The Adventures of Piper and Leonardo

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The Adventures of Piper and Leonardo
Start 3/18/11
End The Bombing of Buckingham Tower
Prerequisites EPF Agents Dave and Clovis, Travelling All of Antarctica
Location Castilla, Beru, Club Penguin, Antarctica, Snowzerland
EPF Agents Dave and Clovis Snoss-Castillan War, Kidnapped

The Adventures of Piper and Leonardo, also shortened as TAPL, are the many adventures Piper J. Cub, Leonardo di Tremezzo, and Fudd Lapooh have after the EPF Agents Dave and Clovis mission. In it, Piper and Leonardo team up and go on many adventures around Antarctica. The story also focuses in on Jock Hochstadt for a couple chapters as well.


It was a nice day at the Teatro de Rojas (The Red Theater) in Toledo, Castilla when this story began. Leonardo di Tremezzo had become the director of a play that was to be produced in a couple weeks, and was currently overseeing the actors' rehersals. The play was based off of the Snoss play that had gained popularity in Club Penguin...Fairy Fables. The actors for the characters Twee and Redhood got up onto the stage.

Leonardo:"...y empieza!" (...and begin!)

Although the actors were Spanish speakers, they were to do the play in English.

Twee:"Once upon a time a prince was dressed all in RED..."

Redhood:"Red?! Are you sure? It's not really my color."

Twee: "Don't interrupt! I said he was all dressed in BREAD!!"

Leonardo:"CUT! No no no! That was not in there! It's RED not BREAD!"

Twee:"Lo siento, señor." (I'm sorry sir.)

Leonardo:"'Ahora, empiezan!" (Now, Begin!)

Twee:"Once upon a time..."

Suddenly, her lines were interrupted when all of a sudden, the back entrance doors of the theater bashed open with Piper J. Cub riding Clovis's motor scooter onto the stage.

Piper:"I...have arrived!"

Leonardo:"Piper, we were in the middle of a rehearsal. Is this important?"

Then, Clovis entered the room.

Clovis:"Hey, don't steal my motor scooter! I'll be taking that back, thank you very much."

Clovis hopped on his motor scooter and drove out of the theater.

Piper:"Sorry. I just thought we should have an adventure."

Leonardo:"An adventure? Sounds fun!"

Piper:"Yes. This time, we'll do it ourselves. Without any of the Hochstadts."

Leonardo:"Well, you're my cousin. We should bring Fudd along as well for the fun of it."


Leonardo:"Toman cinco, hombres." (Take five, guys.)

The actors then walked off the stage and into their dressing rooms to get changed back into their regular street clothes.

Piper:"Well, are you in?"

Leonardo:"¡Claro que sí! ¿Por qué no?" (Of course! Why not?)

By now, Piper had learned some Spanish to get around with the help of the Spanish tutor that King Carlos had provided for him and Jock Hochstadt.

Leonardo:"But, one question is, what are we going to do?"

Piper:"I know. We can go to Fisch's place and find an adventure that we can still do."

Leonardo:"Alright then. Meet me at my house tomorrow. We'll leave for CP Isle after breakfast."


That next day, Piper went over to Leonardo's house and had a hearty breakfast of waffles served with strawberries and O-Berries topped with lots of whipped cream.

Leonardo:"Did you have a good meal?"

Piper:"Of course. You are the best puffle cook I know."

Leonardo:"Thanks. You're also all packed up, right?"

Piper:"Yup. It's all here. Let's get this show on the road!"

Leonardos Fiat.png

Leonardo and Piper went to Leonardo's tiny garage, where Leonardo kept his puffle sized Puffiat 500, a popular car in the Ninja Archipelago. The Puffiat was very small and was only built to fit two puffles. Leonardo turned on the engine. The tiny garage door opened, and Leonardo's Puffiat sped out into the narrow streets of Toledo. They drove to Toledo's local train station.

Piper:"So we're going to the capital city, Metido, right?"

Leonardo:"Of course. That's where the nearest international airport is."

Piper and Leonardo bought their tickets and boarded the train that was bound for Metido. The train was a high speed AVE train that would be able to take Piper and Leonardo to Metido in fast time.

Along the way to Metido, the two puffles looked outside the windows of the train to see the beautiful countryside of Castilla. There was lots of brown colored farmland full of wheat, several villages with little telenacles in each one, and a couple or rolling hills and some mountains that were far away. When they arrived in Metido, they took the bus to the airport and took a flight to Club Penguin City, where they would eventually reach Club Penguin Isle itself.

Chapter 1:Adventures from Fisch[edit]

Leonardo and Piper soon walked into the Ski Village in Club Penguin. Fisch's igloo wasn't too far away.

Leonardo:"Why do we need to see Fisch?"

Piper:"You'll see."

Suddenly, a crowd of penguins formed around a brown puffle. He had just invented a robot and was showing it off. His owner was beaming with pride. However, Leonardo's eyes dialated at the sight of the "treacherous metal monster". He pulled out Piper's rocket launcher that he had "borrowed" some time back. Leonardo then aimed and fired at the robot, blowing it to shreds.

Piper:"WHAT THE?? Leonardo! What are you doing!"


Piper:"And that's MY rocket launcher, fool! It's not nice to steal. Especially when you steal my weapons."

Piper took the rocket launcher and put it away. Everyone who had seen the incident was giving Leonardo some dirty looks. The brown puffle who made the robot himself was now in tears. Ever since his encounter with XTUX, Leonardo hates robots and wishes to destroy them.

Brown Puffle Owner:"You monster! How can you be so cruel to destroy my pet's creation! I thought yellow puffles liked creativity!"

Leonardo:"We do, but I personally hate robots. Absolutely horrible creatures they are."

Brown Puffle Owner:"That gives you no right to destroy my pet's work of art! Get lost, little vermin!"

The owner of the crying brown puffle threw a snowball at Leonardo. Other penguins in the crowd began preparing snowballs as well.

Piper:"Bah, forget this! Come on Leonardo! We don't have all day!"

Piper dragged Leonardo across the ski village all the way to Fisch's igloo. Since Leonardo had lived here for a short period of time, Fisch's door had a little puffle door on it. The two of them entered to find that Fisch wasn't home.

Leonardo:"Piper, he's not here. I think...."


Leonardo:"But it isn't right to barge into someone's house without them knowing!"

Piper:"It isn't right to senselessly blow up stuff that isn't yours either, Leonardo."

Leonardo:"Hmmph. What are we going to do anyways?"

Piper:"Find our quest, of course."

Suddenly, a familiar Robot came out of the shadows of the dark igloo of Fisch.


Leonardo:"Oh my gosh; it's a Robot!"

Piper knew that the harmless Robonox that was made by Fisch himself was too important for Leonardo to destroy, so Piper held Leonardo back.

Leonardo:"AAH! Let go of me Piper! I must destroy this robot!"

Piper:"NO! You can't! Don't you remember? It's Robonox, the creation of Fisch! We're friends!"

Robonox then scanned the two puffles and finally realized who they were.

Robonox:"Welcome Piper and Leonardo. Long time no see."

Leonardo:"Bah! Robots! Let me go, Piper!"

Robonox:"Leonardo. Do you remember me? It is I, Robonox."

Robonox stretched out his robotic hand and patted Leonardo on his head. Leonardo then began to calm down as he began to remember his long forgotten friend.

Leonardo:"Robonox! Good to see you!"

Robonox:"Good to see you too, Leonardo and Piper. What are you doing here?"

Piper:"Don't tell your master, but we're coming here to look for one of Fisch's list of unaccomplished quests that we should do."

Robonox:"Roger, Roger. Here, let me get you the files right now..."

Robonox went over to one of the file drawers and took out the "Quests To Do" file.

Piper:"Perfect, thank you Robonox."

Robonox:"At your service."

Piper opened the file to reveal the first of Fisch's unaccomplished quests...the quest for the Platinum Puffle in the rainforest covered Castillan Colony of Beru.

Piper:"The Platinum Puffle? I've heard of the legendary Golden Puffle that was guarded by a Pharaoh, but not a Platinum Puffle."

Leonardo:"I've heard of it. The Platinum Puffle was one of the treasures of the Inkan Emperors. Legend has it that at last minute, it was hidden by the Castillan conquistadors so that they couldn't steal it."

Piper:"Hey look! There's a map!"

Leonardo:"Yes....and it leads to the ancient Inkan city of Machú Pichú!"

Piper:"Hey, there's a note attached!"

The note was written by Fisch himself:

Within the ruins of Machu Pichu is a secret entrance to the labyrinth that hides the Platinum Puffle. The entrance to the labyrinth is said to be a mile away from the ruins, but somewhere in the ruins should give us a clue to where the entrance can be.

Leonardo:"That sounds perfect as a challenge. Fisch and I already found the Jade Puffle. We can ceartainly find the Platinum Puffle!"

Piper:"Sure. We can do this. Let's remember to bring Fudd along as well."

Robonox:"Good luck, boys."

Piper and Leonardo:"Thank you!"

Piper and Leonardo soon walked out of the igloo, now ready to start their first mission. Little did they know of the Snoss spy that had been stalking them the whole time behind Fisch's bed. The spy was intending to spy on Fisch himself, but decided to change his mission plan by telling the Kaiser about this Platinum Puffle quest.

Meanwhile, when Swiss Ninja got word of this mission that was to be done by Piper, Leonardo, and Fudd, he immediately summoned Austin to come with him on his journey to get the Platinum Puffle before the "Hochstadt" Puffles did.

Chapter 2:Beruvian Treasures[edit]

Piper and Leonardo got Fudd to join very soon...who also brought along Mabel for some extra company. Obviously, she didn't want to go because she was forced and because she didn't like the fact about going to a third world Colony.... She kept complaining about everything: from the plane, to the airport, and even the city streets of the Beru's capital, Loma.

Mabel:"We need to take that filty piece of garbage to reach Machu Pikachu whatever the name is?"

Leonardo:"The place is called Machu Pichu. Don't be such a slob, the bus is fine."

Fudd:"It's going to take a while to get there...why can't we fly?"

Piper:"This is a third world colony, remember?"

Mabel:"I wish I never came with you doofuses!"

Fudd:"You didn't have a choice. I dragged you over here."

The puffles boarded the bus. Leonardo and Piper sat in the front seat with Fudd and Mabel behind them. Several other weary tourists entered the bus as well. Then, a short penguin wearing hiking clothing sat down beside them. He had messy black hair and a moustache.

Piper:"¿Habla Ingles?" (Do you speak English?)

Santana:"Sí. My name is Santana Rodriguez."

Piper:"Nice to meet you. My name is Piper J. Cub, and this is my cousin, Leonardo di Tremezzo. Our friend Fudd Lapooh is in the back...and he brought our maidservant Mabel along with him."


Fudd placed a piece of duct tape on her mouth.

Santana:"So are you guys going to visit Machu Pichu?"

Piper:"Yes. We are. We're going to try to find the Platinum Puffle."

Santana:"What a coincedence! Me too! Say, how about we join together as a team?"

Leonardo:"I don't seem why not."

Piper:"Do you have any special abilities?"

Santana:"Yes. I learned the ancient Inkan Language at the Universidad de Loma..."

Piper:"Of course! I forgot that we needed a translator. Sure, we can work together."

A couple hours later, the bus arrived at Machu Pichu.

Machu Pichu.png

The group soon exited the bus to see the scenic Machu Pichu high above them.

Piper:"Well, lets get up there and find the clue to where that door to the secret labyrinth is."

The group climed up the mountain to the scenic ruins of Machu Pichu.

Santana:"So how are we going to find the clues to the Platinum Puffle?"

Piper:"Hmm. Leonardo, is there anything in the notes that Fisch wrote that can lead us to some clues?"

Leonardo:"Well...hey, it says here that before it was hidden, the Platium Puffle was hidden in the 'Temple of the Sun'...the home of the Inkan Emperor."

Santana:"Of course! Yes, I know where it is...follow me!"

Santana led them through the city's ruins to the ruins of the Temple of the Sun.

Santana:"Here it is."

Piper:"Hmm. Perhaps something is written on the wall?"

Leonardo:"...Or on the floor?"

Everyone began to work; trying to find for clues. After an hour of searching everywhere they could, they couldn't find anything.

Mabel:"Oh great, this trip was a waste of time!"

Leonardo:"Nonsense! At least the ruins are beautiful! Look at the surrounding scenery!"

Leonardo then looked at a little hole in the stone wall of the ruined temple.

Leonardo:"Hmm. A stone is missing from the temple wall..."

Leonardo peered through the little hole, which was low enough for a puffle to look though. Leonardo could see the nearby hill on the side...and then he spotted what looked like another ruin straight ahead on the side of the moutain, but it was heavily covered with foliage.

Leonardo:"Hey, I see something! Piper, come look through this little hole! I think I see the entryway! It's really hard to see because of the foliage!"

Piper peered into the hole in the stone wall to see the very same thing.

Piper:"You're right...Let's investigate..."

Soon enough, the puffles and Santana hiked to the other hill to see the door to the secret labyrinth.

Fudd:"Eureka! We found it!"

Leonardo:"I should write this down on the map."

Piper:"Well, it's getting dark. We will have to go in there tomorrow. For now, let's head back to camp."

The Puffles and Santana soon hiked back to the tourist camp where they had a traditional Beruvian dinner and went to sleep soundly.

That next morning after having breakfast, the puffles once again hiked to the Secret Labyrinth door.

Santana:"Hmm. I don't think all of us should go in there. It wouldn't be safe."

Piper:"Alright then. I guess three of us can, me, and one more....who's it going to be?"

Leonardo and Fudd looked each other and shoved Mabel in front of them.

Fudd:"Mabel really wants to come with you!"


Piper:"Ok....then you two keep watch, ok?"


Santana placed Mabel on his shoulder, and walked behind Piper as the three of them entered the Secret Door to the Labyrinth.

The three of them were walking down a dimly lit hallway of stone. Amazingly, the tortches were still barely emitting any flames after all these years.

Piper:"So, where do you think the Platinum Puffle is...?"

Mabel:"I hate this place..."

Suddenly, a giant sword randomly swang across the hall, nearly hitting Piper.

Piper:"AAH! It still has functional booby traps too! Don't touch anything!"

Suddenly, a whole bunch of sharp razors poppedo out of nowhere and started spinning around rapidly.

Piper:"Come on! Let's hurry!"

Piper, Santana, and Mabel (who was on Santana's shoulder) were luckily able to dodge the flying swords, spinning razors, flying spears, stones, and arrows from hitting them. They then arrived at the final resting place of the Platinum Puffle, which was resting on a sensitive pedestal. The torches around the puffle were glowing very brightly as if they were recently lit, which made the Platinum Puffle shine beautifully in the dim light.

Piper walked up to the pedestal of the Platium Puffle. He knew he couldn't just take the Platinum Puffle off the pedestal without having a booby trap occur.

Santana:"Sir, perhaps you should use an object that weighs just as heavy as the Platinum Puffle."

Piper:"Good Idea! Mabel, come here!"

Mabel came to Piper, and with quick reflexes, Piper switched the Platinum Puffle with Mabel...which weighed about the same.

Piper:"Thanks Mabel. Now, stay there and don't move, ok?"


Piper:"You get off that pedestal and you'll be killed by the trap."

Mabel gulped.


Unfortunately, because of her Glasses, it gave her a little extra weight. Apparently, the pedestal was sensitive to even the slightest of a more heavier object..and the pedestal sank and the labyrinth began to rumble.


Run from boulder!!!.png

Piper and Leonardo started running down the labyrinth leaving Mabel panting behind. Santana had a head start. Suddenly, a giant boulder came and started rolling towards them. Mabel was extremely close to it and was running as fast as she could. Meanwhile, the walls and celing of the labyrinth tunnels began to crumble. Luckily, Piper, Leonardo, and Santana made it out just in time and jumped out of the way into a bush before the boulder could run them over. Unfortunately, Mabel made it out of the labyrinth, only to be flattened like a piece of purple dough by the boulder. Unfortunatly, she survived and did not suffer major injuries.


For a minute, Piper was stunned for a moment about all that action that had just happened and tried to capture his breath. Then, he saw Santana dash away from him. He looked up to see him high fiving another blue penguin wearing explorer clothing. Leonardo and Fudd were tied up and were being held by regular Snoss Soldiers. Piper observed the blue penguin a little bit longer to realize that he was also wearing a Ninja was Swiss Ninja. Swiss Ninja pulled out his gun and pointed it at him.

Swiss Ninja:"Hand over that Platinum Puffle, Piper!"

By now, Piper had already put the Platinum Puffle.

Piper:"What platinum puffle? Oh, I don't have it...I dropped it.."

Swiss Ninja:"Santana...err....I mean this so?"

Vincent:"No, he's lying!"

Piper:"HUH? Vincent??? You were Santana the whole time?"

Vincent tore off the scraggy wig and the dirty excavator clothes to reveal his lavish Ligurian street clothes.

Piper: :O

Swiss:"I'm waiting! Hand it over, fool!"

Piper:"Nah. I don't want to."

Piper then pulled out a rubber duck.

Piper:"Hey, this is WAY better than a stupid platinum puffle!"

Swiss Ninja grabbed the rubber duck and began squishing it so that it made a squeaky noise.

Swiss Ninja:"Hehe! I like this!"

Vincent made a sour face and slapped the rubber duck out of the distracted Kaiser's flippers.

Vincent:"Bah! Don't be fooled! We came for zee real deal, puffle!"

Piper:" is even better than a rubber duck and a platinum puffle combined....COUPONS TO MCDOODLES!"

This time, Swiss Ninja and Vincent just laughed....very loudly. Once again, Swiss Ninja gave him a gesture with his flipper to hand over the Platinum Puffle.

Piper:"No way, Jose."


The Soldiers who where not holding the imprisoned Leonardo and Fudd took out their rifles and aimed it at Piper.

Piper muttered:"Fine....Here you go..."

Piper slowly took out the platinum puffle and handed it to Swiss Ninja.


Vincent:"About time, sir."

Swiss:"Alright then. Guards, take Piper and despicable Mabel with us and put duct tape on them as well. We're leaving tomorrow morning."

That night, Swiss Ninja and Vincent went into their tents to rest while the Puffles were tied up to a wooden pole. Several lazy soldiers who were suppoed to guard them were nearby near the campfire. By now, they had the duct tape removed from their mouths.

Piper:"Hey, Soldiers! Aren't we going to eat? It's already 8:00 and we're still hungry!"

Soldier:"Pipe up, Piper the prisoner!"

Leonardo:"That was a stupid pun. I could do better."

Soldier:"Keep your mouth shut too, yellow, or I'm going to hit you with my bayonet! You too Mabel! You're constant complaining is getting on my nerve most of all!"

Leonardo and Mabel closed their mouths and everyone kept silent for a while.

Meanwhile, Austin8310 and Johnathan Wolfhunter came to join Swiss Ninja and Vincent at the tourist camp in Beru. They were all sitting down drinking coffee and tea.

Austin:"So, you cought those Puffle scumbags!"

Swiss:"Yes, I did."

Vincent:"Ahem, we did."


Johnathan Wolfhunter:"So your majesty, shall you tell Vincent about Austin's and my decision?"

Swiss:"Yes, of course."

Vincent:"What is it?"

Vincent was hoping that he would get a raise....even though SN pays him and his other Bounty Hunters large sums of money anyways.

Swiss Ninja:"Vincent....I've decided...."


Swiss Ninja:"I meant that we've decided... to let you go."

Vincent:"What? Are you saying...that I'm fired???"

Swiss:"Yes. You're fired."


Swiss:"Of course, of course."

Swiss Ninja then pulled out a large bag full of coin money. However, he turned and gave it to Austin and Johnathan instead.

Swiss:"Good Job, boys! You're work is really appreciated."

Vincent:"GAH! $&%^&$$%^#!!!! #$^@#$ you Swiss Ninja, Austin, and Johnathan Foolhunter!"

Vincent spat on the floor and left in a hurry. It was a bad move for Swiss Ninja to rip off a Ligurian.....especially a Ligurian from the Double Sicilia region who was affiliated with the UPM.

Chapter 3:The Rise and Fall of Vincent Terrasini[edit]

After leaving Swiss Ninja's tent, he packed up his things and decided to leave immediately. Then, he spotted the puffles still trapped and being guarded by the lazy soldiers. Vincent then hatched up a plan...for revenge against his former egositical boss who epically ripped him off. Vincent walked over to the soldiers.

Vincent:"Men, it was by the Kaiser's decree that I will watch the prisoners myself tonight. You all can go back to your tents and rest for tonight."

Soldiers:"Yes, sir!"

The soldiers were not informed about Vincent being fired, so they did what they were told.

Piper:"Well well well. Isn't it Vincent Terrasini, the one who led us into this trap! I can take you down easily without these soldiers."

Vincent:"SHHH! Look, I'm sorry. Stupid Ninja fired me and I want revenge...are you with me?"

Piper:"I don't trust you."

Vincent rolled out his eyes and took out his knife.

Piper sarcastically said:"Oh! This is so scary! You have a knife!"

Vincent walked over to the tied up puffles, and he cut off the ropes that bound them to the wooden pole.

Vincent:"There. You're free. Now do you believe me?"

Piper:"I'm very suspicious still."

Vincent facepalmed.

Vincent:"Follow me."

At first, the puffles were timid and did not move. Vincent had already started walking, but he then turned around and gestured them to follow him. Piper took out his gun and loaded it.

Piper:"Fine. Let's go, guys. Keep quiet, Mabel, we don't want SN to know that we're escaping...if he doesn't know already..."

Piper and the other puffles then caught up to Vincent and boarded the late bus that would take them back to the capital city of Loma.

Vincent:"Hop on, guys! This is the last bus of the day! If we miss this one we'll have to wait until morning!"

Piper, Leonardo, Fudd, and Mabel wasted no time and jumped into the bus quickly, and it departed safely without SN or Austin noticing them being gone. It would be early morning by the time the bus would arrive in Loma.

While in the bus...

Piper:"So, Vincent, did you manage to get the platinum puffle back too?"

Vincent:"OH DANG IT...."

Vincent facepalmed again. However, the platinum puffle was with Swiss Ninja the whole time, and not in his tent like Vincent had thought.

Meanwhile, everyone on the bus decided to get some shuteye and slept through the rest of the trip.

It was early in the morning when they arrived in Loma, right on time.

Piper:"Alright then...lets head back to Castilla again..."

Vincent:"No...actually, I was thinking that we should get revenge on the Snoss."

Piper:"Ok. I do see why... How do you propose we do that?"

Vincent:"Wait for them to show up here and attack them by surprise?"

Piper:"That seems reasonable..."

Leonardo:"We should get the Castillan Army involved. Seriously, King Carlos will explode when he finds that the Snoss illegaly snuck into Castillan territory!"

Vincent:"Perfect idea!"

The puffles and Vincent then hurried to the Viceroy's Palace, which was nearby. Leonardo and Vincent were able to warn the Viceroy about the Snoss who were in Beru. The Viceroy did not like this one bit, so he sent a troop of 50 Soldiers to accompany Vincent and the puffles on their assault on Swiss Ninja and his men.

Several hours later, the Castillan Soldiers, Vincent, and the puffles hid inside the houses of the citizens who lived near the bus stop. Several soldiers were hiding on the second story pointing their guns out, while others hid behind alleyways, inside trashcans, and other buildings.

Finally, the Bus full of the Snoss finally had arrived at the Bus stop in Loma. The doors opened, and Swiss Ninja began to get out...


Suddenly, the Castillan Soldiers poked their guns out of the windows and started firing at the Kaiser. Austin acted quickly by pulling him away before they could fire, and everyone in the bus ducked as the glass windows shattered.

Austin:"Come on men, defend the Kaiser the best you can! Johnathan, call in for backup!"

Johnathan:"Roger, Roger!"

The Snoss Soldiers and Austin then pulled out their guns and began shooting as well. Meanwhile, the Beruvian citizens got really freaked out and began panicking. Some of them began taking pictures of the skirmish while the Police came to keep the citizens away. Swiss Ninja then took out his gun and stood up in the bus doorway again and started shooting.

This was Vincent's chance. Vincent pulled out his knicicle. He then got out of his hiding place and was in full view of Swiss Ninja. For a moment, Swiss Ninja was shocked to see Vincent betray him, but then Vincent threw his knicicle at him.....and it stabbed him near his stomach. He was only inches away from death. Everyone then stopped firing and looked at the stabbed Swiss Ninja, who was still standing up in shock. Vincent walked up to him.

Vincent:"That is what you get for ripping off a Ligurian from Double Sicilia! Ha ha!"

Swiss Ninja:"You brute...I know you released the prisoners...."

Vincent:"Yeah. I did. You fail."

Vincent shoved Swiss Ninja, who fell down with ease. Vincent then laughed loudly. No one dared to do anything since Austin still had mixed feelings about shooting on his former bounty hunter colleague. However, Swiss Ninja faked everything. While Vincent was laughing, Swiss Ninja pulled out the Knicicle out of himself, and he then stabbed Vincent right in the heart.

Vincent immediately dropped dead. Everyone gasped.

Piper:"FIRE AT WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Suddenly, everyone went back to firing at each other again, this time more aggressively...especially Piper, who was now upset about losing a good ally that was a good fighter. By now, the bus was very battered up and it seemed like the Snoss were about to surrender...until two LATTUs of RDA Troopers came to aid the regular Snoss Soldiers. That bought Austin, Swiss Ninja, Johnathan Wolfhunter, and the Snoss Soldiers time to escape into the LATTUs. Eventually, the RDA Troopers retreated into the LATTU's as well and they took off.

Piper was the first to reach the body of the dead Vincent.



Piper:"Darn. I know this death will not make the Ligurians and the Double Sicilians very happy."

Leonardo:"Perhaps Vincent did this on get his people on our side!"

Piper:"Hmm. That's possible."

Eventually, the body of Vincent was taken away by the local Beruvian Telenacle Priests and was placed into a casket that was set to return to his homeland.

After the event, Mabel returned home to Club Penguin, claiming the mission a complete failure. Meanwhile, Piper, Leonardo, and Fudd went to Double Sicilia to attend Vincent's Funeral. Sicilia's ruler and Vincent's old boss,Bugzy, was there as well.

Bugzy:"Ya know, I nevah knew he'd side with ya."

Piper:"Well, he did for the last minute. Swiss Ninja ripped him off big time, and then killed him. After all that Vincent had done for him, he still killed him mercilessly."

Bugzy:"I don't like that. Swissy's gonna wish he'd never done that. Vincent was one of us."

Piper:"Yeah. No hard feelings about the past, Bugzy, like We've had before like in Las Puffles and Bugzymo."

Bugzy:"Yeah. Good times. Anyways, here's my card if ya need me."


Afterwards, the Ligurian Minister of Foreign Affairs appeared.

Minister of Foreign Affairs:"Hello Piper and Leonardo, friends of Vincent. The Ligurian Government does not tolerate our citizens to be slautered like what Swiss Ninja did to Vincent. We will deal with the Snoss to make up for this loss."

Leonardo:"Thank you, sir. That's very kind."

Piper:"Hopefully they'll listen."

Chapter 4:The Castillan-Dorkugese Summit[edit]

Piper and Leonardo soon returned to Toledo and resumed their regular lives. They were in the library in what used to be the city's former Alcazar when General Hermosa came to talk to Piper and Leonardo. Leonardo was reading many books on ancient maps, trying to look for new adventures to accomplish, while Piper was in his chair, sleeping because of boredum.

General Hermosa quietly said:"Buenas tardes, Leonardo y Piper." (Good afternoon, Leonardo and Piper.)

Leonardo did not expect to see the General come visit him, and was hoping that he'd have an adventure for them to accomplish.

Leonardo shouted:"¡HOLA GENERAL HERMOSA!" (Hello General Hermosa!)


Leonardo:"Lo siento..." (Sorry...)

Piper immediately woke up and greeted the general.

Piper:"Hello General. How are you today?"

General Hermosa:"I'm good, thanks. The King wishes to ask you a favor."

Leonardo:"What is his majesty King Carlos's bidding?"

General Hermosa:"Unfortunately, Castilla is going to have to hold a summit meeting with Dorkugal, our major rival for many centuries! More so than Snowzerland!"

Piper:"Well, cold tensions between Castilla and Snowzerland are tense, but we haven't really competed nor had a war with them..."

Leonardo:"True. Go on, General."

General Hermosa:"Usually I'd ask Clovis and Jock to come, but they're busy apparently, so I guess the best would be to have you and Piper come since you're an EPF Puffle and Piper is a member of the Royal Court. As much as this seems as an honor for a member of the EPF to attend, you are basically the Head EPF Puffle of Castilla, believe it or not."

Piper:"I also think you could be there to keep the peace too, so that the summit doesn't get too violent."

General Hermosa:"Yes, that is also true. Stuff like that has happened in the past..."

Leonardo:"General Hermosa, can we also bring Fudd as well to ease the tensions?"

General Hermosa:"Of course! That's a good idea!"

The next day, Piper and Leonardo arrived at King Carlos's palace in Metido. The Dorkugese CEO, Stevie Falcon I, would be coming very soon. Leonardo and Piper bowed to his royal highness when he was sitting on his throne.

Leonardo and Piper:"Good Morning, your majesty."

King Carlos:"Good Morning Leonardo and Piper. This will not be a pleasant day, as usual. The Dorkugese CEO is coming here today for a summit. I really wish we didn't have them, but the USA insists it so that we can remain peaceful together. Over the past years, we've seemed to take all our violence on them here on the meetings. We usually win."

Piper:"That's no surprise..."

Then, three nerds, dressed in various, upscale robes, played a tape of the Dorkugese royal anthem. A small delay followed, and CEO Tim Stevens, the frail, elderly, stuttering, techno-illiterate penguin selected by their Imperial Supercomputer in 2012, limped into the room, his old body shaking due to age. He had a walker made of steel with gold tips (Tim had stubbornly refused to use a powerchair or any technology Dorkugal could have given him), which scratched the floor of Carlos' palace. Tim noticed the King cringing, and made sure to scrape it all the harder.

Naturally, the Dorkugese were going to try and out-do the Castillians, so they, as always, wanted their CEO to show up in full regalia. Dorkugal never did consider, though, if a penguin as old as Tim could bare the weight of computer-based regalia on his back. Either way, though, the nationalistic Tim demanded he wear the items.

Carlos couldn't help but chuckle. Over CEO Stevens' back was the Dorkugese cope garment, which was like a fabric cope cloak, except that it was made entirely out of floppy disks taped together and suspended around the neck by a purple Ethernet cable. He was also, in his left flipper, holding the black Dorkugese scepter- forged of pure silicon with a small alloy to keep it from breaking -which he had to carry while holding onto the walker. His head wobbled a bit, probably because the heavy crown he bore was almost too much for him to balence. (The Dorkugese CEO always wore the crown, except at their coronation.)

Tim was hunched over heavilly, like any very old penguin. Being a nerd didn't help that posture, either. Between the weight of the regalia and his age in general, Tim gave an air of frailty and weakness which didn't help wipe that smirk off of Carlos' face.

King Carlos got out of his throne to meet the Dorkugese CEO, with two soldiers by his side. He went to Tim and grasped his right flipper in an attempt to be a handshake. Tim looked up at Carlos and glared through his thick, heavy, solid gold glasses.

CEO Stephens: "H-hello C-C-Carlos. We... it seems w-we meet... a-a-.... again."

The Castillian monarch rolled his eyes at his counterpart and answered in his loud voice.

King Carlos:"So we do."

There was an awkward pause. Both leaders were waiting for the other to start an arguement of some sort It was King Carlos who began the conversation with a rather smart-alec remark.

King Carlos: "'s your snotty over the top technology of yours?"

CEO Stephens: "D-d-doin' gr-gr... great, in f-fact."

King Carlos scouled at the old penguin's sarcastic remark that defended his witty remark.

King Carlos: "So, still using Feudalism, you old-fashioned peasants?"

CEO Stephens: "S-says th-the bird w-with a c-country that b-b-b-barely... uses D-dial-up!! F-fuedalism en...ensures the sm-smallest government p-possible, and... lets the m-market run its c-c-course! Heh, but if, if you w-want to talk, o-old f-f-fashioned... the soldiers! What's w-w-w-with the uni-unif-forms? Is this the 1400s?"

King Carlos: "At least they are well trained and organized, unlike YOUR excuse for a police force, which would only pass to be Mall Cops!"

CEO Stephens: "We... we don't n-need poe-lease, w-we d-defend ourselves w-with sec.... s-security! ...and i-it, it is YOU who have old fashioned cities and towns! Your roads still are made of Cobblestone! ...-and t-they ain't c-covered!"

King Carlos:"We are proud of our past, and cobblstone is only found in the old parts of the city! Regular asphalt roads are everywhere these days! Especially on our freeways and highways! ...-and who lives in a single building anyway? Don't your people go OUTSIDE and EXCERCISE?!"

Stevie:"Well, You're...."

While Stevie went of with his remark, Leonardo whispered:"Hey Piper, where's Fudd? I thought you told him about the meeting!"

Piper:"I did! I know, he could be really useful right now."



King Carlos:"We don't need that stupid technology! Our soldiers are proud to work our cannons and win a fight fair and square..."

Stevie:"Lies! You're a no good Imperialist! You fools always cheat with all those islands you've taken!"


King Carlos made a fist and was about to punch Stevie, when suddenly, Fudd ran into the room and got between them.

Fudd:"Oh, It's a summit between the great countries of Castilla and Dorkugal! How exciting!"

King Carlos and Stevie simoutaneously said:"Of course my country is the best! NO...MY COUNTRY IS!"

Fudd:"Haha. You two both said that simoutaneously."

For a moment, the King and the CEO just stared at him. No one ever dared to interrupt their conversations because of their high ranks. Fudd then walked to Leonardo and Piper.

Fudd:"Hi Leonardo! Hi Piper!"

Leonardo:"Hi Fudd."

Piper:"Hey Fudd."

Leonardo whispered to Fudd:"Quick! Find a way to distract the King and the CEO so they don't quarrel!"

Fudd:"That can be done!"

Meanwhile, the King and the CEO were awkwardly silent again since they were interrupted. Then, Fudd went in between them again.

Fudd:"So....what's up?"

King Carlos:"I'm superb, thank you very much."

Stevie:"I'm in the best shape of my life!"

Fudd:" are..."

The King chuckled.

King Carlos:"Well, lets go back to buisness, shall we..."

Piper:" *cough* *cough* Fudd do something! *cough* *cough*"

Fudd shrugged.

Fudd:"I'm out of ideas..."

Leonardo:"I know!"

Leoanrdo took out his piano keyboard and began playing a popular modern song from Frankterre.

Leonardo:"You two should sing along too. Here's the lyric sheets..."

Leoanrdo handed them the lyrics sheets and began to play the music:

The King and CEO stopped fighting again as the three puffles began to sing in French. The song seemed very gallant and noble, and it did appeal very much to the knights who were there. The song also had rapping in there, but because it was in French, it was also rather interesting and poetic to hear. Eventually, when they were done, only King Carlos and his soldiers clapped. The rapping and more modern twist to the song did not seem to impress the CEO, but at least he was an attentive listener.

King Carlos:"Look, I know that you don't want us to fight....That's why you did this. I will try my best now to make sure that no violence occurs. The King's promise."

CEO Stevie Falcon:"Alright. I will do the same."

King Carlos:"You're excused, Leonardo, Piper, and Fudd. We'll talk peacefully for now."

Leonardo, Piper, and Fudd left the room but they stayed in the guest room of the palace to await the King's conclusion on the summit meeting.

Several hours later, the CEO Stevie Falcon and his Dorkugese comrades left the palace, and King Carlos went to see Leonardo, Fudd, and Piper to tell them about what had happened after they had left.

King Carlos:"So....we did argue, but I didn't fight him like I usually would. For the most part, it was more peaceful."

Leonardo:"That's good."

King Carlos:"However, one of the biggest things that we discussed was about our military. I do think it's time we step up our Air Force a little bit."

Piper:"Ooh. What do you propose we do?"

King Carlos:"This is where you come in, Piper and Leonardo. I want you two to invent a brand new, high tech warplane design that we can implement into our air force."

Piper:"Sounds awesome!"

King Carlos:"Indeed. Our new warplane should be something that the other countries would want. We could sell it to the USA or maybe Batavia or something and get rich off of them!"

Piper:"This sounds like a great plan. I'm sure Leonardo can think up of a design with all his artistic most yellow puffles."

Leonardo:"Oh yes! This will be interesting, but how much will this cost us?"

King Carlos:"Not a single coin, my friend. Yet, when we sell this to other countries, they'll have to pay us millions of coins for it! Anyways, the reason why this project is free is because this is a goverment-sponsored project, and because in recent years, we have a lot of old rotting planes that aren't useful anymore. You could use those parts and other parts...say from the dump or build this plane. Stuff like paint and air freshener will be complimentary..."

Leonardo:"Oh! So we're being green now by reusing old parts and reducing metal trash in Castillan landfills?"

King Carlos:"Yes. Exactly."

Leonardo:"All I need to know are what are the requirements for what you want on the warplane and when you want us to finish building it."

King Carlos:"Ok. Well, don't rush, take your time. I'd like you two to be done soon, though. I would like the airplane to be very fast, have a lot of weaponry, and be able to carry troops. Basically, it should be a transport, fighter, and a bomber if it needs to be."

Leoanrdo:"Alright then."

King Carlos:"Then I bid you farewell, my friends. Viva Castilla!" (Long Live Castilla!)

Leonardo, Piper and Fudd:"Viva Castilla!"

Soon enough, the next day, Piper went to Leonardo to begin planning for what the plane would look like. They remembered to fill in all the guidelines the king asked for, and in a couple hours, they had a detailed sketch of the new aircraft.

Piper:"It's awesome. What should we call it?"

Leonardo:"The Lightning Lion, maybe?"

Piper:"Hmm. about....the Mega Cub?"

Leonardo:"Haha. You're getting a little cocky like Swiss Ninja, aren't you?"

Piper:"Well, I have my moments. Does that sound good?"

Leonardo:"Actually, that does sound good. Except I'd call it the Mega Cub Type 1 since it's our first model. Who knows, we might be making more in the near future."


Leonardo:"Lets go get those airplane parts!"

Because their hometown Toledo doesn't have it's own airport, they had to take the train up to the capital city of Metido to build their warplane at a military owned hangar at the city's international airport. Near the Military hangar was a bunch of old aiplane parts that were broken off the original aircraft long ago, but were still in reasonable condition.

Piper:"Well, none of these parts are reasonably large enough for our aircraft. We probably have no choice but to melt them and fuse them to make them into new parts."

Leonardo:"Hey, what about those two engines over there? They might be a little small but they seem like they could work."

Piper:"Alright. That sounds good...and look! I see another engine that we can add onto the tail. So now we have our engines..."


Piper:"And basically we can melt these old airplane parts and some of the other airplanes to make the outer shell of the aircraft and the wings."


Piper:"Now we should find some materials to make the interior, and some materials for that superweapon. It's very big, so I'd think we should make it out of some type of lightweight metal.."

Leonardo and Piper then went to the city dump to see what they could salvage. Strangely enough, there were a lot of old racing bicycles like those seen in the Tour de Frankterre races, which are really popular in Castilla. The racing bicycles themselves are luckily made out of a lightweight metal alloy.

Piper:"Yes, this is perfect. We will make that superweapon..and the other gun barrels with this. Leonardo, gather up as many lightweight racing bicycles as you can and put them in the back of the truck..."


Leonardo gathered as many bicycles as he could and the two returned to the military hangar. With the help of some Castillan Soldiers based there, they began to (secretly) construct the Mega Cub Type 1 inside the hangar. The old airplane parts were melted and made into the body and the wings, while the bicycles were melted to make the gun barrels and the superweapon.

In a couple weeks, the first Mega Cub 1 was finally painted and fully built. Now it was time to fly it. Once finished, King Carlos went to see it, and was very impressed. Then, Piper and Leoanrdo hopped into the brand-new warplane to test it, with King Carlos to watch from the ground.

As they taxied down the runway and was granted clearance by the airport tower, the Warplane took off.

Piper:"Success! Alright, now it's time to deploy the superweapon and see how that goes."

Piper flipped the switch, and the superweapon popped out of the warplane.

Mega Cub Type 1.png

Because of it's lightweightness and it's streamlined shape, the superweapon gave the warplane a little bit of drag, but not very significant. Piper didn't even dare to fire the superweapon since they were in Castilla...and also because the superweapon wasn't loaded since the warplane was just built. Piper soon retracted the superweapon into the warplane and soon landed back at the airport to recieve unanimous praise by the King and his royal court members.

King Carlos:"Piper and Leonardo, this is a seemingly perfect machine! It will surely show our enemies like the Snoss that we are not to be messed with!"

Piper and Leonardo:"Indeed."

Piper:"Actually.....speaking of the Snoss....I've got an idea...."

Chapter 5:Bad Moves[edit]

Leoanrdo and King Carlos were anxious to know what they could to to get back at the Snoss.

Piper:"I'm sick of that Austin guy who always chasing us and trying to take us down. You know, I think we should get them back for what they did to us. Look, they beat up Gottfried, and they imprisoned us! Yet we just let them do that to us! It's time to strike back!"

King Carlos:"Well, looks like the Mega Cub Type 1 is going to go on it's first mission."

Leoanrdo:"Alright. But first...can we visit my old owner Fuut Ga? I know his wife hates puffles, but I haven't seen him in a while and I think we should show him our plane."


King Carlos:"Fuut Ga is the one who lives in the remote forest in Eastshield, right?"


King Carlos:"Alright. Well, be careful. I don't want the USA to find out about this new warplane. Please hide the superweapon in it's compartment, alright?"

Piper:"Of course."

King Carlos:"That's alright. Meawhile, we will begin constructing MORE Mega Cubs..."

Piper:"Good Luck with that."

King Carlos:"You will need some soldiers when you go to Snowzerland; you can't do it alone. Anyways, go to Fuut Ga's Chateau first, taht way the Snoss won't expect a Castillan airplane coming in from the south."


King Carlos:"Good Luck, and Viva Castilla!"

The King saluted Piper and Leonardo, who saluted back and said: "Viva Castilla!" back. It is a common phrase in Castilla that has been a symbol of national pride and respect.

Then, Piper, Leonardo, and a group of Castillan Soldiers went into the Mega Cub and took off....heading for the Ninja Chateau in the Great Forest of Eastshield.

The Mega Cub flew soundly across Freezeland and into Eastshield without suspicion. Near his Chateau, there is a clearing in the forest which has been used as a runway when the Hochstadt Gang visited Fuut Ga with their private jet in the past. This time, they would do the same thing with the Mega Cub.

However, before they reached the Great Forest, they would have to come around across the Polaris area first.

Leonardo:"Should we stop by and say hello to Sancho?"

Piper:"No. We have no time for that."

Suddenly, King Carlos called in to the Warplane's radio.

King Carlos:"Hey Piper, once you reach Polaris, fly at a very low altitute, alright?"

Piper:"What for?"

King Carlos:"What do you think?"

Piper:"Aaaah. To show off the ol' warplane, eh? Don't worry, I'm capable. I love pranks anyways...especially when it comes to aircraft!"

King Carlos:"Indeed! Fly over the city and let's scare the daylights out of them!"

Piper already began to decend the warplane to a very low level and was probably no higher than the tallest building in Polaris when they arrived, and just as they had expeced, the Polarians were freaking out like crazy.

In Polaris, when Piper's warplane was approaching, loud, piercing sirens began to go off, signaling the penguins and puffles in the skyscrapers to evacuate from the buildings immediately and onto lower ground. Everyone was screaming as the Mega Cub was approaching near the city. Reporters went on top of smaller buildings to take pictures of the incoming unknown aircraft.

Many Polarian Citizens were wondering:

"What is that aweful warlike warplane doing here?"

"We're being attacked!"

"I hope the thing isn't Snoss..."

However, it was only one Mega Cub just flying towards the city, but many Polarians overreacted and many hid in their basements in fear of an invasion. Meanwhile, the USA began to deploy five fighter jets to intercept the Mega Cub.

Piper:"Dios mio...we've got some company!"

Leonardo:"We were not supposed to get caught by the USA, remember?"

Piper:"Well, what else would you expect when you fly really low near a city? They're going to panic! I think the king did this purposely."

Leonardo:"Alright, we should land then...what will we explain to them?"

Piper:"Um....who says we're going to land?"

Leonardo:"Those incoming USA fighter jets? Piper! Land the plane before we get in bigger trouble!"

Piper:"No they're not, and we're not in trouble."

Piper then deployed the aircraft's super weapon.

USA Fighter Pilot 1 (SQUADCOM):"Holy Fishcakes! What's that??"

USA Fighter Pilot 2 (SQUADCOM):"It's some strange expiramental aircraft I've never seen before. Those markings look Castillan, but that aircraft is waaaaay out of it's boundaries..."

USA Fighter Pilot 1 (SQUADCOM):"Not that! That thing that's coming out of the aircraft....It looks almost like a....GIANT CANNON?!?!?!?"

Piper:"Eat bullets!"

Piper then fired the super cannon at the four USA fighter jets coming towards him.



USA Fighter Pilot 4 (SQUADCOM):"I'M HIT!!!!! I'M GOING DOWN!!"

Fighter Pilot 4's aircraft was destroyed but Pilot 4 was able to escape, Fighter Pilot 3's aircraft was slightly damaged, and the others did not get hit.


The USA Fighter Pilots then started firing at Piper and Leoanrdo.


Piper ignored him and did his best to evade the Fighter Jets' attacks. The Superweapon was slightly damaged and some parts of the Mega Cub were hit.

Leonardo:"Piper, we need to land the plane! It's damaged! This little rather stupid prank (No offense to his royal highness) is going to ruin Castilla/USA relations if you continue to knock down those USA fighter jets!"

Piper:"No. The King told us not to have this plane exposed! Who knows what could happen if we do expose this plane!"

Leonardo:"Alright....hmm...well...maybe you can try talking to the USA fighter pilots over the SQUADCOM."

Piper:"Good idea. Hmm...Perhaps I'll pretend taht I'm Snoss. They'll totally buy it since Snowzerland is more likely to attack Polaris than harmless by comparison Castilla."

Piper (SQUADCOM):"Roger, USA Soldiers! Leave us alone!"

USA Fighter Pilot 1 (SQUADCOM):"Excuse me, WHAT? Now you talk?? LAND YOUR AIRCRAFT IMMEDIATELY!"

Piper (SQUADCOM):"NO! Vee Snoss have bisness to do! Vee need to go somewhere!"

USA Fighter Pilot 1 (SQUADCOM):"I don't care! Land immediately!"

Piper (SQUADCOM):"Vee didn't do anything to yoor USA citie! Let uz co on our vay!"


Piper (SQUADCOM):"I vould haf nevah had done zat if yoo guyz did not surround uz!"

USA Fighter Pilot 1 (SQUADCOM):"No, by the orders of the United States of Antarctica, land your aircraft, or be destroyed!"

Piper (SQUADCOM):"Nah, I'd rather continue flying."

The USA Fighter Pilot didn't have anything to say to that.

USA Fighter Pilot 1:"FIRE AT WILL!"

Leonardo:"¡Dios mio! Piper, what are you doing?"

Piper:"I am going to risk it and see if we can make it to Ciudad Vieja before they blow us up."

Leonardo:"OK, you're really pushing your luck on this one."

Piper:"You know I always do..."

Again, the USA Fighter Pilots began firing at the Mega Cub while it turned, heading for Ciudad Vieja.

Leonardo:"You better call for backup now before they do blow us to shreads, which is likely."

Piper:"Alright. I'll explain to the King that this was a bad idea as well while I'm at it."

Piper put the aircraft into full throttle and was heading towards Ciudad Vieja as he contacted the Castillan Air Force stationed there. They were on their way.


The aircraft's engine on it's tail had been destroyed, luckily the tail wasn't badly damaged and could still keep the aircraft stable.

Leonardo:"Aww, come on..."

Piper:"Don't lose hope, I see Ciudad Vieja!"

Then, the Castillan Fighter Jets had taken off and were already heading for the USA fighter jets.

Leonardo:"We're saved! Or wait, are we?"

Piper:"The runway is in sight! A little further...."


One of the side engines of the aircraft blew up. There was only one engine left.

Leonardo:"OH NO...Are we going to make this?"

Piper:"Anything's possible!"

Leonardo:"We're going to die if they strike for a third time!"

Meanwhile, the approaching Castillan Fighter Jets took the USA Fighter Pilots by surprise. Like most penguins in the USA, they did not know that the abandoned city of Old Town had been resettled by the Castillans. Fortunately they did not notice the city, and they didn't even notice that the Fighter Jets were Castillan. At first, they thought they were from the USA and were going to help take care of this strange aircraft. Then, they started shooting, and they were sure they were allies with the strange giant plane.

USA Fighter Pilot 1 (SQUADCOM):"I'm tired of playing these games. Let's just do what we were commanded to do!"

The USA Fighter Jets began dodging the Castillan Jets, while the USA Commander Fighter Pilot tried to lock onto it's final target....the Mega Cub.

USA Fighter Pilot 1 (SQUADCOM):"Sayonara!"

He launched his missle and precisely hit the Mega Cub's final engine.


Then, the USA Fighter Pilot Commander and it's remaining group of pilots turned around back to Polaris; not even taking notice of the Castillans, for their job was done.

Leonardo:"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! We're going to crash!"

Piper:"No we're not! We can still make this!"

Leonardo:"You're crazy! Where are the parachutes?"

Piper:"We don't have any. Not on this trip."


Piper deployed the aircraft's landing gear, and decended down towards the Ciudad Vieja airstrip by using the grace of the winds and the wings of the plane.

Piper:"Without the engines, this is considered REAL flying."

The Mega Cub hardly made the runway, and landed very roughly onto it.

Leonardo:"Wow! We made it!"

Piper:"Hardly. We have a lot of damage, though."

The plane was severely damaged. All three of it's engines were damaged, and there were many bullet punctures all over it. It had to be taxied down to a parking spot, where the local aircraft mechanics began to repair it immediately. As for the Castillan Soldiers who endured the rough ride, several of them got sick and threw up all over the interior as well.

Meanwhile, Piper, Leonardo, and the Castillan Soldiers went into the city for some fresh air before they were to head out again. Basically, the mechanics were only going to replace the engines, clear out the bullet marks, and clean the barf covered interior, so they would be able to leave the next day. The puffles and the soldiers stayed at the city's best hotel and resumed on flying to Fuut Ga's Chateau in the Great Forest of Eastshield.

Ninja Chateau.png

It was about 10:00 when they had arrived at the Great Forest and landed at Fuut Ga's dirt runway airstrip nearby his Chateau. Leonardo and Piper left the Castillan Soldiers in the aircraft as they went off to see Fuut Ga. Because of his puffle hating wife, they did not tell him that they were coming. Finally, the Chateau came into view.

Piper:"Something tells me we should not go into there announced."


Piper:"His wife..she's so hostile. Let us spy into the chateau first, to see if she's actually there."

Leonardo:"As much as don't like her, I don't like that idea. It's not very polite."

Piper:"Well, we can't risk having her kick us out again."

Leonardo:"Alright. Fine. Here, we can climb up the rain gutter and look through the windows."

Piper:"Alright. Good idea."

Piper was the first to climb up the rain gutter, with Leonardo following him. They climbed up to the second story of the building at the window of his bedroom to see if Fuut Ga was there, which he wasn't. Then, Piper and Leonardo quietly crossed the balcony and began climbing the strong ivy that hung at the side of the Chateau. They climbed to the next window to the room next to Fuut Ga's bedroom - a guest bedroom. To their surprise, Leonardo and Piper found Fuut Ga and his wife both in there....rocking two chick cradles that had eggs in them.

Leonardo:"Oh my gosh! They're...."

Piper:"Yes..they are. So soon, too."

Leonardo sighed and said:"Fuut Ga and Jaqueline have given birth to two new puffle haters."

Piper:"That is if they take the side of their mother."

Suddenly, Jaqueline looked in their direction, but the two puffles hid behind the ivy covered wall before she could spot them. To make matters worse, the vines of the ivy plant could not sustain the sudden jerking movement the puffles made when they evaded Jaqueline, so it broke. The two fell to the ground with a thud, yet did not scream because they didn't want to get caught.

Piper whispered:"Leonardo, are you OK? Let's get out of here. I bet Jaqueline is getting suspicious...we should leave at once."

Leonardo:" back hurts. I'll try my best to catch up with you, though."

Piper led Leonardo back to the forest. However, little did they know of the cloaked figure with a suitcase following them. The back part of the aircraft was open for the Castillan Soldiers to have some fresh air. While Piper and Leonardo entered the aircraft from the side entrance, the strange cloaked figure with the suitcase approached the Castillan Soldiers, and she began to speak.

Cloaked Penguin:"I must come with you. I am a friend. I shall not hurt a feather on either of your heads, I promise. I am on a buisness trip to Snowzerland but I don't want to be fully recognized."

Castillan Soldier 1:"Alright, hop in. We'll keep an eye on you to make sure you don't do anything suspicious."

The Cloaked Penguin entered the aircraft and it soon took off, heading for Snowzerland.

Mega Cub Intercept Snoss.png

Their flight seemed to go smoothly towards Snowzerland, however, they were welcomed with what they did not expect...two Snoss "Star" Fighter Jets approaching them. Word must have gone out that the Mega Cub claimed to be Snoss. Swiss Ninja bragged thet it was true, but he knew the truth.

Snoss Air Pilot (SQUADCOM):"Land your plane immediately!"

Leonardo:"Piper, whatever you do, don't fight them...I know it would be a natural reaction, but we're clearly outnumbered and we will surely lose...especially since there is no safe haven nearby since Snowzerland is an island."

Piper:"I agree. Here, I have a plan. Tell the Castillan Soldiers to get ready for battle."

Meanwhile, the Snoss Star Warjets peacefully escorted the Mega Cub to the Zurich Airport and taxied it to a parking spot in the remote part of the airport. Then, a bunch of Snoss soldiers and RDA troopers surrounded the Mega Cub, awaiting for the penguins and puffles inside to surrender.

Slowly, the back of the plane's entrance slowly lowered it's platform.....and the Castillan Soldiers and the puffles unleashed their rapid fire machine guns!

The Snoss quickly evaded the bullets and started firing back. Among the Snoss Soldiers fighting was the bounty hunter Java Ghent, who immediately recognized Piper and Leonardo immediately. The Castillans began pushing the Snoss back away from the Mega Cub, giving Piper and Leonardo enough time to make a run for it and head for the Keukenhof Castle to attack Swiss Ninja. On the contrary, Java had different plans. Java immediately activated his jetpack and flew over the battle and siezed the running Piper and Leonardo easily, and threw them into a bag. Piper and Leonardo struggled at first, but then Java began to whack the bag against the ground several times, knocking the two puffles out. Then, more Snoss Soliders were called in for backup, easily outnumbering the Castillan defenders.

Being no match, they immediately surrendered.

The RDA Commander turned to Java, who still held the limp bag.

RDA Commander:"General Ghent, what shall we do with these prisoners?"

Java:"Send them to the city's prison cells. Take this bag with you."

Java handed the RDA Commander the bag with the two unconcious puffles, and the Commander Set off with his troops and the Castillan Soldier prisoners to the Jail Cells.

Java paused for a moment, for he thought he saw some movement inside the Mega Cub, which was now abandoned. Indeed came the cloaked figure that accompanied the flight when they were at Fuut Ga's Chateau.

Java:"Halt! Who goes there?"

The cloaked figure stepped out of the shadows of the Mega Cub and removed the hood.

Jaqueline:"It is I, Jaqueline Hochstadt, loyal Frankterran Hugenot to his royal magesty of the ToS, the blessed Kaiser Swiss Ninja. May he live forever."

Java lowered his gun and saluted her, saying:"Welcome back to Snowzerland. Can I of any assistance to you?"

Chapter 6: Jones' Intervention[edit]

Jaqueline, though, had a hidden obbsession that she never revealed to her husband. She cheated him; she was an adultress. Jaqueline constantly ran around and dated others behind Fuut Ga, her husband's, back. This immorality had been first spotted in one of the Holyberden wiretaps that the Inquisition had planted on a professional alibi forging agency. The professional liars had been asked by Jaqueline to create an authentic looking letter to justify her lie that she had to run off to a "business meeting". (Of course, this was before Iquisitorial vigilantes committed arson when everyone left the building.)

Jaqueline was, without doubt, one of their biggest customers. Both the Grand Inquisitor and the leader of the Holyberden board that oversaw it agreed that she had to be apprehended and taken to "confess" her wrongs (with torture). (They weren't going to tell Fuut Ga themselves, because they didn't want to break his heart.)

It was because of this that the Inquisition had arranged a surprise attack on this immoral bird. That very afternoon, Jaqueline was strolling down the streets of Zurich, when a loud, jarring chord rang out.

At least ten creatures, all in robes and capirotes, jumped out, followed by a taller penguin without anything covering his face. This was the leader of the squad. He had a big, haughty smile on his beak. All of them were wearing golden necklaces with a familiar calligraphic "T" as a pendant.


The goons surrounded Jaqueline as the leaader began to speak. He pointed at the adultress.

Inquisitor 1: YOU ARE CHARGED WITH COMMITTING INDECENCY ON TWO ACCOUNTS- indecency by word, indecency by deed, and indecency by action -WAIT, THREE ACCOUNTS!

Jaqueline (in a smart-aleck/sassy tone): So what? What did I do?

Inquisitor 2: "Jaqueline, your actions fall under the hallowed jurisdiction of the Antarctican Inquisition because YOU ARE AN ADULTERESS!!!!! -AND you hired a PROFESSIONAL LIAR to LIE to FUUT GA! LIES!"

Inquisitor 1: "EXACTLY!!!!!!"

Inquisitor 5: "We're hauling all of you to our special detainment centers to practice ENHANCED INTERROGATION TECHNIQUES! YOU MUST BE BROUGHT TO EXTRAJUDICIAL ARREST AND DETAINMENT FOR YOUR EVIL!!!!"

The leader smirked. The other probably did, too, but it was impossible to tell under the hoods.


Jaquelene (feining remorse): "Well, I guess I'll come quietly. I am sorry for my crimes."

Inquistor 1: "WELL THEN, FACE MY- .......wait.... you are?!"

Jaquelene nodded, continuing the "guilt" look. The Inquisitor smiled warmly and approached.

Inquisitor 1: "Well, I guess we WON'T have to detain you and force you to confess!! Ma'am, we are so proud of you coming clean. Let us take you home, so that you may confess your crime to your husband, and so restore marital bliss upon you and your household!!"

The Inquisitors cheered. Jaqueline pretended to comply at first and walked towards them with a bowed head. Then, with a sudden jerk, she whipped out a semi-automatic machine gun!



Inquisitor 4: "AHHHHHH!!!!! MY FLIPPER! MY FLI-"

He was cut off by a lead bullet entering his skull, ending his life immidately. Jaqueline laughed triumphantly. Jaqueline's aim was excellent, and the fact that the Inquisition goons had been caught completly by surprise didn't help them at all. As the rest of the Inquisitors screamed and tried to run away, the sadistic Jaqueline aimed and shot them down mercilessly, until every one that turned fell to the floor.


They fell down, dead as a doorknob. She laughed at the dead bodies and grinned as they gave their last. She was definately enjoying this, pleased with her weapon. However, one managed to stand up, covered in wounds, and screamed at her.

Inquisitor 7: "HEARTLESS LIAR! You'll never get away with this! It's NACHO DAY!!!!!!"

With surprising swiftness, he whipped out a handfull of razor-sharp nachos from his robes, and threw them at Jaqueline. He was otherwise unarmed.


The nachos did not even pass through the first layer her feathers. The same Inquisitor began trying to drag himself away, by now, pleaing for mercy and asking that Jaqueline spare his life. She laughed loudly.


Jaqueline pulled out a grenade and smirked, pulled out the safety pin.



The last Inqusitor was blown to bits, with only a small pile of dust signalling that he had ever existed. Jaqueline placed her weapon back into her inventory, and smirked.

Jaqueline: "Never bring nacho chips to a gun fight!"

A painful, shrill female voice- more like a screech, rather -pierced the CPW Palace where the intelligence reports were relayed. The news of the murdered Inquisitors shocked her, especially since there had never been any Inquisitorial deaths before. They usually just got clubbed or beaten to a pulp, if anything.

The screech: "NO! NO! How could she! Fuut Ga... he'll be devestated if he finds out... they were trying to save their relationship...... -and no one's ever killed our friends before..."

The first voice began sobbing, being one to cry in most any bad situation. A second voice with a Spanish accent concurred. Its owner was The Inquisitor, who placed a flipper on the first.

Inquisitor: "Tammy, we all knew this would happen someday. I just never expected someone like her to put up a fight like that."

Tammyshroom: "I'm beginning to regret ordering the Inquisition's expansion from Un-CP attacks to general wrongdoings... if more good penguins keep dying.... I'd be mean not to scale back."

Inquisitor: "I understand, Tammy. Do whatever you think is right."

Tammyshroom: "...-but what do we do now? Ten Inquistors are dead, Jaqueline is probably laughing, and Fuut Ga will never know. We can't tell him, Inquistor, WE CAN'T!!"

Her ear-splitting shriek became even louder at "can't", causing the Inquisitor to cover his hearing. Tammy began crying, and it was physically painful to hear.

Inquisitor: "The only thing we could do is get the real law enforcement after her... -but because she's a Snoss citizen on Snoss ground with Snoss weapons, it'll be hard to prove that she was in self-defense. I mean, shooting one Inquisitor might be self-defense, but killing all ten AND using a grenade on one limping away? Any Antarctican court would agree."


Tammyshroom continued crying loudly as the Inquisitor tried to calm her down. He didn't want to mention his next plan, because Tammy never did believe in revenge.

Inquisitor: "Miss Jones, I think you need to go home now."

Tammy sniffled a bit.

Tammy: "...-but this is my brother's house. Technically, I am home."

Inquisitor: "Hey! Is that Dan outside?"

Tammy wiped her eyes and looked around. She set off searching for him, trying to put aside the casualties.

Then, from the shadows, emerged a mysterious figure that simply SCREAMED "total butt kicker". He was wearing a cowboy hat pulled over his eyes, with large boots and a belt buckle.

Mysterious figure: "So, I heard you've got an adulteress you want killed?"

Inquistor: "DELETED. Not killed, deleted."

The figure scoffed, taking out one of his guns. Nonchalantly, he clicked the usual bullets out of the barrel and replaced them with purple Deletion bullets.

Mysterious figure: "All right. Deletion. Now, where is the target?"

The figure continued switching out his weapons to deletion mode as the Inquistor told him.

Mysterious figure: "Don't worry. When the Stranger goes to work, you'll never see her again."

The Inquistor finally smiled. He wiped away the tears and began chortling a loud, cheesy laugh. As the Stranger outstretched his flipper, the Inquistor deposited a heavy sack of golden coins. The Stranger looked it over and nodded.

Stranger: "Let's roll."

When he arrived at the park a few minutes later, Jaqueline was sitting on a park bench, whistling merrily. She still ran her thoughts through the murder of those Inquisition goons, thrilled at the excitement of killing them. She seemed harmless at first, but the tip of a gun was poking out from under her dress.

Stranger: "Well, Well well, isn't it the Jaqueline trouble maker? It isn't ladylike to carry guns under your dresses, you know."

Jaqueline lied.

Jaqueline: "It's for self-defense. Robbers are quite common where I come from."

Stranger: "Is that so? Then why are there notches carved onto the barrel, and why are you also carrying a grenade in your pocket? Surely that isn't for protection against burglers too?"

Jaqueline shifted uncomfortably. Regaining her usual cold arrogance, she straigthened up and hawked at the Stranger.

Jaqueline: "What do you want, you hillbilly? You have no right to question me!"

Stranger: "You killed ten Inquistor goons in cold blood and made an ugly girl cry. Now, that ugly girl happened to be TurtleShroom's sister, whose partner arranged for me to 'meet' you. It's not every day that I see someone who kills like that, so I'd like a nice contest. I challenge you to a duel."

This immediately caught the attention of many, and many spectators gathered to see the duel take place.

Jaqueline: "I accept. You're no match for a Frankterran superior like me. In fact, I won't even play dirty."

Stranger: "We'll see about that, ma'am."

The Stranger and Jaqueline stood back to back, and took several steps forward away from themselves. The Duel had begun, and everyone was now watching intently. Then suddenly, Jaqueline cheated by turning and firing before she was supposed to.


She had missed and ran out of ammo to boot.

Jaqueline: "#[email protected]#^@[email protected]$%@!!! THAT WON'T STOP ME!!!!!"

Jaqueline pulled out a knife and began to charge at the Stranger. The Stranger calmly began to slowly pull out his shotgun as she ran closer and closer. When she was about a yard away from him, the Stranger suddenly whipped out his shotgun with a surprising turn of speed, aimed and fired.


His aim was true. The Deletion bullets hit her square in the beak. She screamed as a purple vortex enveloped her and carried her into the CyberVoid. Right as she was sucked away, Jaqueline threw the knife straight towards the Stranger. He caught it unharmed.

The crowd gasped in shock. Because she was a Snoss Hugenot, most of the penguins who were watching were supporting her. They had had enough of this, and they scowled at the Stranger, before attempting to mob and attack him next. Luckily for him, that very moment a Holyberden helicopter arrived and dropped a ladder for the Stranger to get away.

After he hobbled up the rope ladder, he was greeted by the Inquisitor, who held the reward in his flipper.

Inquisitr: "Congratulations, Stranger. You deleted that murdering adulteress. Don't tell Tammy, all right?"

With that, he handed the cash to the Stranger and shook his flipper.

Tammy had finished most of her crying when she was informed of Jaqueline's death. The Stranger told her that she "was hit by a bus". Tammy figured that the "sky programmers" must have made right such a wrong, and sighed with relief, looking up to the ceiling.

Tammy: "Thanks."

Tammy then decided to inform Fuut Ga of his dead wife's real, heartless nature. She began to write a letter to Fuut Ga in her sloppy penmanship. She explained, in detail, his wife's killing of the ten Inquistors, of the adultery, the lying, and most of all, the lying agencies. She repeated the bus story she was told, and expressed her condolences.

Fuut Ga received the letter a day or so later. Alone, he hanged his head and grieved mournfully all into the night. His wife was had betrayed him, cheated him, lied to him, and then killed ten penguins. Now, she was gone. Fuut Ga had to deal with raising two chicks by himself, and without no supporting wife to help him.

Fuut Ga: "Why me?"

It was two days later when Piper and Leonardo awoke from their unconciousness. They found themselves in a small puffle sized prison cell made of stone and iron bars. As they gained conciousness, they began to feel the searing pain of the headache from the injury that knocked them out a couple days ago. What had awoken them were the solemn melancholy hums being sung by the Castillan Soldiers who were with them on the flight.

Meanwhile, the sad hums of the Castillan Soldier chorus was not appreciated by the Jail Guard.


The Castillan Soldiers pretended like they did not understand him, and all said:"¡No hablamos ingles!" (We don't speak English!)

The Jail Guard then shut the door to the hallway that ran through all the jail cells. Nevertheless, the Castillans continued to annoy the Jail Guard even more, this time singing....LOUDLY. Leonardo and Piper happily joined in the chorus.

"Libre, Libre! Queremos ir libre!" (Free, Free! We want to be free!)

"Queremos regresar a nuestras casas!" (We want to return to our homes!)

"Vamos a bailar debajo los arboles de Castilla" (We're going to dance under the trees of Castilla)

"Y vamos a comer mucha comida..." (And eat lots of food...)

"Cuando regresamos a nuestras casas..." (When we return to our homes...)

All this time, the songs and hums of the Castillans could be heard by the penguins who lived in the town houses nearby the Jail House. Now that they were singing, many of the residents of the nearby area were beginning to get annoyed with the constant humming and singing for the past few days. A protesting mob began to form in front of the Jail House, demanding that the singing Castillans would be kept quiet. Suddenly, a shiny black limousine appeared and everyone moved out of the way.

Leonardo: "OH NO. It's the Kaiser!"

Piper: "He's probably here to talk to us before we meet our demise on Pen Chi Island."

Indeed,Swiss Ninja did step out of the limousine, along with Java Ghent, and walked into the Jail House. The Jail Guard soon led the Kaiser and the bounty hunter to Leonardo and Piper's jail cell first.

Piper: "We meet again, Swiss Ninja."

Swiss Ninja scowled and said: "It's Kaiser Swiss Ninja, puffle. I am a figure of authority."

Piper: "Authority? I don't respect you."

Leonardo: "I used to, but not anymore."

Swiss Ninja: "You two are enemies of the state. I just came to give you two a second chance..... join me and my army and help me in my conquest of Antarctica. You shall be glorified and recieve anything you want, you name it. Love, friends, admiration, money..."

Leonardo: "Money will never buy happiness..."

Swiss Ninja: "SILENCE! Do not interrupt me! Either you two join me, or face your doom while you suffer on Pen Chi Island!"

Piper:"We would never join you, Swiss!"


Piper: "Whaaatever."

Java pulled out his gun and said: "Don't mock the Kaiser, or I will hurt you some more."

Leonardo: "Please Piper, don't go too far. This throbbing headache is already hard to bear."

Poper seemed to put his own headache in the back of his mind while Swiss Ninja was confronting him. Nevertheless, he knew that Leonardo couldn't withstand Java's attack with his snowball gun while he had a very painful headache, so he rolled his eyes and understood.

Piper: " mean Kaiser Swiss Ninja, we will never join you. We'd rather die."

Swiss Ninja:"Oh, is that so? What if I told you that your innocent Castillian Soldier comrades would die with you?"

Leonardo: "No! Those soldiers have nothing to do this! It's not their fault that they're in this!"

Swiss Ninja: "Hahahahaha! Too bad. I guess they'll become martyrs."

Leonardo: "No!"

Swiss Ninja:"Your words won't stop me! It was nice knowing you, Piper and Leonardo."

Swiss Ninja laughed meniacally and walked away, with Java and the Jail Guard following him. When they were alone once more, Leonardo decided to apologise to the Castillan Soldiers.

Leonardo: "Friends, I am sorry that we have put you in this situation. I guess this is the end of the road for us."

Castillan Soldier 1:"Have no fear, Leonardo. We are not afraid to die for our country as martyrs. We had many triumphal battles before, and I hope that this horrendous action will prompt our motherland to wage war on the Snoss. In a sense in my eyes, that was a smart move."

Castillan Soldier 2: "No! I don't want to die! I have two children and a wife! I have a family that loves me!"

Castillan Soldier 3: "Get ahold of yourself, hombre! If you die as a martyr to the Snoss, you die in honor, and your family will be very proud."

Leonardo: "Actually, perhaps we should at least attempt to escape."

Piper: "I have some grenades, but this cell is so small that it would blow us up."

Leonardo: "Do you have a nail filer?"

Piper: "No, of course not. I'm not a girl, and even if I was, I don't have any hands."

Leonardo:"Ugh, Nevermind...I thought it would be a good thing to use for escaping."

Later that night, after the Jail Guard served the prisoners their meals, which was supposed to be a crude version of cabbage soup, but in reality, the stuff in their bowls was a bunch of crunched up lettuce in a broth made out of tepid water. It was not an ideal meal, but this is what the prisoners have had to eat ever since they were put into the prison, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

After their crude Dinner was served, the lazy Jail Guard went back to his resting quarters to take a nap. Suddenly, a great crashing noice was heard.

Leonardo:"Woah, what was that? Did the fat jail guard fall out of his chair?"

Piper:"Who knows?"

Suddenly to their surprise, Bernard Hochstadt and S2 rushed to the scene. S2 was practically carrying Bernard (who had been in prison for two months), and he ran in.

Leonardo: "Bernard! S2! You're here to rescue us!"

Bernard: "Yes, we are! Listen, we don't have much time..."

Leonardo: "Unlock the Castillan Soldiers first, Bernard."

Bernard: "All right."

While Bernard was unlocking the Castillan Soldiers' Jail cells, the severely injured Jail Guard who was attacked by S2 crawled across the room and pulled the trigger that sounded the alarm.

S2: "We're caught!"

Piper: "But there's no time to get us out of here!"

Leonardo: "We are better of staying here, Piper. S2 and Bernard, take the Castillan Soldiers with you, for they are innocent! Take them back to the Mega Cub and try to get help immediately!"

S2: "We got it. See ya Leonardo and Piper. Hopefully they will spare you."

S2 then led the Castillan Soldiers down the hallway and escaped the Jail Building. Then, a whole group of Snoss Soldiers hustled into the Jailroom to find Leonardo and Piper all alone.

Snoss Soldier 1: "Oh no! The Castillan Soldiers have escaped!"

Snoss Soldier 2: "Those puffles are still here; that's what is important."

Snoss Soldier 3: "I think those puffles have something to do with the disappearance of the Castillan Soldiers."

The other soldiers agreed.

Piper: "We shall never talk."

Leonardo: "Our mouths are sealed."

Snoss Soldier 1: "Men, don't mind their nonsense. Take the prisoners to the interrogation room, immediately."

The Snoss Soldiers then opened the Puffles' Jail Cell, and Piper jumped out and bit one of the Soldier's flipper.

Snoss Soldier 3: "AAAAAAAH!!!"

Leonardo was a little shocked and surprised and just stood there not knowing what to do. Suddenly, the Snoss Soldier who was bitten began banging Piper against the wall with his bitten flipper, and this was when Leonardo decided to make a run for it.

However, the other Snoss Soldiers knew that his escape was coming, and immediately tackled him. Leoanrdo did not get severely hurt, but his headache got worse once more. Meanwhile, Piper was knocked unconcious for the second time.

Leonardo thought: "Oh no, the tension is all going to be on me now...."

He was correct. Leoanrdo was taken to the interrogation room. He was strapped to a wooden over a large tub of water. He still refused to tell.

Snoss Soldier 1: Disclose the soldiers or IT'S THE TURTLESHROOM TREATMENT FOR YOU!"

Snoss Soldier 2: "Tell us, yellow puffle, TELL US WHERE THEY ARE."

Leonardo: "Never!"

Snoss Soldier 1: "DUNK ONE!!"


Leonardo was lifted back out, coughing. His fur was soaking wet.

Snoss Soldier 1: "Will you tell us NOW, furball?"

Leonardo: "Why should I care? No."

Snoss Soldier 1: "DUNK TWO!!"


Leonardo sputtered and gasped for air, finally collecting his breath again.

Snoss Soldier 1: "TELL US!"

Leonardo: "OKAY! I'L TALK!"

The soldiers looked surprised.

Snoss Soldier 2: "Really?"

Leonardo: "NO!"

Snoss Soldier 1: "DUNK THREE!"

Five more waterboards followed as Leonardo was consistently submerged and resurfaced, coughing, shivering, and trembling as he became disoriented. Water was running up his mouth and got stuck in his eyes. They were prepared to do this all night if they had to.

Snoss Soldier 1: "WHY WON'T YOU TALK?!"

Leonardo glared at them, and between coughing, he boldly said to them:
Leonardo: "The Castillan Soldiers have escaped and you shall pay the price."

Snoss Soldier 1: "DUNK NINE!"

As Leonardo went under once more, the second Snoss Soldier seemed worried.

Snoss Soldier 2: "WHAT PRICE?"

S2 and Bernard were successful at escorting the Castillan Soldiers back to the airport, and to their surprise, they found the Mega Cub untouched, still with it's back side entrance still open like the day they arrived.

Castillan Soldier 1: "Thank you S2 and Bernard, we express our gratitude and thanks to you both."

S2: "You are welcome. Any time."

Castillan Soldier 1: "Sadly, we are but simple Castillan Army footsoldiers who do not know how to fly a plane."

S2: "I know how to. Do you want me to fly you back to Castilla?"

Castillan Soldier 1: "It would be greatly appreciated."

S2 and Bernard nodded and entered the Mega Cub along with the Castillan Soldiers.

S2: "Wow...this plane is very complex....I've never seen anything like this before."

Castillan Soldier 1: "That is because this plane was designed by Piper and Leonardo themselves. It is a test aircraft that will become a major part of our air force."

S2: "Interesting. Alright then. Prepare for takeoff, boys. We're flying out of here."

S2 started the engines, taxied to the runway, and took off. The Snoss didn't even seem to notice. When the plane arrived, King Carlos was already there being very worried. He greeted S2 and Bernard when they stepped out of the aircraft.

King Carlos: "Greetings, S2 and Bernard. Leoanrdo and Piper have told me much about you. Tell me, are they all right?"

S2 sighed and said: "No....they're not....not at this state. We were only able to rescue your soldiers since it was their wish that we did so. They didn't think it was fair for them to die for something they haven't done."

King Carlos:"They were captured?!"


King Carlos gasped.


He paused.

King Carlos: "Hmmm... how can WE help?"


King Carlos:"Yes, and right on time too...The Mega Cubs have been produced, and it's time we attack the Snoss with it, this time in full combat. I shall have Jock Hochstadt join the fight, since you know him well, correct?"

S2:"Yes. Of course."

Leonardo had survived the waterboarding as he had told them how they had escaped, but by the time he confessed, the Castillans were already airborne. A couple days past and Leonardo and Piper still sulkily sat in the lonely prison cell eating the crude cabbage soup. They were getting awefully thin because of the low calorie cabbage did not satisfy their hunger much and many times they did not want to eat it because it tasted disgusting.

These were the times when Leonardo sang tunes of old battle songs and scribbled graffiti on the jail cell walls. Piper amused himself by playing with a yo-yo or occasionally played cards with Leonardo.

After the fourth day, they began to hear a deafening noise that could be only one thing...a swarm of warplanes heading for Snowzerland. Leonardo looked out the small jail cell window to see that the warplanes were Mega Cubs!

Leonardo:"We're saved!"

The Mega Cubs were coming in fast, which was something the Snoss did not expect. Nevertheless, the Snoss sent out their own aircraft to attack the Mega Cubs and defend their homeland. Then, the Mega Cubs opened their lower hatches and Castillan Paratrooper Soldiers parachuted down to Snowzerland, whom among them was Jock Hochstadt himself!

ERC Trooper 2, who was on a vacation leave was sitting in a boat. Fishing. He sat there as the seawater gently rocked his boat back and forth. His line hadn't budged for two hours, but he didn't care. He sighed and laid back in his boat.


Several Mega Cubs flew by, startling Trooper 2. Screaming, he lost his footing and splashed into the water. Quickly, he pulled himself back up. He grabbed his cellphone.

Trooper 2: "OUT OF POWER?"

He shook it up and down. It blinked on, and he quickly dialed in the attack notice.

Trooper2: "Sir, this is ERC Trooper 2022 calling for duty. Several airplanes coming from East Coast. Castillan."

One of SN's generals, who was on the other side of the line put down the reciever.

General: "Attack on the east coast. Castillan airplanes."

Second general: "Roger that."

Swiss Ninja heard, and sent Austin8310, Java Ghent, and Johnathan Wolfhunter to the scene immediately.

Austin: "Quick, to the AA Cannon! They can't take that out!"

Jock and his fellow Castillan soldiers were attempting to destroy the AA Gun. Jock had just knocked down the last normal Snoss Soldier manning the outpost, but there was one sergeant who was resisting capture.

The sergeant whacked one of the Castillan Soldier's sword out of his hand.


He leapt at Jock, but Jock deflected his blow and sent him sprawling. He moaned and passed out.

Then, the Worker I appeared. The Bounty Hunters jumped out of it (well, actually, XTUX flew to the scene) met Jock and a group of Castillan Soldiers near a Snoss AA Defender ground cannon. XTUX then arrived a moment later.


Austin: "ATTACK!"

Java Ghent activated his jet pack and started shooting at Jock from above, but Jock was prepared and blocked his icebullets. Johnathan shot a dart at his head, but it bounced off his shield and broke. Unluckily, while he was deflecting them, Austin took out two Icebullet Submachine Guns and fired directly at Jock's exposed chest. Jock immediately was knocked down, half dead, but not completely.

Austin laughed.

Austin: "Well, it was nice knowing you. Not really. Here, have lotsa spaghetti. You're not going to live much longer."

He tossed the spaghetti at Jock, and it splattered. It stung. His wounds stung, his pride stung, the thought that he was dying stung, and his wounds stung even more because there was salt in the spaghetti.

The bounty hunters soon moved on, leaving the dying Jock to die. A loyal Castillan Soldier then dragged him to the Zurich Bay, where it was more calmer and less chaotic.

Jock: "Th-thank you....but I-I don't th-think I will be able to make it. P-please finish this war, Soldier...I already lived a f-full life..."

Suddenly, a strange figure was seen floating above the bay. For a second, Jock thought he was hallucinating. It came closer, and it appeared to be a girl penguin wearing an old fashioned dress from the middle ages. She appeared to be floating above the water and was slightly glowing.

Jock: "W-what do you want with me, ghost? T-To take me away? I-I believe I'm r-ready..."

The Lady of the Bay then stood next to Jock and bent over over so that the Jock could see her completely while lying down.

She then said: "Get up, Jock, for your time is not yet done. You still have more things to do in your life."


The Lady of the Bay: "Your wounds shall heal as you progress in your mission."

Jock: "Why can't you just heal me completely now?"

The Lady of the Bay: "It doesn't work that way. Life isn't easy, you know. You may struggle to stand up right now, but keep your mind on setting your goal of saving your puffle and his friend."

Jock seemed a little suspicious, but tried to get up off the ground. At first, it was a struggle, but as soon as he was standing up once more, he was able to keep his ground and not fall.

The Lady of the Bay: "See? The healing is already taking place. Now, go finish your mission, Jock."

Jock began to wadle... uneasily at first, and soon also began gaining more strength. The Castillian Soldier followed him to make sure that he was all right. Then, Jock began running towards the Jailhouse. Little did he realize that his heal was already beginning to heal. Jock and the Castillan Soldier burst through the Jailhouse entrance door, and attacked the lazy, fat Jail Guard who was reading the newspaper. Jock then took the keys and unlocked Piper and Leonardo from their jail cell. By then, Jock's wound was completely healed; even the hole in his shirt was mended as if it never happened.

Jock:"Piper, Leonardo, get out of here! Don't worry about me."

Piper, Leonardo, as well as the Castillan Soldier did as they were told and immediately dashed out of the jailhouse.

Jock: "Boy, that was easy."

Austin: "Not that easy."

Jock turned around to find Austin and the other bounty hunters pointing guns at him.

Jock: "Don't shoot! I surrender!"

Austin: "Uh huh. Alright. Java, put the hand cuffs on him."

Java walked up and placed the handcuffs on Jock without any resistance. The bounty hunters knew better than to lock Jock up in a lonely jailhouse with no guard on watch. As they exited the building, Jock could see that the Castillans were already retreating, for their mission was complete.

Austin: "I am not going to even ask how you healed. Shots like that...usually....anyway. The important thing is that we have you captured, right? Just what Swiss wanted."

Jock: "Hmmph. At least two Hochstadt Gang members are safe."

Austin: "Alright. We may have lost the puffles, but who needs them? We've got a Hochstadt. Let's go to Swiss Ninja immediately."

Chapter 7:Jock's Living Nightmares[edit]

Swiss Ninja was back at his castle when the bounty hunters arrived with Jock.

Swiss Ninja:"So, you were able to catch Jock, eh? That's good."

Austin:"Unfortunately, Piper and Leonardo got away."

Swiss:"Who needs them? They're puffles. Besides, I would have considered them bait."

Austin:"So you were really not going to send them to Pen Chi and torture them?"

Swiss:"Nah, I'd figure that the Hochstadts would come and try to rescue them before they did."

Austin:"What about Jock then? Are you going to torture him?"

Swiss:"No. Of course not. He's of my own blood. I'll give you a choice Jock, alright?"

Jock:"Alright. Tell me."

Swiss:"Either you become a loyal Snoss citizen, or face your worst nightmares ever possible. I know that dying on Pen Chi Island will only martyr you, and will probably only wage a bitter war."

Jock:"Either way, capturing me will already wage war. You saw the Castillans just raid the island to save the puffles."

Swiss Ninja:"Well? Answer my question. Join me, or face your living nightmares."

Jock:"I shall never join you! Besides, you don't know my fears."

Swiss:"Heheh? Oh really? Is that so? What if I told you that Django Ghent will return to get revenge on you?"

Jock:"Ha! That's proposterous! He's dead, and I killed him."

Swiss:"Oh, but he shall return."

This interested Java Ghent very much, who had always longed to see his father once more since he had died when he was young.

Java:"How? How can my father be brought back to life?"

Swiss:"Heheh. I've come up with a genious plan, thanks to XTUX. You see, my plan is that we implant Django's brain into a robot like what XTUX is, and revive him. will be like XTUX all over again."

Jock's eyes widened in disbelief. By now, he had heard the unbelievable story of the Revival of XTUX Hun, and could hardly fathom the fact of reviving Django Ghent as a robot.

Jock:"Wow, that is a crazy plan. Like it will work!"

Swiss:"XTUX worked. So will Django."

Jock:"I'm not afraid."

Jock truely was afraid of Django Ghent, but he tried to deny the fact that he could be brought back.

Swiss:"Well, I know another fear of yours."

Jock:"Alright. Let me guess, you're going to lock me up in a dark room? That's not scary."

Swiss:"Nope, that's not what I was thinking. Austin and the bounty hunters, tie Jock up onto one of the chairs, will you guys? But leave his arm exposed."

Austin and the other two bounty hunters did what they were told.

Johnathan Wolfhunter:"Swiss, why do you want his arm exposed?"

Swiss Ninja returned with a medical syringe in his flipper.

Jock:"I'm not afraid of shots!"

Swiss Ninja:"Trust me, nobody would want to have this stuff injected into their bloodstream."

Jock:"OH NO...NO NO NO NO NO!!!! NOT POISON!!!!!!!!!!"

Swiss:"Nah, it's not poison. I told you that I'm not going to kill you, remember? It would ruin the fun of seeing you suffer."

Swiss Ninja then stabbed Jock with the syringe needle and injected the purplish fluid into Jock's bloodstream.


Swiss:"Hahaha! How are you feeling?"

Jock:"I don't feel anything much....what did you inject into me anyways?"

Swiss evilly looked at Austin who grinned.

Swiss:"The X-Virus."

Jock:"WHAT?????? NOOOOO!!!!"

Swiss:"Yes, indeed. Now you are going to have an X-Antibody!"


Swiss and the other bounty hunters started laughing.

Jock:"You surely do know my fears...I just hope this antibody isn't as bad as I feared it would be...ahh...ahh....AAAACHOOOO!!!!"

Jock sneezed and a bunch of black goo fell onto the floor.

Swiss:"Aw yuck, I just had my carpet cleaned!"

Then, out of the black goo slowly rose a dark figure. Swiss Ninja and the bounty hunters excitedly watched while Jock was quivering in fear. Suddenly, the black goo shaped into the form of a penguin, and soon faded so that it did look like a penguin.

The result was just as Jock had feared. In front of him was a large, muscular Viking Penguin his own height. He was very hairy and even wore a very hairy traditional Viking Tunic. His beard was long and bushy and went down to his waist. His eyebrows were bushy, and he even had armpit hair since the tunic did not have any sleeves. On his head he wore a metallic and hairy Viking Helmet. He was also carrying a very huge battle ax.

Jock quivered in fear even more.

Swiss Ninja smiled.

Swiss Ninja:"Greetings, monster!"


Jock's antibody screamed:"ME IS XOCK! ME IS POWERFUL!"

Jock could smell Xock's smelly breath, which smelled like rotten fish. His voice was very deep and loud.

Jock:"You are a beast, Xock."


Jock:"Lies! It is you who are the antibody!"


Xock picked up his large battle ax, which Jock had forgotten about.

Jock:"¡DIOS MIO!"

As Xock was preparing to swing, Jock came up with an idea. Jock used all his might and turned the wooden chair around so that it faced Xock. Xock swang and broke the chair apart, missing Jock by only one inch. Jock was now freed, and decided that now was the time to make his attempt of escaping. However, Swiss Ninja had different plans. Swiss Ninja and two guards stood by the only exit available, and strangely enough, handed Jock a sword.

Swiss Ninja:"Use it."

Jock reluctantly accepted it.

Swiss Ninja:"Now go fight your X-Antibody."


Jock Hochstadt con Sword.png

Jock raised his sword proudly in the air, and decided to fight the X-Antibody, hoping that defeating him would set him free.

Jock:"Come and get me, block of fish meat!"


Xock took another swing, and Jock attempted to strike the slow Xock, but then Xock took out his sword, which was longer, larger, and much heavier. Their swords clanged constantly with Xock attacking with brute strengh, while Jock used quick strikes and technique.

Jock:"You ceartainly do not know how to use the sword, my friend."


Jock mumbled:"You only rely on your brutal strength to win battles....hmm..."

Meanwhile, Swiss Ninja, Austin, Java, and Johnathan continued to watch the Viking and his X-Antibody fight, which they found to be very amusing.

Then, Jock was able to knock Xock's sword out of his hand. This just made Xock more angrier, who then grabbed Jock and picked him up. In defense, Jock struck Xock in the arm with his sword, leaving a cut, but it didn't seem to mind Xock much. Instead, Xock threw Jock at the wall, who banged against it with a thud. Jock had slammed against the stone wall near a small table and a vase. His impact shook the table, and the vase fell on Jock's head. Luckily, it didn't hurt much since Jock was wearing his regular Viking helmet.

Swiss:"Aw crud, that vase was a present!"

By then, Xock had already regained his sword and began charging at Jock. Jock quickly recovered after realizing this and had only time to recover his weapon and dodge the attack.

Austin:"Come on, big guy! Finish him off! Kill that viking!"

Jock and Xock began clanging thier swords once more, trying to hit each other but they seemed to block each other's attack...that was, until Jock took the opportunity out of Xock's slowness by striking his feet.


Jock didn't have to do more though. Xock and Jock contiued to fight with their swords, until Jock got real close and stepped on Xock's foot, making him fall back onto the ground. Now, Jock had to be quick and decisive now. He felt pity for his X-Antibody, but if he spared him, Xock would come back to kill him. Thus Jock felt that there was only one option that could be done.


The battle was over, with Jock as the (hollow) victor. Jock turned away, for he could not bear to see his Antibody defeated and dead.

Swiss Ninja gaped in amazement along with Austin and the other bounty hunters.

Jock:"The battle is over. Please, let me free, Swiss Ninja."

Swiss Ninja couldn't deny it, and said:"Alright. Fine. Go ahead, Viking Warrior. You've proven yourself to be worthy of freedom."

Jock:"Thank you."

Jock then walked out of the Keukenhof Castle, heading for the Zurich Airport.

Austin:"Why did you let him go?"

Swiss:"I didn't. Anyways, Java, please take Xock's body to Terninia. I belive that we can make clones of him. Come back soon, for we will have to visit Django's grave as well."

Java:"Roger that."

Java dragged Xock's body away, preparing it to go to Terninia to be cloned.

Meanwhile, Jock walked to the Zurich airport and was about to go into the entrance when a pair of Snoss Soldiers blocked his way.

Jock:"Excuse me, sirs, I'm free to go as decreed by the Kaiser, so I'd like to go home now."

Snoss Soldier 1:"That's not so, actually. You are free to be in Snowzerland, but you are not allowed to go home."


Snoss Soldier 2:"Do you really think that he'd let you go that easily?"


Snoss Soldier 1:"Move along sir, or we'll turn you back in."

Jock:"Alright, alright, I'm leaving."

Jock was very shocked at this statement. He was practically exiled on Snowzerland Island, but at least he was free....sort of.

Next, Jock went into town and went into a telephone booth. He attempted to call Piper, but then this message came up:

"I'm sorry, Jock, by the decree of the Kaiser, you are not allowed to call out of the country."

Obviously, it was the SSS and the ToS at work, who also intervened in Jock's exile.

Jock:"Oh great. Well, I guess I'm stuck here then. I'm sure the gang will try go rescue me anyways."

Swiss Ninja and Austin was already packing their things when he heard a knock at the Castle door.

Austin:"Who could that be?"

Swiss:"It's Jock."


Swiss didn't need to look out the window to see who it was, for it was Jock at the door.

Swiss:"Let me guess, you're stranded here and you need a place to stay, right?"

Jock:"Yes please."

Swiss:"We are already preparing you a castle..."

Jock:"No thank you; that will not be necessary. I would just like a peaceful ordinary house that is in good condition."

Swiss:"You mean like a country home? Sure."

Jock:"Thank you."

Swiss Ninja then brought Jock into the house and offered him to sit in the living room while he arranged where his new home would be with the new realator over the telephone. A couple minutes later, Swiss Ninja returned after hanging up on the phone.

Swiss:"The realator will be outside and will show you where you will live, alright? If you need anything else, please ask."

Jock:"Does the home need furniture?"

Swiss:"No, that's already included."

Jock:"Does it have a telephone?"

Swiss:"Of course not. I don't want you running away, do I?"

Swiss laughed, this time heartily instead of evilly. Jock went outside and met the realator, who then drove him out into the beautiful, lush, and green Snoss Countryside. They were quite a while's worth away from any of the cities when they had arrived at Jock's new home.

Realtor:"Here it is. Isn't it just lovely?"

Jock looked up to see a beautiful whitewashed house with a brown wood framed design sitting on the side of a green hill. It was of a decent size and had several windows with green shutters on them. There were no fences around the building, for Jock could see a little bit of a small garden behind the house.

Jock:"I say, it is pretty nice. I do suppose I can have a vacation."

Jock went into his home and immediately went into his new bedroom and jumped onto the bed. It was soft and comfortable, and fell asleep immediately. After all, the brutal fight with Xock took a lot out of him. Jock was going to like his little "vacation" in Snowzerland.

Meanwhile, Swiss Ninja decided himself to go on a vacation with the Bounty Hunters, this time to Frankterre. They had a safe and swift arrival, and soon got off Swiss Ninja's private jet.

Austin:"I thought Frankterre was no longer Snoss anymore. Why are we coming back?"

Swiss:"On a mission, of course."

Austin, Java, Johnathan and Swiss soon went to a car rental place, where SN personally rented a car (surprisingly without any bodyguards or police escorts) and strangely but generously drove the bounty hunters out of the city of Parie into the countryside.

Austin:"Are we taking a trip into the countryside?"

Swiss:"Sort of."

Java smiled since he already knew where they were going. A couple hours later, Swiss Ninja drove past a sign that said:


Swiss:"Alright guys, we've reached our destination."

Austin:"Hey, this is the home of Django Ghent, right?"

Swiss:"Correct. It's about time you figured that out."

Swiss Ninja parked at a curb, and then they went up an alleyway that began going uphill.


Swiss Ninja:"Java, where's the cemetary?"

Java began to lead the group to the cemetary, to where Django Ghent's grave was.

Java:"So. This was where he was buried."


Swiss:"Stay here, boys. I'll be right back."

It was a little eerie to be left behind in a cemetary, but it got more awkward when Swiss Ninja brought....a shovel.

Austin:"What are you doing?"

Swiss Ninja walked to Django Ghent's grave, and then stuck the shovel into the grass covered dirt.


Swiss:"Nope. I'm a genious."

Swiss Ninja continued digging by himself, with everyone watching him. Suddenly, SN hit something hard.

SN:"Alright! Found it! Come on, Java, help me take this out."

Java and SN took out the smelly coffin, and carried all the way back to the car.

SN:"Oh no...I should have rented a truck. This won't fit, but Ninja Archipelago car rental companies only give out small cars..."

Johnathan:"There's a pickup truck right in front of you."

Swiss:"Oh....good idea!"

Swiss Ninja and Java loaded the coffin onto the truck, and Austin and Johnathan broke in and hotwired the car. Meanwhile Swiss Ninja went back and grabbed some more corpses, to use for Django's body. They soon drove away, and the truck's owner didn't even know that his pickup was stolen until much much later. Swiss Ninja and the bounty hunters soon brought the coffin back to Snowzerland. As they arrived at Zurich, the coffin was unloaded and was heading for Schloss Devecter.

Austin:"So, you're going to do Django Ghent's revival at my place?"

Swiss:"Of course."

Austin:"But his body is rotting...we can't revive that."

Swiss:"I know. That's why we're going to give him a NEW body, like with XTUX. It'll be robotic and stuff. I arranged it so that XTUX would help us make Django's robotic body."

Austin:"Alright, let's see how this goes."

Swiss, Ausitn, Java, and Johnathan soon were in the Laboratory of Austin's castle. Swiss Ninja had taken Django's body out of the coffin and placed it on an operating table.

Austin:"Alright, what's step one?"

Swiss:"We will need to remove Django's brain. It is the only vital part of the body at this point since it's the one that stores all the memory."

Swiss Ninja then took out a chainsaw.

Java:"Woah, woah, woah! Isn't that a little too much?"

Swiss:"Nah, it's fine. It's more fun to do this anyways!"

Johnathan:"Careful not to cut the brains."

Swiss:"I know what I'm doing!"

Swiss Ninja turned on the chainsaw, and did the operation; successfully removing Django's (still well preserved) brain and placed it into a water filled jar to keep it moist.

Swiss:"Alright. Done. Now, it's up to you guys to build his robot body, alright?"

Java:"It will be hard to think my father will be a robot."

Swiss:"Well, like XTUX, we'll make sure he'll look as real as possible. Besides, the armor covers everything."


Eventually, XTUX joined them to begin designing and building the new robot; which wouldn't take very long.


Jock had tried his best to keep himself occupied. However, since SN did not support him financially, Jock decided to get a job, which he had found as a puffle herder. Sadly these puffles did not talk and the job was rather boring and dull, but at least it gave Jock something to do and put money in his pockets. Suddenly, while on the job in the green hills, he could see a group of familiar penguins and two puffles walking down the road.

Jock then said to one of the puffles he was watching:"Could it be that it is the Hochstadt Gang here to save me?"

Since this was a non-talking puffle, it only gave him a blank stare of confusion. Jock then decided to round up the flock and head towards the distant travelers to see if he was right. Indeed, he was, for the gang immediately recognized and came to greet him. Everyone was there: Fisch, Dave, (the half depressed) Fuut Ga, Bernard, S2, Gottfried, Clovis, Piper and Leonardo.

Jock:"Hello, my friends! It's good to see that you are all here to rescue me!"

Fisch:"Yes! We are; as well as trying to stop SN with his latest scheme. Do you know where he is? How did you manage to escape?"

Jock:"Yes, I do know where he is. He's at Schloss Devecter, doing some science expirament. As for escaping, I didn't. SN isn't allowing me to leave the country."

Fisch:"Wow, I guess SN's trying new methods. My twin brother's always coming up with ideas...good and bad..."

Jock:"If you all don't mind, I already got pummled, which is basically what contributed to being left behind. I'm still not over that yet."

Fisch:"I understand. Piper and Leonardo, how about you two keep Jock some company? You can also stay out here as lookouts as well, agreed?"

Piper:"Agreed. It's good to be reunited with my owner again."

Leoanrdo:"Yeah, Java really hurt us last time...."

Gottfried:"Well, Jock, perhaps you failed once, but perhaps you will prevail the second time around. Give it another try and be bold and brave."

Jock thought for a minute. Then, he drew his sword and said:"Alright. I'll go. Piper and Leoanrdo, there are some changes of plans. Please watch over these puffles for me. They are the less intelligent non-talking kinds of puffles, so i do suppose you two are capable of watching them, alright?"

Piper:"Sure. I'll keep a lookout."

Piper took out a gun and loaded it.

Jock:"Alright then, I know where the castle is, so follow me, gang!"

Eventually, Austin and the other bounty hunters had completed the new robot body for Django Ghent.

It was made of various body parts, each taken from a different corpse and sewn together in a horrendous way.

Swiss Ninja, however, was not satisfied with the brain.

Swiss:"The brain! IT'S TINY!!!!!!!!!!"

Snoss Scientist:"Sir, all our brains are that size. It's the way we were designed."

Swiss:"But that's not good enough for ME! BRING IN THE BRAIN ENLARGENER NINETHOUSANDFOURTYTHREE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The Snoss Scientist sighed and walked out for a moment, then came back in, pushing a strange-looking device on a cart.

Snoss Scientist:"Sir, I advise against using this device, as it has barely been tested."

Swiss:"I don't care! I WANT HIS BRAIN BIGGER, NAOW!!!!!!!"

With a groan, the Scientist picked up the brain and set it on top of a large metal plate that was on the top of the device.

He was just about to activeate it when suddenly Swiss Ninja shouted again.


Snoss Scientist:"But sir, that mode hasn't been tested at all!! We cannot risk using it right now!"

Swiss Ninja glared, and whipped out the chainsaw.

Smirking, he pulled the rip cord and it started with a roar.

Terrified, the Snoss Scientist hurridly turned the dial to Swiss's requested setting, then pressed a big red button.

Lightning bolts flashed from nearby components, striking the brain and making loud zapping noises.

The crainum began to bulge for a moment, then swelled up massively to the point of almost entirely filling up a penguin's head.

As soon as it had grown to the maximum size, the lightning bolts stopped flashing and the machine began to whir quiter and quiter.

Eventually the whirring stopped completely and Swiss Ninja picked up the brain, satisfied.

~~Once it was finished, SN returned with Django's brain.

Swiss:"Alright. It's time to make history! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

XTUX:"Sir, it's already happened. Just look at me."


Swiss Ninja removed the metal skull cap of Django Ghent's robotic body and placed his brain into it.

Zombies on ur lawn.png

Swiss closed the skull cap while Austin and the other Bounty Hunters strapped him up so that SN could release the electricity into the robot so that it would start functioning. Releasing the electricity would occur from a giant metal switch at the end of the room on the wall. Swiss Ninja walked over to the metal switch and held it for a moment, waiting to switch it to revive Django Ghent.


Swiss Ninja then pulled the switch, and a surge of electricity went into the robotic body of Django Ghent.

Suddenly, all was quiet, including Django Ghent. Everyone watched him intently. Suddenly, the metal eyes began to glow.....


Swiss:"He's alive!"

Django Ghent sat up.


Swiss:"Yes, my Uncle Jock Hochstadt. It's been many years, Django. I need you to help me stop his allies...the Hochstadt Gang."

Django Ghent:"Um, yes master. I have been dead for a while, I presume."

Java Ghent:"Yes, father, you have."

Django turned around to see his fully grown son.

Django:"My,'ve grown...I've missed you grow up..."

Java and Django embraced and hugged. Java was never happier in his life; he was finally reunited with his father.

Swiss:"Alright, Django. Let's put your armor on...."

Austin looked out the window.

Austin:"OH MY GOSH! I SEE THE HOCHSTADT GANG COMING THIS WAY! HURRY UP! It's time to show off, Django!"

Chapter 8:Django's Comeback[edit]

Jock and the Hochstadt Gang bashed through the laboratory doors of Schloss Devecter.

Jock:"Alright, what are you up to now, Swiss??"

Django Ghent, who was already in full armor once again, immediately looked at him and took out his blaster.


Jock quickly screamed:"OH-MY-GOSH-ITS-DJANGO-GHENT!!!!!! I'M OUT OF HERE!! AHHHH!!!!"

Jock ran out of the door, running for his life. That was when Django already began firing his blaster at maximum power...


The Gang ducked from Django's incoming blasts.

Django:"YOU [email protected]$#@ @%@# #%@% HOCHSTADTS KILLED ME!!!! PREPARE TO DIE!"

Django then started throwing grenades and launching missles.....the Hochstadts started running around the room dodging everything that tried to hit them. Swiss Ninja and the other bounty hunters stood back and watched the master at his work.

Swiss:"Yes! Success!"

Clovis and Fisch teamed up and took out their guns and tried to fire at Django. Django activated his jetpack and flew up towards the celing to avoid the bullets. He then dived back down and struck Clovis and Fisch down with the barrel of his own gun. They fell unconcious immediately. Two RDA Troopers came in and dragged them away while Django turned his attention to the other Hochstadts.

Dave, Bernard, Fuut Ga, and Gottfried attempted to tackle him down to the ground, which they did. They then ripped of his armor and started punching him.

Gottfried gasped to see the uglified creature behind the armor of Django Ghent. It surely was Django Ghent, but it was not his original body. Gottfried shuddered at the sight of it's hideousness.

Gottfried then raised his sword; preparing to slash at the creature until suddenly Django Ghent picked him up using his telekinesis.

Django:"What's this? Some new power? Sweet!"

Django picked up Dave, Bernard, and Fuut Ga up into the air as well. They all seemed to be floating in midair, but they were really being controlled by Django. Django then threw them across the room, making them bump into the walls and fall unconcious. Some more RDA Troopers came in to take the rest of the Hochstadts away.

Swiss Ninja came out to applaud the legendary Bounty Hunter for his great accomplishment.

Swiss Ninja:"Oh splendid job! I guess that's what you got for having your brain enlarged."

Django:"Thanks, it's a great gift, actually. Now, let's get you out of the way!"

Suddenly, he used his telekinesis to throw Swiss Ninja to the other side of the room! Luckily, SN did not lose conciousness since it wasn't terribly hard.


Django:"I'm far more powerful then you are, Swiss. With you out of the way, Snowzerland will be all MINE! 'MINE! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

And with that, Django materialized a grenade, pulled the pin and tossed at Swiss Ninja. Swiss Ninja, however, caught it and threw it out the window.

SN:"How DARE you betray me! Do you want a fight? I'll give you one!"

Austin stood still and did not decide to help because Django was his role model and SN was his employer; he could not decide whom to side with. The same was for Java also.

Swiss Ninja:"RDA Troopers! Attack!"

The RDA Troopers were also reluctant to attack as well, for they were the clones of Django himself and wouldn't dare fire on their "father".

Swiss Ninja wasn't stupid like some penguins from the USA have presumed, and he soon realized the reason for the hesitation.

Swiss:"I guess it's just you and me, Django."

Django:"Not for long."

Swiss then took out his keysaber, ready to fight. Django did the same. Django came at Swiss Ninja with a heavy overhead strike attack, and Swiss Ninja dodged it. Their keysabers began to clang back and forth as SN tried to find openings to take advantage of, but every time Django blocked them all. Eventually, Django got sick of the useless, fighting, and shoved SN again with the telekinesis, this time against a table that had several stuff on it, including a tin pan. Django came up again and attempted to strike SN again, but SN hardly blocked it with his keysaber, only to have it fly across the room. SN then grabbed the tin pan and dodged the next strike from Django.

Swiss Ninja thought:"I suppose this tin pan will do for now."

Django then decided to shove SN with the telekinesis, but by then, SN had shielded himself with the tin pan.

Django:"Why isn't it working? I AM ALL POWERFUL! NOTHING CAN STOP ME!!!"

Swiss Ninja:"It appears that tin shields me from your telekenesis. BOYAH!!"

And with that, Swiss Ninja lept at Django and kicked him in the jaw.


Swiss:"Good Night, Django! NEVER MESS WITH ME!"

He proceeded to knock him out cold with the frying pan.

Java was terrified, and so was Austin and the RDA Troopers.


Swiss:"No, he's not dead; he's only unconcious. How dare he betray me!"

Java:"I will do whatever it takes to make him loyal to him once more, your majesty."

The RDA Troopers also said:"We will as well, for we are his clones."

Swiss:"I think I figured out that his brain enlargement gave him telekinesis powers. However, they can be hindered by the natural element of tin, or any alloy that has Tin in it. This pan has tin in it, as well as some tin in his armor. Java, put his armor back on before he wakes and hurts us more.....and he looks hideous without his armor anyways....ugh!"

Java:"So tin defeats the powers of Django Ghent.....strangely enough, the scientific symbol for tin is 'Sn'. Ironic, isn't it?"

Jock ran as fast as he could back to the house to find Leoanrdo and Piper waiting for him alone.

Jock:"Hey, where's the flock of puffles I told you two to watch?"

Leonardo:"Sadly, they ran away. Piper was twirling his gun until he accidentally fired."

Piper:"I thought I didn't have any ammo in there."

Leonardo:"So the shot scared the other puffles and they ran away...I bet to their owner."


Piper:"Where are the other Hochstadt Gang members?"

Jock looked behind himself.

Jock:"Oops. I must have left them behind. I didn't tell them about Django Ghent being revived."

Piper: O_o

Jock:"I'm serious. SN told me his plans ahead of time. I didn't belive him at first, but then we went to the Schloss and I saw him alive! Revived!"


Piper, Leoanrdo, and Jock ran into Jock's house immediately and locked the door.

Piper:"If he's alive, you bet he'll want to kill you. After all, you killed him. I don't think he found that pleasant."

Piper and Jock took out their AK-47 Icebullet Rifles and stood at the windows near the front door of the house.

Jock:"I know. That's why I ran for my life. I...I don't see any of the Hochstadt Gang members coming back...I don't think they succeeded...Django's too good for that."

Leonardo then took out a pistol and joined the other two as well.

Jock:"Wait, maybe we can escape on the plane you arrived in."

Piper:"We can't. We parachuted down here. They're smart enough not to let you....or now us escape anyways."

Django woke up, feeling very powerless.

Java:"Father, why are you attacking your master?"

Django:"I don't know...all this power just took over me...I wasn't thinking straight. I'm sorry."

Swiss:"You are forgiven...but look! We've captured all of the Hochstadt Gang! We must celebrate with cream soda!"

Django jumped up immediately.

Django:"OH YEA!"

Swiss:"Alright let's party! Troopers; go set up a feast for everyone!"

The troopers set up a banquet table while the Castle's cook began to prepare delicious meals, including a mullet, several yellow and silver fish, crabs, and fresh lobsters and shellfish. Salads were prepared, bread was baked, and soups were being boiled.

The Kaiser and his bounty hunters (including Django and XTUX) soon ate a hearty meal filled with delicious food that everyone enjoyed. Afterwards, Swiss Ninja ordered everyone to recieve a mug of cream soda and decided to have a toast.

Swiss Ninja:"Another success over the Hochstadt Gang! May they fail and we prevail forever!"

Bounty Hunters:"HUZZAH! For Snowzerland!"

Swiss Ninja:"For Snowzerland! Cheers!"

Everyone cheered as they raised their mugs and drank the succulent, sweet, and bubbly cream soda. It seemed as though everyone gulped their drinks down in one swallow.

Swiss:"Let's have another round, shall we soldiers?"

The soldiers immediately served the Kaiser and his bounty hunters another round of cream soda. Once again, they drank it all up quickly.

Swiss:"Man, it was even better a second time! Lets have another round here!"

The Soldiers soon brought a third round. They drank it all up again quickly, but not as quickly as the second.

Swiss:"That was faaaaantastic...let's have some more!"

Austin:"Isn't this a little too much?"

Swiss:"Of course not! WHERE'S OUR DRINKS????"

Swiss Ninja did this seven more times before they got boozed by the cream soda. By then, all of the bounty hunters had fallen asleep from drinking too much of the cream soda. A boozed and dillusional Swiss Ninja and a sober XTUX were still awake. The RDA Soldiers were so busy serving the kaiser and his bounty hunters that they didn't get to have any at all.

Swiss:"Let' for a walk...I'm kind-of feelin' funny..."

XTUX and the RDA Troopers followed him out into the countryside of Snowzerland on that glorious afternoon.

It was already nearing Dinnertime and Jock, Piper, and Leonardo were still guarding the door.

Leonardo:"Isn't it time to eat yet? I can cook some food if you want."

Jock:"But we might miss the enemy approaching!"

Piper:"Which would be NOW!"

Jock and Leoanrdo looked out the window to what Piper was looking at. Not too far down the road was the boozed Swiss Ninja, walking in a funny way with his soldiers and XTUX following beside and behind him.

Jock:"AAAAH! Quick! Hide the guns in the closet or something!"

Piper took everyone's guns and put them away in his hyperspace "pockets". Surprisingly, SN began to walk towards Jock's house. SN knocked three times, and Jock timidly opened the door.

Jock:"Hello, your magesty. Can I help you this afternoon?"

It was already apparent that SN wasn't fully aware of his surroundings; Jock could see it in his sleepy eyes and slumped posture.

Swiss:"Yea. Hi Jock...can me and mah friends come in for some dessert or somethin'?"

Jock:"Alright. I haven't had dinner yet, so dessert will have to wait. You can come in though."


Jock opened the door to have Swiss Ninja hug him...for the first time. Jock could never recall a time when his nephew had ever hugged him.

Swiss:"Heheh. Nice to see you again. Heheheeheh. Come on in, XTUX and soldiers..."

The reluctant XTUX and the RDA Soldiers soon entered the house after Swiss Ninja. Jock and Leonardo went off to cook their dinner while Piper served ice cream to the guests that already had dinner at Schloss Devecter.

Swiss Ninja was so boozed up, that he ignored his spooned and dove his face into the bowl and licked it all up. Meanwhile, Leonardo and Jock had a short secret conversation in the kitchen.

Leonardo whispered:"How long do you think Swiss Ninja will be boozed up?"

Jock:"I don't know. I fear it might not be too long. We shouldn't let him become self-aware here..."

Jock then left the kitchen to check on his guests.

Jock:"Well, it looks to me that you need a drink to go with those sweets; right, Swiss?"

Swiss:"Uh huh."

Jock:"Let's have some John Quenchy Adams Cream Soda on the house!"

Swiss Ninja drank up the John "Quenchy" Adams brand of Cream Soda along with XTUX and the Soldiers. XTUX had enough of this being nice to the Hochstadt Gang...but he was in a good mood (from having all the Hochstadt Gang captured) and it was getting late to do anything about it.

XTUX:"Swiss, I think it's time we head back home."

Swiss:"Heh. Alright."

Swiss Ninja awkwardly got up and walked out the door. The RDA Troopers soon followed them, but not without politely thanking Jock and Leonardo for the ice cream and cream soda.

XTUX stayed behind, and closed the door behind him. The lights suddenly dimmed.

"Just a warning, but I will kill you some day, Leonardo. Some day."

Then, he promptly opened the door and left, rocketing after SN (who moved suprisingly fast for a boozed penguin). Leonardo shuddered, but then they all started laughing about what had just happened. It was ridiculous!

Jock:"Swiss Ninja really needs to watch how much cream soda he drinks.."

Chapter 9:Clovis in Denial[edit]

That next day, the captured Hochstadt Gang found themselves in the dungeon of Schloss Devecter; each penguin in their own individual cell.

Clovis:"Oh, this sucks. I'd do anything to get out of this cell!!!"

Gottfried:"Yeah...they took our weapons away!"

Fuut Ga:"Have any plans, anyone?"

Dave:"I don't think so."

Bernard:"I've got a headache....I feel like sleeping, that's what!"

Fisch:"Calm down, everyone!"

Suddenly, the door into the hallway slammed open, and two soldiers entered with some food.


The soldiers began to give every prisoner each a rotten fish. Clovis couldn't take it anymore; he was sick of living in jail cells and being fed lousy food.


Soldier 1:"What?"

Clovis:"Swiss Ninja is the best kaiser in the world! May he live forever!"

Soldier 2:"Don't try to play dumb with us, we know you're lying! You're a member of the Hochstadt Gang!"

Clovis;"No I'm not! Curse them! Let me out of here, and I shall serve his majesty forever!!! LET ME OUT!"


Clovis:"Silence, Fish Penguin! I don't know you! ALL HAIL THE KAISER!!!"

Dave:"SHUT UP, CLOVIS! You don't know what you're saying!"

Clovis:"No, I do! You should shut up, for I am not a Hochstadt Gang member!!! ALL HAIL THE KAISER! LET ME OUT!"

Soldier 1 paused for a second.

Soldier 1: "I'm going to bring the boss to see this."

Soldier 2;"Cock-a-doodle doo....Fine then. If you want to be free, slap your leader in the face three times, just as much as you have 'denied' him if you want to get free."


Austin marched into the room.

Austin:"What's this? You're actually going to do this? Okay, let's see this."

The Soldiers nodded and opened both Fisch's and Clovis's cells. The soldiers bounded Fisch's flippers up with a rope behind his back. Clovis was brought to him.

Austin walked up to him, smirking. He tossed Clovis his fish.

Austin:"Slap him."


Soldier 2:"Three times!"

Fisch:"Clovis, don't do strong....please don't...."

Clovis hesitated for a minute, but then he gave Fisch a hard slap.


The two soldiers and Austin laughed. They already knew that Clovis was denying his own group on purpose; they just loved to see him hurt his own group members.

Soldier 2:"Do it again!!"

Austin:"Yeah, get 'em harder!"

Clovis slapped Fisch a second time, this time harder.


Soldier 1:"One more time! Give it all you got!"

Soldier 2:"Knock him clean out!"

Austin:"One hit, and you're FREE!"

Fisch:"NO, CLOVIS! HAVE...."

Clovis punched Fisch square in the jaw and knocked him out cold. The Soldiers and Austin began laughing their lungs out as they pointed at the crumpled figure that was the unconcious Fisch. Clovis was too sick to look.

Soldier 1:"Alright, Jester. You are free to go."

Soldier 2:"But you must pledge your honor to the Kaiser forever more!"

Austin:"Yeah. Then, you're free. Come on, say it."

Clovis raised his right flipper and said:"I....solemly pledge my allegiance to the Kaiser....forevermore..."

He could harldy hold back he tears.

Soldier 2:"Then you are free to go. Now get out of here!"

Clovis turned around and walked down the hall, very depressed. The other Hochstadts were booing at him mercilessly. Austin was laughing, and high-fiving the two soldiers (who were still laughing). By then, Clovis ran out of the castle and began to cry. He didn't want to make a mockery out of himself, so he ran into the woods.

The rest of that morning was cold and cloudy; it was sure to rain very soon. Clovis knew that Jock's home was nearby. Sure enough, the woods cleared and the vast hilly pastures revealed that Jock's cottage was not to far away since Clovis could see it. He walked up and knocked on the front door.

Jock answered the door.

Jock:"Hello? Clovis? What happened?"

Clovis was still in tears, for he forgot to wipe them away from his face.

Clovis:"The Hochstadt Gang....I lied to them that I 'betrayed' them and that I pledged my loyalty to the Kaiser so that I could be free...."

Jock:"Hmmm. I could see why. No big deal. I understand, and I suppose we can talk this out with the gang later. You'll be forgiven. Don't worry. You really are sorry..."

Clovis:"You think so? I also ran away to come to your house anyways. You were getting better treatment."

Jock:"Yeah, well that's because SN thought that being nice would make me loyal to him."

Clovis:"We got imprisoned!"

Jock:"Hmm. I suppose Austin didn't think the way SN does. I bet the soldiers let you go because they know that the Hochstadt Gang would always stand up for what they believed in."


Jock:"Well, come inside and have some breakfast. They probably didn't feed you much in that jail cell, did you?"

Clovis;"Nah, I left before I could touch my food. It was only a rotten fish anyways."

Jock led him into his house and served him a warm breakfast of waffles and fruits. Clovis was already feeling better.

After Breakfast, Jock, Clovis, Leonardo and Piper had decided it was time to find a way to escape the island.

Clovis:"But what about the rest of the gang?"

Jock:"It's too risky right now. Since we are all from Castilla, we can go to the King and tell him about our unfair treatment. Let's hope the King can find a compromise to this."

Leonardo:"Like a summit?"

Piper:"Oh please, not another one...."

Jock:"Possibly. I don't know, but lets focus on our main objective right now: getting off this island. The king will help us no matter what, we will just have to talk to him."

Piper;"Hmmm. Jock, do you happen to have a map of Snowzerland?"

Jock:"Yes. I do, but it's not very detailed. Here it is..."

Jock unrolled a piece of paper to reveal a map of Snowzerland.

Map of Full Snowzerland Island.png

Piper studied it for a minute.

Piper:"Hmm. I believe that we are between the cities of Zurich and Interlaken, right?"


Piper:"Is it possible to use the airport?"

Jock:"I tried that already. They wouldn't let me in. Not even in the terminal, not even from Fisch's Hangar."

Piper:"Darn...perhaps the northern coast?"

Jock:"Well, we could....but I'd think that those Snoss Shooting Stars and Swisserschmitts could easily outrun us..."

Piper:"Dang! Seems like the Snoss are getting tougher. How about by sea? We could be stowaways or something..."

Jock:"Hmm. Well, because of poor relations, there is only one ship from Castilla that goes to Snowzerland. And that's from the city of Bellizona."

Piper:"Woah. That's basically on the other side of the island....I hope they have a ferry that goes across the bay."

Jock:"I'm sure they do."

That afternoon, Jock, Piper, Leonardo, and Clovis left the house for the last time.

Jock:"Well, I guess we can say this was a sort of holiday. Snowzerland is a nice place to visit, really...but we can't stay here too long...cause you know...we'd be killed..."

Leonardo:"The ferry is in Zurich. I believe we can take it across the bay to the French speaking city of Lausanne."

The Group soon arrived in Zurich and walked to the city shores to go to the ticket booth to buy the tickets to board the ferry to Lausanne.

Jock:"Four tickets, please."

Ticket Seller:"Ok. Zat vill be twelve gold coins, pleaze."

Jock:"Here you go."

Ticket Seller:"Danke." (Thank you.)

Jock, Clovis, and the two puffles were about to board the ferry when all of a sudden they were stopped by a couple of Snoss Soldiers.

Snoss Soldier 1:"HALT!"

Snoss Soldier 2:"Vhere do you think you're going?"

Jock:"On this ferry, that's what!"

Snoss Soldier 3:"You're not going anyvhere!"

Jock:"But I only want to see the city of Lausanne! It's still Snoss! Oh please? We want to explore the treasures of Snowzerland, the land of the great Kaiser!"

Snoss Soldier 1:"Hmm. Fine. But ve're going to stay on zee boat vith so so zat you don't try to escape zee country!"

Clovis:"We won't. We are just visiting Lausanne."

The Snoss Soldiers let the two Hochstadts and the two puffles up the gangway first and then boarded the ferry afterwards. The boat soon left the dock and headed out onto the water.

Snoss Ferry.png

That was when the Hochstadts and the puffles got a view of the central valley of Snowzerland. Along the water, they could see many of the cities, towns and villages. Today was a clear day, so they could also see the sheer mountains and the rolling green hills filled with pastures and forests in front of them. Lausanne was across the bay from Zurich and could already be seen.

Clovis:"Mon Dieu, what a view!"

Clovis always knew that Swiss Ninja had good taste in many subjects and fields, and Snowzerland was a very good pick to start his empire. It was quite beautiful, and if Clovis had ever been the one to start an empire, he would have picked Snowzerland island to be his homeland. Alas, Clovis was only dreaming and Snowzerland was more of a danger than a beauty; looks can be quite decieving. Yet because the Snoss were not out to kill him this time, he could finally enjoy the island. Clovis was still in dreamland, and little did he know that his boat had just docked onto the shores of Lausanne.

Lausanne Harbor.png

Unlike the Zurich, which was a busy German city, Lausanne was a very elegant and more richer looking town. As Zurich is known for it's Finance and Geneva is known for it's politics, Lausanne is known for it's cream soda making. The whole region around Lausanne and Geneva is influenced by the culture of Frankterre. Therefore, many of the Frankterrans immigrated to Snowzerland and brought their famed cream soda making skills to where they settled. Unlike the Alemanian Cream Soda which is thick, very sugary, and bubbly, Frankterran Cream Soda is quite light, juicy, less bubbly, and very zesty. Clovis, Jock, and even the puffles would not even think about leaving Lausanne without having a glass of Frankterran-Snoss Cream Soda.

They soon got off the ferry and went to a nearby cream soda bar to have what they came for.

Clovis:" this stuff....I wish I lived here.."

Jock:"Perhaps you can, one day."

Clovis gave Jock a strange look; he never would think that would ever be possible.

Leonardo:"Yes, it was quite nice to live here before I left. The place has a charm to it."

Piper:"Let's get going soon, guys. Who knows when that ship will arrive..."

The others drank up their glasses of Cream Soda and soon boarded a train heading for Bellizona. Luckily this time, the three soldier who were with them on the boat also had glasses of cream soda and totally forgot about their mission. Even though the gang was stopped by a security guard at the train station, when they said they were going to Bellizona to visit, he let them pass.

Bellizona is the only large town that was influenced by Ligurian Culture, and is the only major costal town in Snowzerland that isn't in the Zurich Bay. Many would think that the Zurich Bay would be an ideal place for trade, but because the bay was once a lake, Bellizona was always the main port town to the island and continued to be the main port town, even after the Great Snowzerland Wars.

Piper:"So, where's this ship?"

Jock:"It's a traditional Castillan galleon. It's not part of the Castillan army....or at least anymore, just to save money it became a merchant ship."

Sure enough, as they were heading towards the harbor edge, they could see the tall masts with it's flowing Castillan flags towering over the buildings of Bellizona. However, they then realized the Snoss Soldiers partolling and marching down the edge of the harbor.

Clovis:"This isn't going to be easy to get onto that ship..."

Jock:"Course not. But we'll just need a distraction."

Piper:"Yeah, but even if we do make it onto the boat while distracting the Snoss, they will notice we are on there and the galleon will be torpedoed by Snoss iBoats."

Leonardo was pondering for a minute.

Leonardo:"Well, they won't be looking for Snoss soldiers, right?"

Piper:"No, of course not! Why.....oh. I see!"

Leonardo and Piper went up to two of the Snoss Soldiers and asked:"Would you like to have a drink of Cream Soda?"

Snoss Soldier 1:"We'd like to...but we can't..."

Snoss Soldier 2:"We're on duty, boys."

Leonardo:"Oh, come on! It's free."

Snoss Soldier 1 and 2:"Free? Ok...well maybe just a glass....We've already been patrolling for a while..."

Leonardo and Piper led them to the nearest Cream Soda bar in Bellizona and everyone had a glass of Ligurian Styled Cream Soda, which was similar to the Frankterran Cream Soda. After the two soldiers had a glass, they thanked Leonardo and Piper and were going to leave....

Leonardo:"Oh wait! Come on! Want to have another drink, guys? I thought that it was delightful! Another one won't hurt..."

Snoss Soldier 1 and 2:"Ok..fine...I suppose that another drink won't hurt..."

Leonardo and Piper already had two yellowish-green colored drinks for them.

Leonardo:"This is a different type of Cream Soda. Tell us what you think of it."

Snoss Soldier 1:"Eww...that's a rather nasty color....did you make this yourself?"

Leonardo:"No way! Do you really think I'd do that?"

They both drank their yellowish-green drinks and soon passed out onto the ground, unconcious.

Jock:"Wow, thanks for the Ditto Type A, bartender! It works like a charm!"

Bartender:"You're welcome, PFLS leader!"

Jock:"So, what was it that you wanted to use the soldiers' bodies for?"

Leonardo:"What? I didn't want their bodies...we need their clothes. How else would be disguise you two as soldiers?"

Clovis:"Ooooh! I see what we're up to!"

Clovis immediately ripped off one of the uniforms of the soldiers and put it on himself. Jock did the same.

Jock:"What are we going to do with you two?"

Leonardo:"Hide under your shirts. Those uniforms are a bit big for you two. I suppose those large trenchcoats look roomy enough to hide us under there."

Clovis:"Wouldn't that add suspicion?"

Piper:"Course not. These two Snoss soldiers we defeated clearly were not in the best of shape, unlike their comrades. They might notice you two as the two soldiers, not as Clovis and Jock."

The two puffles slipped under the trench coats of Jock and Clovis. They then marched to the edge of the harbor and to the Castillan galleon's gangway. They were then stopped by two Castillan Soldiers who were put there to guard the merchant ship from any trouble.

Castillan Soldier 1:"Halt! What do you need, Snoss Soldiers?"

Jock:"Shh! ¡Oye, soy Jock Hochstadt!" (Listen, I'm Jock Hochstadt!)

Clovis:"¡y soy Clovis Hochstadt! ¡Ayuda está aquí!" (and I'm Clovis Hochstadt! Help is here!)

Castillan Soldier 2:"¡Ay Dios mio! ¡Ven conmigo!" (Come with me!)

The Castillan Soldier took Clovis and Jock up the gangway and into the captain's quarters.

Captain:"¿Quien son ellos?" (Who are they?)

Jock:"Soy Jock Hocshtadt, este es Clovis, y estos son Piper y Leonardo." (I'm Jock Hocshtadt, this is Clovis, and these are Piper and Leonardo.)

Captain:"¿Es este cierto?" (Is this true?)

Castillan Soldier:"Claro que sí, Capitan." (Of course, captain.)

Jock ripped off his uniform to reveal his Viking tunic, while Clovis ripped off his uniform to reveal his jester suit. The two of them then put on their regular hats again.

Captain:"¡Mira, es cierto! ¡Bienvenido!" (Look, it's true! Welcome!)

The Captain was overjoyed at finding the missing Castillan Citizens, and took them down into the ship's galley to hide. They then departed out into the sea, leaving the Snoss not a trace to where the two Hocshtadts and the two puffles went off to. While on the trip, the group told the merchants and soldiers aboard the ship of their capture, treatment, and escape. It took a couple days to sail to Castilla, where they arrived in the city of Varcelono to be met by the King, who was waiting for them at the docks.

King Carlos:"Oh good! You all are alive!"

Jock:"Yes. In good condition too."

Clovis:"Your magesty, something must be done with the Snoss. I'm sick and tired of them trying to capture us and put us in prisons and torturing us!"

Jock:"Except this time, they gave us the 'good' treatment by giving us a home and exiling us on the island so that we were forced to stay there so that we would like it there."

King Carlos:"Hmm. I heard they also waterboarded you, right Leonardo?"

Leonardo:"Yes. Nobody waterboards a Castillan."

King Carlos:"Well said."

Piper:"They knocked me unconcious twice."

King Carlos:"Hmm."

Jock:"We were able to get free, but the rest of the gang is now recaptured. Can your majesty try to do anything about this?"

King Carlos:"I bet a ransom should do the trick. Let's go back to Metido to the Snoss Embassy and see what we can do."

Chapter 10:The Embassy[edit]

The King, Jock, Clovis, Piper and Leonardo soon arrived in the capital city of Metido and went inside the Embassy of Snowzerland. The King approached the secretary.

King:"Excuse me, can I ask a diplomatic favor for the Kaiser?"

Secretary:"Ok. What is it?"

King:"The Kaiser has unlawfully imprisoned loyal Castillan citizens and their friends. The Citizens were able to go free and recieved horrible treatment. Please release the other Hochstadt Gang members that still suffer mistreatment."

The Secretary laughed.

Secretary:"You want him to release the Hochstadt Gang? No way the Kaiser will do that!"

King Carlos:"I command you to get Swiss Ninja on the phone at ONCE! I must speak with him personally, then!"

King Carlos angrily picked up the phone and called Swiss Ninja immediately.

Swiss Ninja:"Hello? Is this the embassy?"

King Carlos:"Yes, this is King Carlos of Castilla. I'm calling you from the embassy."

Swiss:"Cool. What do you want? We don't have a summit until...."

King Carlos:"I'm not here for a summit, Kaiser! I'm here about your mistreatment of our citizens!"

Swiss:"King Carlos, I haven't hurt a single Castillan. What on earth are you talking about?"

King Carlos:"Hmmm. Does Clovis and Jock Hochstadt sound familiar? Leonardo di Tremezzo and Piper J. Cub? All those four are loyal Castillan citizens. You hurt them brutally and have persecuted them time and time again just for disagreeing with you and your goverment. After they escaped, now you hold the rest of the Hochstadt Gang captive, and I request that you have them freed at once!"


King Carlos:"Excuse me! This is serious! Let them out! We'll pay the ransom. Anything. Just let them free."

Swiss:"No way. Keep your money. They're mine, and they're enemies of the state! I'm not going to free the rest of them, and that's final! I have more important things to do, anyways. Good bye!"

Swiss Ninja hung up instantly.

Jock:"So, what did he say?"

King Carlos:"He said no. Nothing."

Leonardo:"We can't have another rescue invasion again. That wasn't very successful..."

King Carlos:"'re right..."

Piper:"Hmm. Perhaps we should go to war. We should teach the Snoss a lesson."

King Carlos:"Well, only problem is that I can't declare war myself. The Congress of Deputies and the Senate determine that. Besides, war costs money and soldiers..."

Piper:"Well, you should try to propose it at least."

King Carlos:"I could, but tensions between Castilla and Snowzerland aren't terrible. Sure, it's growing, but it's not at the point of war yet."

Clovis:"Well, I suppose we should get going."

Leonardo:"Yes, we should. We tried our best."

King:"Yeah. Come, friends. We can have tea at my palace, ok?"

Jock and Piper:"Sure."

The group then left....but once they left the embassy lobby, Austin, Java, Johnathan, and Django appeared from one of the dark corridors. They weren't going to let the Hochstadt Gang escape Snowzerland that easily.

XTUX:"What about ME? Stop leaving me out McFlapp!!!"

The Narrarator:"I'm the one narrarating the story, not McFlapp!"

XTUX:"But I should be in this too, Narrarator!!!"

The Narrarator:"Fine..."

Oh, well, and XTUX too.

Anyways, like I was saying, the Bounty Hunters were not going to let the Hochstadt Gang escape Snowzerland that easily, and they already knew that Swiss Ninja's "nice" treatment would give them a chance to flee, so they went to Castilla to try to end this once and for all.

That next day, the two Hochstadts and the two puffles were invited to the Buckingham Tower by a friend of Jock, who was one of his Viking comrades who fought with him in the Great Snowzerland War I. He was working in the tower and wanted Jock and his friends to come and visit his office.

Thur (Jock's Friend):"It's nice of you to come visit me, Jock. I haven't seen you in a while."

Jock:"I haven't seen you in a while as well. Where in the building do you work in?"

Thur:"The 29th floor, which is the top story. It's not the tallest building here in Metido; it's the 8th tallest in the city's financial district, but it still gives a nice view of the city."

Thur led Jock, Clovis, Piper, and Leonardo up to the 29th floor.

Leonardo:"Yes, it is a nice view."

Thur then gave the gang a tour of the top floor....and little did they know that the Bounty Hunters and XTUX were following them. They casually walked into the lobby.

Django:"Excuse me, where is the Hochstadt Gang?"

Secretary:"They're on the top floor."


Django then led the bounty hunters to the elevators.

Django:"Ausitn, punch in number 21."

Austin:"Floor 21? But the gang is on floor 29..."

Django:"Yes, but we're not going up there. It's too high."

Austin:"But aren't we going to confront them?"

Django:"No. We don't need to."

The doors opened, and the bounty huntered barged into the room.


The bounty hunters took out their guns, and everyone in the office floor started screaming.

Austin:"Django, we're after the Hochstadt Gang...why are we taking these penguins under hostage? Let's just let them free and save them the trouble..."


Everyone in the building started rushing to the elevator and the stairs and in a matter of minutes, everyone had evacuated.

Django:"XTUX, lock up the elevator. We don't want them calling for backup..."

Django and Java started pulling out giant Deletion bombs.

Java:"Austin and Johnathan, strap these deletion bombs onto the corners of the building and then near the center. XTUX, you can pitch in also once you're done with the elevator doors."

The group quickly did what they were told, and soon strapped all the bombs into place.

Django:"Alright, lets get out of here. I have the bombs timed, and they're going to detonate in 30 seconds! Let's get out of here!"

Austin grabbed one of the computers from one of the cubicles and smashed the large office window into pieces. Django then grabbed and flew Austin out of the building with his jetpack, and Java did the same with Johnathan. XTUX followed behind them with his own jetpack.

Then, the deletion bombs went off.


The Deletion bombs deleted the whole floor, except for a couple beams that were still supporting the building. Some of the electrical wires were ruptured and began starting a fire.

That was when Clovis noticed the bounty hunters flying out of the building and the debris coming out from the explosion on the 21st floor.


Several other office workers noticed this and began screaming in fear. Piper decided that he should act fast, and spotted a metal vase near the elevator. He grabbed Leonardo and threw himself and Leonardo in there, hoping that it would protect them when the building would would collapse.

Torre Buckingham Disastre.png

Smoke was coming up everywhere. Many other penguins from other office buildings watched as the bounty hunters flew out of the building and went onto an escape helicopter piloted by Swiss Ninja himself. Suddenly, the explosion occured and everyone from the surrounding buildings started evacuating; fearing that the building was going to collapse. The penguins from the lower floors of the Buckingham Tower had to escape from the stairs since the elevators were disabled. Unfortunately, all the penguins from the 22nd to 29th floors were trapped, including the two Hochstadts and the two puffles.

Unfortunately, the few beams that was still holding the upper part of the building collapsed because of the extreme weight pressure, with one side of beams collapsing first, making the building fall sideways towards the other evacuated office buildings.


Everyone trapped in the falling part of the office building flew into the air as the building collapsed and collided into another office building. One second later, everything was rubble.....and the metal vase that Piper and Leonardo were in had broken with the final fall. They were hardly injured and only recieved some minor cuts from the broken vase and sharp pieces of rubble.

Piper:"Yes! We live! It worked!"

Leonardo:" *cough* *cough* Yes, we did...oh no...I'm not sure about the two Hochstadts, though. *cough* There's so much smoke's hard to breathe...rubble's so dark I can hardly see..."

Piper:"CLOVIS???? JOCK????? HELLO????"

There was no answer...but both puffles thought for a minute that they could hear some moaning. Piper pulled out two oxygen masks.

Piper:"Here, put this on."

Almost immediately, they began to hear the drones of many sirens of many firetrucks and ambulances. That was when many moans of pain and cries of help began, for now they knew that many of the office workers had survived.

Hundreds of firefighters from the local area as well as thousands of voulenteers began pulling out trapped penguins and puffles who were buried in the rubble. Among the first ones rescued were Clovis, Jock, Piper, and Leonardo. Luckily, they all survived, but Clovis and Jock suffered major injuries and were rushed to the hospital as soon as possible. They were the lucky ones, for there were still many other injured penguins that could not all fit in the crowded hospital, so nearby buildings near the destroyed building were converted into small hospitals and many voulenteers poured in and were able to save everyone trapped in the rubble.

Although it was a good think that everyone survived, the whole building that used to be the Buckingham Tower was completely destroyed. The top had fallen off, and the bottom part had burnt to the ground. Everyone in the city was quite astonished at what happened; everyone took it by surprise. However, it was no surprise to find out that it was the work of the Snoss.

Because their injuries were minor, Piper and Leonardo were released from the Hospital very quickly so that they could bring in more patients. Once they checked out, they went to see Clovis and Jock, who were in the same room.

They found them still unconcious and wrapped in many bandages. Their arms were broken and so were their legs. They hopped onto Clovis's bed first.

Leonardo:"Clovis? Are you awake?"

Clovis stirred for a moment, and slowly opened his eyes.

Clovis:"Uuuuggghhh.....what....what I dead?"

Leonardo:"No, you survived, just like everyone else. The building collapsed and fell on another building. We were lucky enough not to suffer major injuries because we hid in a metal vase."

Clovis:"Lucky you...I was the Snoss who did it....Piper...I think that war idea should be carried out....they've gone too far..."


Suddenly, the nurse came in.

Nurse:"Clovis, his royal majesty King Carlos would like to speak with you."

Clovis:"Of course. Let him in. Good timing, actually."

King Carlos arrived with two guards with him.

King Carlos:"Hello Clovis. Oh, poor thing! What happened?"

Clovis:"Those Snoss bounty hunters attempted to asssasinate us. They blew up the 21st floor and the building collapsed."

King Carlos:"That is quite crazy!"

Clovis:"Of course it is! I'm sick of this, your majesty! Please if you will, accept Piper's request to declare war. The Snoss have just gone too far!"

The King cringed, but he knew that the Snoss had just attacked innocent penguins and puffles of Castillan blood, nearly killing them.

King Carlos:"Fine. We shall have a war council with the Congress of Deputies and the Senate. That is when we will propose war, and we'll see if the bill passes."

Clovis:"Perfect. First, let us heal first. We're not quite ready for war yet...and I'd like to be there when you do have the war council with the Congress of Deputies and the Senate."

Piper:"I'm sure Jock would want to be there too."

King Carlos:"Is he ok, right now?"

Clovis:"Yes, he probably is. He's just unconcious like I was a few minutes ago."

King Carlos:"OK then, I'll make sure to announce the war council meeting to everyone soon, then. Alright, I better go then. Bye!"

The King and his two guards left, leaving Piper and Leoanrdo alone with Clovis again.

Piper:"Hmm. This war is probably going to really tell Antarctica that we're more powerful than we look when we kick Snoss butt!!!"

Clovis:"Heheh, actually, most penguins in Antarctica think that Castilla is PART of Snowzerland. That will make them notice that too."


Jock and Clovis soon healed fully and were soon back to normal activities. The War Council was scheduled in a matter of weeks, and word spread about the Buckingham Tower attack across Antarctica with shock. The declaration of war against Snowzerland was not released to the public yet, neither did rumors spread about it. The bounty hunters and SN soon returned happy with severely hurting the two Hochstadts, and although this had been a major blow for Castilla, this has been a major victory for Snowzerland. Yet, tensions are about to grow, and so ends the story of the Adventures of Piper and Leoanardo.

The End!!!