The Defenders

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The Defenders
Agency overview
Formed March 2010
Jurisdiction United States of Antarctica
Headquarters Defenders Mansion
Agency executives Iron Walrus, Team Leader
Captain Antarctica, Team Leader
Parent agency G.E.T. P.R.O.T.E.C.T.I.O.N.S.

The Defenders is a fictional group of superheroes created for SHAZAM Comics. The team is mostly composed of heroes, both real and fictional, who have their own comics produced by SHAZAM, but over time has expanded to include characters created specifically for the Defenders comic to fill out the roster.



Day of the Defenders[edit]

When The Walrus Crime Ring unleashed a attack of super-uber-elite robots on the Polar District to get rid of Iron Walrus, the famous technological genius retreated to the Penguin Secret Agency for help. He was directed to Chris Iratus, the director of a secret program known as G.E.T. P.R.O.T.E.C.T.I.O.N.S. Iron Walrus traveled to the ends of Antarctica to find him, and finally found him at a secret facility at Emery Island.

There, Iron Walrus learned that the army was built specifically to defeat Iron Walrus, and each squadron was hooked up a Snowtendo Vii N that was controlled by a member of the Walrus Crime Ring. Iron Walrus decided he needed an army to fight his former allies, so he set out to recruit various super-powered penguins in Antarctica. He was visited by a detective named Jean Jacques who told him he had info on the Walrus crime ring, and that they should find new heroes

Iron Walrus traveled to the GET PROTECTIONS headquarter where he recruited the physicist and helminthology, Puny, who agreed to help him.

As Iron Walrus was flying to Emogom Town, the residence of Detective Focci, he flew into Thorn the Tern. Thorn asked what Iron Walrus was doing, and when he didn't respond, Thorn attacked the walrus with his sickle. After a long battle, Thorn came out victorious, and asked again. When Iron Walrus told Thorn he was forming a group of superheroes, Thorn asked if he could join. Iron Walrus refused, so Thorn bribed him with the money he had accumulated throughout his 150 years of living, and became part of the team.

At Emogom Town, Iron Walrus turned on the Bat-Light on top of the police station. When it was activated, Detective Focci came to the scene, and asked what was up. When Iron Walrus briefed Focci, the Detective accepted, only if Iron Walrus promised to help clean up Emogom City of the crime and corruption. With his team debriefed, he returned the South Pole City, in order to defend it.

The 5 man team decided to split the city up into 5 areas, and each clear them up, while Shape Shifter's telepathy acted as a comm link. Each member cleared out the squadrons, and proceeded to fight the squad leaders. They all pushed the leaders into the center of city. However, that was all part of the plan, and they merged together in a giant robot machine. The team had to work together to defeat the robot, and somehow find a way to use their unique powers together.

They eventually took down the robot, and the citizens of Antarctica praised the team as heroes, and built a statue of them in the center of South Pole City. They came to the HQ of Stank Industrial Co, the company of Iron Walrus, to get cleaned up and rest. There, Chris Iratus was waiting for them. Chris told the team that there was a biological attack somewhere in Pengolia. When asked if they could tend to the problem, Iron Walrus asked the team if they were okay with it. They all replied positive, and from then on, they were known as the Defenders.


Iron Walrus rebuilt the former HQ of Stank Industrial Company in order to serve as an HQ for the Defenders. Each member of the team has their own individual floor, where they could decorate to their disposal.

The sub-floors consist of Briefing Rooms, suit rooms, vaults, and prison cells. Each cell is designed to hold each villain captured. There is also a training room, where each member can test their skills against a robot of an enemy they fought in the past. The sub-levels also have a hanger, where there are multiple jets at the team's disposal.




  • Ultroid


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