The Defenders

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The Defenders
The public logo for the Defenders.
National Emergency Defense overview
Formed March 2010
Preceding agencies None
None, however, multiple branches of the Defenders have been formed.
Jurisdiction Everywhere
Headquarters Defenders Mansion
Employees Multiple superheroes in Antarctica
National Emergency Defense executives Iron Walrus, Team Leader
Captain Antarctica, Team Leader
Parent National Emergency Defense G.E.T. P.R.O.T.E.C.T.I.O.N.S.
Child National Emergency Defense League of Super Penguins
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The Defenders is a group of superheroes that banded together to save South Pole City from the Walrus Crime Ring's army of robots. Since then, they have banded together multiple times, in order to save Antarctica from enemies a regular army cannot defeat.



When The Walrus Crime Ring unleashed a attack of super-uber-elite robots on the Polar District to get rid of Iron Walrus, the famous technological genius retreated to the Penguin Secret Agency for help. He was directed to Chris Iratus, the director of a secret program known as G.E.T. P.R.O.T.E.C.T.I.O.N.S. Iron Walrus traveled to the ends of Antarctica to find him, and finally found him at a secret facility at Emery Island.

There, Iron Walrus learned that the army was built specifically to defeat Iron Walrus, and each squadron was hooked up a Snowtendo Vii N that was controlled by a member of the Walrus Crime Ring. Iron Walrus decided he needed an army to fight his former allies, so he set out to recruit various super-powered penguins in Antarctica. He was visited by a detective named Jean Jacques who told him he had info on the Walrus crime ring, and that they should find new heroes

Iron Walrus traveled to the GET PROTECTIONS headquarter where he recruited the physicist and helminthology, Puny, who agreed to help him.

As Iron Walrus was flying to Emogom Town, the residence of Detective Focci, he flew into Thorn the Tern. Thorn asked what Iron Walrus was doing, and when he didn't respond, Thorn attacked the walrus with his sickle. After a long battle, Thorn came out victorious, and asked again. When Iron Walrus told Thorn he was forming a group of superheroes, Thorn asked if he could join. Iron Walrus refused, so Thorn bribed him with the money he had accumulated throughout his 150 years of living, and became part of the team.

At Emogom Town, Iron Walrus turned on the Bat-Light on top of the police station. When it was activated, Detective Focci came to the scene, and asked what was up. When Iron Walrus briefed Focci, the Detective accepted, only if Iron Walrus promised to help clean up Emogom City of the crime and corruption. With his team debriefed, he returned the South Pole City, in order to defend it.

The 5 man team decided to split the city up into 5 areas, and each clear them up, while Shape Shifter's telepathy acted as a comm link. Each member cleared out the squadrons, and proceeded to fight the squad leaders. They all pushed the leaders into the center of city. However, that was all part of the plan, and they merged together in a giant robot machine. The team had to work together to defeat the robot, and somehow find a way to use their unique powers together.

They eventually took down the robot, and the citizens of Antarctica praised the team as heroes, and built a statue of them in the center of South Pole City. They came to the HQ of Stank Industrial Co, the company of Iron Walrus, to get cleaned up and rest. There, Chris Iratus was waiting for them. Chris told the team that there was a biological attack somewhere in Pengolia. When asked if they could tend to the problem, Iron Walrus asked the team if they were okay with it. They all replied positive, and from then on, they were known as the Defenders.

Further Recruitment[edit]

Iron Walrus hacked into GET PROTECTIONS' computers to find super-powered organisms in Antarctica. Eventually, he narrowed the list down to only a couple penguins. They decided to recruit a couple experienced heroes, like Silver Skier and MadCap. They also recruited amateur heroes like Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal, in order to train them to be better heroes.

Recently, they found an army in Team Corvus. Each Corvus was different in there own way, and since there are over 20 of them, they acted as a good army.

Doctor Logic's sidekick, the Unknown Theorem was inducted into the Defenders as a trainee.

Recently, Iron Walrus opened a registration program for the Defenders, to recruit further. However, all interviewees so far have been rookies, and denied from the prestigious team.


Iron Walrus rebuilt the former HQ of Stank Industrial Company in order to serve as an HQ for the Defenders. Each member of the team has their own individual floor, where they could decorate to their disposal.

The sub-floors consist of Briefing Rooms, suit rooms, vaults, and prison cells. Each cell is designed to hold each villain captured. There is also a training room, where each member can test their skills against a robot of an enemy they fought in the past. The sub-levels also have a hanger, where there are multiple jets at the team's disposal.



Character Powers Notes
Iron Walrus PWNING armor. Main Founder
Shape Shifter Can shape shift into anything. Master of Espionage. Can read minds and has strong enough telepathy to fly Prefers to be a puffle.
Puny Shrinking and growing abilities, can use pheromones and soundwaves that control worms Dont' underestimate him
Thorn the Tern Controls weather, super-strength, fly Bribed in order to join the team. Defender's diplomat to the Tern population.
Detective Focci No super-powers, but master detective and master martial artist. Also contains a variety of gadgets at his disposal. Usually away watching over Emogom Town.

Current Members[edit]

In any Alphabetical order.

Character Powers Notes
Android Female supercomputer. Strong enough to rewrite history and strong enough to shut down anything powered by electricity. Much More powerful than Cerebal. Android has once HACKED and messed up Cerebal's location.
Arachnid Boy DNA mixed with spider-DNA, can shoot webs from wrists, can stick to walls, spider-sense, super strength and agility, and is able to turn into a spider. Defender's resident chemist
Captain Antarctica Super-strength, and an unbreakable shield Chronologically the oldest
Darty Super-speed Close friends with Puny.
Diss Kid Enhanced Strength, Durability, Regeneration, resistance to extreme temperatures, and mild psychic powers. Kind of grumpy, but he's better once you know him
Doctor Logic Has the power of logic, super-smart and can get out of any situation quickly. Defender's Resident Doctor.
Fantarctic Four Elasticity (Mr. Fantarctic), Invisibility and force fields (Invisible Penguin), Pyrokinesis (Avian Torch), and being strong and durable (The Freak) Mostly scientist and explorers.
FutureSeeker Can read the future. Does not participate in many battles, only important ones.
Gamma Gal Controls gamma rays, also can fly. Amateur when alone, fighting machine when coupled with Shadow Guy.
MadCap Enhanced senses. Apparently has a "sixth sense". Lawyer, if the Defenders are sued.
One-Eye Can shoot lasers and has super strength Former partner of Titan Turtle.
Shadow Guy Controls shadows, can fly. Amateur superhero but with great potential, but only good with Gamma Girl.
SheZam Can Fly, shoot lightning, sense danger, and is near indestructible. Actually a 13 year old boy, but don't tell anyone. Also has a set of rule "she" has to follow.
Silver Skier High levels of fourth wall manipulation, enhanced stamina, supersonic speed, enhanced strength Very experienced member.
Sticky Has those sticky hand things, which is made of flexible metal. Amateur.
Team Corvus A large group of super penguins who control darkness-esque abilities (like Vesper and Shadow Guy), each can only exhibit one trait, behavior, or emotion. They are capable of things such as beam-firing, flight, telekinisis, and using COC-abiding spells. Their powers are strongly limited because each Corvus lack the emotional complexity to use them all. They work best in teams. Slanta Furious assigns random Corvusses to different teammates, and that often results in incompatibility. When asked why she doesn't choose, she says it's "For the Lulz".
Titan Turtle Can turn to steel. Can move as fast as a penguin. Defender's diplomat to the Turtle population.

Former Members[edit]

Character Powers Reason
Ultroid Super intelligent Robot. More powerful than Android Mercilessly killed villains, and turned on the Defenders when they tried to stop him

Rejected Members[edit]

Character Powers Reason
Daniel Specter Ghost powers, including but not limited to flight, levitation, plasma beams, brief possession, wall-phasing, diasappearing, and the ability to revert to secret identy and back at will. Far too young and shy, strange powers, bad taste in hair, and the occasional mischief using his powers.
PabloDePablo Can fly and freezing powers Not enough experience, and threw a chair at Iron Walrus during he interview. He is now begging for another chance, promising not to throw chairs and train harder.
Oceanrock Regeneration, teleportation, master martial artist, master swordsman, and master wisecracker Not enough experience.
Power Puffles Super strength, durability, flight, enhanced senses, heat vision, among others Not enough experience and needing to mature.
Captain Moose Burger-Rang, Swamp Gas, Molten Cheese Ray, Taco Spray, Shoop Da Whoop Ray, Banana Bazooka, and Mini-Rangs Too stupid, plus his "powers" aren't real powers, just cheep junk bought at the nearby dollar store.

Most Wanted List[edit]

  1. Ultroid
  2. Black Madame
  3. Doctor Dominate
  4. Necrosis
  5. Orange Ogre
  6. Walrus Crime Ring
  7. Metallica
  8. Purple Penguin
  9. Bugzy

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