarters. From issue #50 onwards, he conceived the idea that nobody wants to listen to him anymore, making him a sort of rebel.

Soon after issue #1 was released, Penguin Man became one of the most popular comic books around, and stayed popular until the early 1990s. Popularity for superheroes in general died down after Colonial Antarctica took over, since the Puffish weren't very fond of the concept of a rebellious comic-book penguin, and so the popularity of Penguin Man started dying, Clock Tower Comics' #1 selling comic at the time.

To revive interest in their comics, Stan PengLee gave Penguin Man a ridiculous costume, and designed merchandise and movies for a new incarnation of him called "Super Penguin", the latter two of which were extremely popular. However, the popularity for Penguin Man alone died down fairly fast, and an almost bankrupt Clock Tower Comics ceased production of Penguin Man after the special Issue #150 was released in September 1994.

The New Penguin Man[edit]

In 2012, to celebrate Penguin Man's 30th anniversary, SHAZAM Comics (Clock Tower's successor) started a new comic series simply titled "Penguin Man", due to the popularity of comic books for the past few years. They're actually one new story each, and a reprinted story. The new Penguin Man comics have sold well, but they're not nearly as popular as some of the company's main sellers such as The Defenders and The Adventures of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal.

Movie Adaptions[edit]

See Penguin Man: The Movie

The first Penguin Man movies came in the form of a trilogy by Penguin Productions in the 2000s, while comics were gaining back some popularity lost during Colonial Antarctica. Penguin Man: The Movie, Penguin Man 2: Bolts of Shadows and Penguin Man 3: Last Try were released to positive reviews in the USA, and even served as some chick's first exposure to comic book materials. However, almost everyone agrees that Penguin Man 2 and 3 weren't as good as the first one. SHAZAM is also currently planning to make a new Penguin Man movie to fit into the SHAZAM Cinematic Universe, and will follow the plot of the 2012 comics.