The Beach

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The Beach
Beach skyview.PNG
The Beach from a bird's-eye-view.
Key details
Type Beach
Location Club Penguin
Inhabitants Lighthouse Keeper

White Point Beach, locally known as just the Beach, is a large tourist attraction Club Penguin. It is famous for its strange mixture of fine white sand and smoothly packed snow (called "sand-snow"), which has been described as "the most unique soil in the Sub-Antarctic", as well as being the home of the Lighthouse. On occasion, the Beach is the main docking point for Rockhopper's Migrator.


Early History[edit]

Before Penguin Chat 3, the Beach was an uncharted area; a peaceful place inhabited only by marine wildlife. All this changed when a group of trekkers explored the area east of the Dock. It was discovered that there were lots of rocks surrounding the coast and some unique fine snow that resembles sand. An old stone Lighthouse was found here, later discovered to be built by the native ninjas.

The Club furthered the construction of the Lighthouse. Naturally, the beach was dubbed the Beach. It grew into a popular relaxation spot, as the sand-snow was smooth and quite undisturbed. In 2004, a very intense storm flooded the Lighthouse (effectively disabling it), damaged the Beach's natural dunes and shifted many rocks. The wreckage of the storm made it unsafe to sail around Penguin Chat.


When Penguin Chat was renamed Club Penguin and reconstructed as the ultimate urban-suburban hybrid, the Beach quickly saw overcrowding. Server technology was implemented to help alleviate this. However, cargo ships trying to dock at the Dock flooded the T servers and caused glitches and data loss at the Beach and surrounding areas. The Beach was nicknamed "New Dock" and was closed to the public in order to prevent anyone from being wiped. The Port was built in BCP to make sure the Beach remained open to the public.

The lack of a lighthouse still made it dangerous for all ships, so in 2006, the Beach became the site of the mass renovation of the Lighthouse. The community-funded and volunteer-assisted project modernized and transformed it into the new White Point Light. With ships now able to safely travel around White Point, Rockhopper started to dock his ship, the Migrator, to it. The renovations also reinvigorated the entire beach, attracting even more tourists.

Present Day[edit]

Nowadays, the Beach is a widely known tourist spot where many penguins visit everyday, mostly to relax. Recreational activities such as surfing are held here, although dropped significantly at the discovery of the Cove. It is also home to high-quality sand-snow which can be used to construct many durable sculptures.


The Beach serves a more prominent role in TCP than it does any other server.


The Beach attracts tourists with its fine, white "sand-snow", which is excellent for building sandcastles (snowcastles?). This sand-snow is one of the most finest on the island, rivaling that of the Snow Forts in quality. The Beach is the home of the Lighthouse a very prominent meeting place in Club Penguin and the tallest building on the island. The Beach is also the docking site of Rockhopper's Migrator. It gets very busy at sometimes, and is mostly full of tourists. The most busiest times are when Rockhopper's ship is docked, making many penguins flock to it and board the ship. There are two beach chairs in the TCP servers, but penguins sometimes bring their own beach chairs to the Beach. Chicks like to build snowcastles, and swim in the shallow water.

BCP & ICP[edit]

In both BCP and ICP types of servers, the Dock and Beach are merged entirely into one area: the Port. All of the ships dock here, at a massive dock. Here, the Beach is a very industrial area, with lots of cranes moving around crates and containers. The Beach resembles a large loading and unloading point for shipping containers, where trucks are ready to carry goods around the island. It is very developed and mostly concreted; little natural landscape remains. There are two large docks on both sides of the Lighthouse, and lots of fishing gear is scattered around. The area surrounding the Lighthouse is a cleared concourse where vendors may set up shop. Annually a large market is held at the Beach, selling all sorts of fine wares from afar.


Not much is to be said about the Beach in RCP, except that it is full of luxurious and expensive beachfront houses. These houses aren't igloos; they built out of stone and wood. The area houses a large portion of high wealth penguins, most of them being overseas citizens from Liguria and Lisboagal. House prices at the Beach are some of the most highest on the island, due to the picturesque views that it offers. Many homes are also rented out to tourists at exorbitant prices. The Lighthouse is no longer here, and is replaced with a small community center that which acts as a meeting place for many. The community center also has a cafe and a pool, acting as basic amenities for the small community.



  • The sand-snow that is found is sometimes placed in bottles and used as souvenirs.
    • This has helped EBUL earn money for upgrading buildings.
      • The sand-snow is replenished by crushing stone that is brought up from the Mine
  • Cadence and Peng Guin can often be found here to promote the Cadence Collection.
  • Heepee Penjwin often has her fund-raising events here.

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