The Detective Trio

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Detective Trio
Name Detective Trio
Type detectives
Head Detective Ice
Job Solve crimes in Antarctica
Members Chill57181
Mario Rk
Snowstormer (sometimes)
Headquarters Chill's Igloo, Shops Island

The Detective Trio is a trio of investigators (commonly called detectives) who solve crimes throughout Antarctica. Usually they have separate investigations, but they sometimes team up to solve harder crimes. Even though they solve crime all over antarctica, they solve the most crime in their home country, Shops Island.


Each member has their own detective name.

Detective Ice[edit]

Detective Ice (AKA Chill57181) is the head detective of the group.

Detective 'Stache[edit]

Detective 'Stache (AKA Mario Rk) has solved many crimes, and is famously known for his involvement in the "Spooky Kitty Kat Mystery" (and later created a soundtrack for it as part of The KD Band). He usually solves crime in Club Penguin.

Detective Eggynog[edit]

Detective Eggynog (AKA Penquino) is the latest penguin to join the group. One of his most famous (solved) investigations was (dubbed by him as) "The Case of the Banned Broseef", when Bro was mysteriously sent off of Shops Island in a cargo plane while he was sleeping.


  • The detectives have much in common. Some of the things in common between all three of them include:
  • They all live on Shops Island
  • They all have had or currently have a government position on Shops Island
  • Detectives Ice and 'Stache have both been presidents (2nd and 4th, respectively, however Detective Ice was the first official president because Ben was a dictator rather than a president).
  • Detectives Eggynog and 'Stache have been VP, while Detective Ice is the current VP.
  • All detectives have been governors.
  • Snowstormer sometimes assists the detectives when help is needed, his detective name is Detective Storm, although he rarely uses it and only helps in severe cases.