The Dark Lorgas Show

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Yes,Dark Lorgas has his own show.


S1-S5: Dark Lorgas, played by himself

S1-S5: Urglar, played by himself

S1-S5: Dark Lorgas' Army, played by themselves

S1-S5: Bugzy, played by himself

S5: Everyone who participated in the Battle for Antartica, played by themselves


Season 1[edit]

Running Gags[edit]

  • Dark Lorgas always runs into walls.
  • Dark Lorgas' TVs randomly blow up in his face, causing him to buy a new one almost every time.
  • Dark Lorgas constantly breaks the 4th wall.


Dark Lorgas' TV blows up in his face, he facepalms, then the title of the show appears onscreen.

Episode 1: Introducing Everyone!: Dark Lorgas introduces the cast through a musical episode.

Running Gags: Dark Lorgas runs into walls constantly.

Subplot: none

Theme: none

Episode 2: 'Scuse Me, Is This Sparta??? (Part 1 of 2): Dark Lorgas constantly asks people if where he is is "Sparta".

Running Gags: People always respond with a loud "NO, THIS IS (insert name of place)!!!"

Subplot: Phazon Troopers (Generic Light infantry for Dark Lorgas' Army) set up a scam to get currency.

Theme: "THIS IS SPARTA!" being yelled infinitely

Episode 3: BUGZY! (Part 2 of 2): The cast meet Bugzy and random things happen.

Running Gags: Random stuff happens, including but not limited to television explosions.

Subplot: The scam works, and the Phazon Troopers buy a lot of stuff (hot tub, flatscreen TV, etc.)

Theme: Bugzy's Theme

Episode 4: How To Blow Stuff Up (Part 1 of 3): Dark Lorgas starts to obsess over explosions and, in his haste, buys some explosives.

Running Gags: Dark Lorgas blows everything up including, but not limited to his TV.

Subplot: The base is robbed and Phazon Troopers are forced to track down the culprit.

Theme: TNT

Episode 5: Doom Doom Doom (Part 2 of 3): Dark Lorgas begins to plot out plans of doom.

Running Gags: Dark Lorgas does nothing but sit and write evil plans with a purple crayon.

Subplot: The Phazon Troopers continue tracking the robber.

Theme: The Doom Song

Episode 6: Dark Lorgas Eats Waffles, Pancakes, and French Toast (Part 3 of 3): Dark Lorgas eats nothing but waffles, pancakes, and French toast for the entire day. Not a very healthy diet.

Running Gags: Dark Lorgas keeps eating waffles, pancakes, and French toast.

Subplot: The Phazon Troopers find the robber and they *ahem* "teach him a lesson".

Theme: Do You Like Waffles?

Episode 7: Ultraboomer (S1 Finale): Dark Lorgas makes a cool new machine, but its extension cord ain't long enough.

Running Gags: The Ultraboomer's plug constantly gets unplugged.

Subplot: The Phazon Troopers take a day off.

Theme: Invader Zim Credits Theme