The Dynamic Trio: File X

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The Dynamic Trio: File X
The Dynamic Trio- File X poster.jpg
Start May 4, 2017
Prerequisites Wikipenguino X resurfaces and goes in search of a highly classified set of files.
Level High
Location Antarctica, Ninja Archipelago
Rewards Antarctica is safe, the document is returned and retrieved.
Journey to the Center of the Realm, Operation Improbable The Dynamic Trio: An Unknown Enemy

The Dynamic Trio: File X is the sequel to Journey to the Center of the Realm. When Wikipenguino45's X-Antibody, Wikipenguino X, attempts to find File X, a very dangerous document if in the wrong hands, it is up to the Dynamic Trio and their friends to find the document and stop Wikipenguino X before he use the contents of File X to complete his domination over Antarctica.


It was a warm, sunny day in the city of Tropicapolis. It was nearing the summer, and the weather forecast had stated the temperature was slowly rising once again. Penguins were enjoying this change of weather by visiting the beaches, swimming and waddling around the parks.

Wikipenguino had returned from Club Penguin and had just managed to catch the arrival of the warmer weather. He was now seated in a chair, scribbling absentmindedly in his sketch book out in the Lagois Mansion's large yard. His puffle, Terry Van Furry, was sat on top of a table next to him, reading Lord of the Onion Rings and admiring the heat and clear skies.

Terry Van Furry: Great we could make it back on time. I was starting to get tired of the cold weather...

Wikipenguino, however, wasn't listening and was instead now drawing a picture of a penguin he'd long since taken an interest upon and-

Terry: Who's that?

Wikipenguino suddenly slammed the book and hid it behind his back.

Wikipenguino: That's none of your business.

However, before Terry could pursue the conversation, Dennis Kappa came waddling up to them. The housekeeping robot, Digit slid smoothly across the grass to them shortly after.

Dennis: Sir, I'm afraid to say that I have some good news and some bad news.

Wikipenguino: Aw, crumbs...

Wikipenguino sighed heavily.

Wikipenguino: So. What's the good news?

Dennis: The good news is, your uncle, Mr. Charles Lagois has just arrived with your sister Wikipengal, and from what I've heard, invented flying vehicle he thinks will be an efficient form of transport perhaps for you and your relatives. He just landed in it a few moments ago. He's called it The Snowdragon.

Wikipenguino: Mhmm, I see. What's-

He shuddered.

Wikipenguino: ...the bad news?

Digit slid closer to Wikipenguino and a slot in his robotic torso opened up. A sheet of paper printed itself out. Dennis grabbed it as soon as it finished and gave it to Wikipenguino.

Dennis: We extracted this specific bit of info from an article in The Tropicapolis Today's website. This just happened a few hours ago.

Wikipenguino read the headline.

Wikipenguino: "Wikipenguino X is among us once again-" oh no...

Terry: Well, this is perfect. We get back only to leave again. I was hoping to get a hot chocolate...

Wikipenguino: 'fraid that'll have to wait, buddy. We've got a mission to do.

Wikipenguino grabbed Terry and ran inside the house. Wikipenguino sat down at his desk and turned his computer on. After it booted up with the usual start up tune and the 'Welcome!' screen, he clicked on the application "Hype" then clicked on an image of Falco's face. After a moment, a window popped up showing a confused looking Falco in his igloo back at Club Penguin.

Falco: Wiki? I wasn't expecting your call...

Wikipenguino: I guess I was lucky since I wasn't expecting to get you on my first try either...Anyways, with that outta the way, I have some important news.

Falco: The new sequel to Snow Wars was released!?


Falco looked disappointed.

Falco: Oh.

Wikipenguino: Wikipenguino X is at large once again. According to this article, he planned an attack in Dellaroma, Liguria.

Falco looked like he was going to explode for a second, but took a deep breath.

Falco: Where should we meet?

Business was going as usual in the busy center of Formenos. Cars whizzed past on the roads. Wikipenguino and his puffle Terry were seated outdoors next to a restaurant beside the sea.

Terry: I wish everywhere else was just as warm...

Wikipenguino: Relax, Terry. You should take the time to appreciate Antarctica and it's many cities.

Wikipenguino took another bite out of a pizza slice he was eating and continued to observe the city.

???: You have to agree with Wikipenguino, it is a sight to see.

Wikipenguino: Kenny!

Standing there, smiling, was the one and only Kenny Lagois, Wikipenguino's cousin as well as a ninja. The propeller on his red propeller cap fluttered slightly in the breeze. He was wearing his usual black belt and ninja mask.

Terry: Glad you could make it.

Kenny: It is a pleasure to be here. Has anyone else arrived yet?

Wikipenguino: Falco should be on his way...Cheddar should be coming too, I think. We'll be seeing all of them very soon. In the mean time, why don't you take a seat and eat with us?

Kenny: Ah, yes. I've always enjoyed pizza.

Kenny pulled up a chair and sat beside them.

Kenny: So this is Wikipenguino X we're going up against?

Wikipenguino: Yep.

Kenny: Ah. I suspected as much.

Terry: According to an article we read earlier, he's being causing trouble in Dellaroma.

Wikipenguino: And obviously, we can't let him continue with his evil plans. Anyway, what pizza would you like? They've got cheese pizza too-

???: Cheese!?

They all turned around to see none other than the Penguin Prankster Who Liked Cheese, and Kenny's brother, Cheddarbox. Right behind him wheeling their suitcases were William Lagois, his wife Alayne and Wikipenguino's best friend, Falco. Cheddar's puffle, Mike hovered happily above their heads with his purple propeller cap.

Wikipenguino: There they are! Welcome, everyone!

Cheddarbox: Thanks! Now, if you don't mind...

Cheddar waddled quickly into the restaurant. His puffle Mike flew inside as well. The rest of the members seated themselves at the table.

William: We managed to catch each other at the airport and decided to take the bus together. We're after your illusive X-Antibody, correct?

Wikipenguino: That's right.

Falco: Good...because the EPF just caught word of this...

Falco, who was now reading his spyphone showed it to the rest of them.

Falco: Remember Tux?

Wikipenguino: Yeah, I remember him.

Falco: He and a bunch of agents managed to intercept and decipher a secret code sent by a known S.H.A.R.K. member who was communicating with what Tux believes may have been Wikipenguino X.

Wikipenguino: Mhmm.

Alayne: What did it say?

Falco: Well, the agents cracked most of the code, and from what we can assume from all that, S.H.A.R.K. is planning an attack on Snowdon's EPF Base to find a certain...something.

Wikipenguino: I see. What is this special something?

Falco: Unsure, but all I know is we have to stop them from obtaining it.

William: When is this all going to take place?

Falco: If the message didn't lie, not too long from now. About three days from now at the thirteenth hour of that day, the sixteenth minute and the forty fifth second.

Terry: How precise...

Falco: All we gotta do is interrupt them before they even try. Boy, I am looking forwards to this!

At that moment, Cheddar came out of the restaurant and sat down next to them.

Cheddar: Sorry, what were you talking about?

Chapter 1: It's A Trap![edit]

It was a cold, dull, rainy day in the city of Snowdon, Puffle'and. The sky was darkened with the presence of rain clouds and the sun was invisible due to the clouds shielding it's light. Penguins and puffles holding umbrellas moved slowly through the soaked streets and occasionally, a fast moving car would zoom past, splashing water everywhere. The group was at the steps of Snowdon's large EPF Facility entrance.

Cheddar: Any sign of him?

Wikipenguino: Nope, not yet.

Falco: He'll be here soon. As soon as he arrives, we'll initiate the plan.

Terry: Well then I hope he comes soon. I'm getting tired of this cold, rainy weather.

Falco: Patience, young Terry, your time will come.

Cheddar was standing beside Falco at the entrance to the base's parking space. His puffle was hovering above their umbrellas, protected by his propeller cap which was even repelling most of the rain drops.

Wikipenguino was standing at the base's entrance in the shaded area and using his pair of binoculars.

Wikipenguino: Hey, I think I see something!

He zoomed in on a large, metal truck and spotted penguins in dark gear jumping out of it. They were all armed with Snowball Rifles.

Cheddar: Uh oh. Looks like we got company.

William: Okay then. Everyone get inside the building!

The team ran quickly up the steps. Cheddar slipped on one of them, but regained his balance and sprinted inside.

Wikipenguino X had just finished assembling his team of S.H.A.R.K.

Wikipenguino X: Alright, the mission is simple, you all know what the procedure is. We'll get in, get what we want, then get out. Understood!?

S.H.A.R.K. Members: Yes, sir!

Wikipenguino X: Then let's teach those Elite Penguin Fools a lesson once and for all.

The members then marched with identical movements through the path leading to the building and up the stairs before standing next to the walls. One of the members waddled up to the door and placed a small metal object on the door which attached itself firmly to it and started to beep. Members closest to the doors stepped back slightly as the beeping became more frequent.


The door then suddenly burst open and smoke suddenly billowed out of the metal gadget. The S.H.A.R.K. members slid night vision goggles on and trudged inside the base, ready to fire at anything that moved.

The main entrance area however, was empty.

Wikipenguino X: Huh. Odd. I thought we'd encounter some security measures...

The team marched on, down corridors and stairs until they were at the entrance to the underground levels of the building.

S.H.A.R.K. Member 1: This looks like it.

Wikipenguino X: Out of my way!

He shoved the member aside and waddled up to the door. He looked suspicious for a second, then pushed the door open.

The inside was completely obscured by darkness. He signalled to the others to follow him inside.

Wikipenguino X: Hmm...the corridors and layout look different from my map.

Seconds after they were in, the door closed itself, blocking off all light. The only light was the faint green from the S.H.A.R.K. members' goggles. Everyone in the room looked worried, but Wikipenguino X seemed to be panicking the most.

Wikipenguino X: can't be...this-


He recognized it as the sound of a snowball rifle clicking.

Wikipenguino X: Oh no. IT'S A TRAP!

The members suddenly saw ice bullets streak past them and agents firing from their hiding places in the dark. The members retaliated, but the EPF agents were closing in and dodged their bullets. Soon enough, they were cornered. Some of the S.H.A.R.K. members put their flippers in the air.

S.H.A.R.K. Member 2: We surrender!

Wikipenguino X: You fools! What are you doing!? I didn't order you to surrender!

???: He's quite right, you should surrender.

Wikipenguino X froze and knew exactly who the voice belonged to.

Wikipenguino X: You again!

Behind him was the bright blue light of a keysaber's blade being held up by Wikipenguino. Behind him were Falco, Terry, William, Alayne, Cheddar, Mike and Kenny.

Wikipenguino X: I should have known it was you.

Wikipenguino: Yeah, whatever. You're still coming with us!

Falco: And there's nowhere to run this time!

One by one, the S.H.A.R.K. members there were taken away by the EPF agents. Wikipenguino X glared at all of them before it was his turn.

Later, in Wikipenguino X's cell, a guard opened the door to deliver food.

Guard: Hey...

The cell was seemingly completely empty. What the guard didn't know, however, was that Wikipenguino X was hiding up in the corner of the ceiling. He jumped down and punched the guard, taking him down.

Wikipenguino X: I'll take this, thank you very much.

He took the guard's snowball pistol and keycard before silently darting out of the cell and locking the door behind him.

Meanwhile, in the main room of the base, the team were communicating with Agent Tux, who was back in the Command Room in Club Penguin.

Tux: Thanks to your plan, Wikipenguino X is now safe in captivity and will be transported to a higher security prison. Any idea what he was trying to capture?

Cheddar: Nah.

Kenny: According to the agents interrogating him, he wouldn't budge no matter what they did.

Tux: Ah, well that's unfortunate. Hope you all have a great rest of the day.

The transmission then shut off and the screen turned to static.

Terry: Well, this was a short mission. We caught Wikipenguino's evil X-Antibody, locked him up, and prevented him from getting whatever it was he wanted. And caught a few S.H.A.R.K. agents in the process. And nothing went wrong!

The mood in the base all of a sudden seemed to be a lot more alarmed than a few minutes ago with agents rushing past and returning to their cubicles and stations.

Falco facepalmed.

Falco: And of course, you had to say that.

William addressed and agent rushing by.

William: Excuse me, what just happened?

Agent: Some prisoners have escaped from their cells. They've left our base.

The rest of the teamed seemed annoyed. Falco groaned and Wikipenguino sighed while Kenny whispered a barely audible "oh no".

Cheddar: I don't even think we need more than 1 guess at who managed escaped as well.

All: Wikipenguino X.

Agent: I'm afraid so. He and the other prisoners have dropped completely off the radar. We can't seem to track them, either.

Wikipenguino: Aw, you think you could arrange a transport for Tropicapolis, Tropicalis?

Agent: We'll see what we can do.

Wikipenguino X, meanwhile, had lead the members of his team out of Snowdon. He pulled a circular metal object out of his pocket. A hologram appeared in it's center. It was of Bernie892, one of S.H.A.R.K.'s infamous commanders.

Bernie892: Hello, sir. How did it go?

Wikipenguino X: Terribly. They were expecting us.

Bernie: Oh...uh...that's a real shame.

Wikipenguino X: Not only that, but the floor's layout has changed. This map must be outdated. By now, they would've moved whatever was dangerous out of there.

Bernie: Oh well...What would you like me to do, sir?

Wikipenguino X: Get the plane over here. Meet us at the coast, I'll send you the exact location. We're getting off of this rock they call a country.

Bernie: Yes, sir.

The hologram faded into nothingness as the agents proceeded to march on through the city's outskirts.

Cheddar, Falco, William, Wikipenguino, Alayne, Terry, Kenny and Mike all arrived at the doorstep of the Lagois Mansion.

Lagois Mansion.png

Mike pressed the doorbell with his telekinesis.

After a moment, Dennis Kappa opened the door.

Dennis: Ah. Welcome back, sir. I see you've brought some friends.

Wikipenguino: Good to see you too, Dennis.

Dennis nodded and helped them with the baggage. The team waddled inside and found Wikipengal45.

Wikipengal45: Hey! Welcome back! Good to see you too Falco, Cheddar, William, Alayne, Mike and of course Terry. Wasn't expecting your return so soon...I thought Wikipenguino X was hard to catch.

Wikipenguino: Yeeeeeeeah, well we did catch him...

Falco: ...but he escaped.

Cheddar: Again.

Wikipengal: Oh. Well that's a pity.

Alayne: We're going to need help locating him before he succeeds in some sort of plan.

Kenny: He seemed to be looking for something. We need to know what that something is.

Wikipengal: Hmm...I think I might have some idea of what he's looking for.

Wikipenguino: What's that?

Wikipengal: Okay, so remember when Operation Improbable happened?

Cheddar was now playing catch with Mike who was on the other side of the room.

Cheddar: Yeah, I remember.

Wikipengal: Well, when I was held captive by that tin can of a TV screen, ALBERT, he mentioned something about Dr. Aye-Que and Wikipenguino X wanting to steal some sort of secret recipe.

Cheddar: What, you mean those secret items they have at restaurants? Not a very villainous plan if I'm being honest-

Wikipengal: No, I mean ALBERT said they showed interest in looking for some sort of highly-protected set of instructions to creating a more powerful and contagious virus of some sort.

Kenny: You mean...File X?

William: File X? What's that?

Kenny: File X is arguably one of the most dangerous items in all of Antarctica. It's discussed widely among the secret agencies of Antarctica such as the EPF and TIA.

Wikipenguino: Sooooo why's it so important?

Kenny: File X has a specific set of instructions explaining the needed resources and items used to create a better version of the X-Virus. This version however, once infecting a patient replicates their DNA almost instantly, creating a clone within minutes upon infection. It's also, like Wikipengal said, extremely contagious, and if it was released into the continent, would likely infect all of Antarctica and create hundreds of millions of evil, more powerful X-Antibodies. Agents believe it may have been created by Nightmare or some minions of her army.

Cheddar: Yikes.

Kenny: The file containing this set of instructions has been moved from place to place, been stolen and retrieved, making it almost impossible to locate.

Wikipengal: Then let's see what the Dynamic Trio Base has to say.

The group then headed further north of the city to the base of the Dynamic Trio. As soon as they entered the building, they were greeted by none other than Wikipenguino's uncle, Dr. Infinity.

Dr. Infinity: Oh! Greetings, Wikipenguino, Falco, Wikipengal, William, Alayne, Kenny, Terry, Mike and of course Aaron! Great to see you all. I was hoping to see some of you ever since I arrived.

Wikipenguino: Hey, uncle! You too.

Cheddar: It's Cheddarbox!

Dr. Infinity: So, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?

Terry: Well see, Wikipenguino X is on the loose once more.

Dr. Infinity: Oh dear. Him again?

Wikipenguino: 'fraid so. According to what we can piece together, Wikipenguino X is after File X.

Dr. Infinity: File X? Well that's not good. I assume you all know what it is?

Cheddar: Yep. Good ol' Ken here told us the full story.

Wikipengal: No we're here to search for some answers.

Dr. Infinity: I see. Take as much time as you need. If anything, just ask. I'll be in the laboratory testing experiments.

William: Thanks!

Dr. Infinity nodded and waddled down a corridor. The team waddled down a different one and pushed open the door to the computer lab.

Wikipenguino: Alrighty, let's start searching!

After a few dozen seconds of silence apart from the hurried tapping of computer keys, Terry exclaimed in excitement all of a sudden.

Terry: Ha! Found it!

Cheddar: That was quick...

Terry: According to this EPF online databse, the document was arranged to be transferred to Parie, Frankterre not that long ago.

Wikipenguino: Parie. Sweet. So that's our next destination isn't it?

Terry: It is decided so.

Kenny: This will be interesting. I've always wanted to visit that place someday.

Wikipengal: I think I'll volunteer to stay here and perhaps guide you from here if you need help. I'll inform you all of any updates should they occur. Besides, I'm probably not allowed to anyway.

Falco: Ah well.

William: Uh, there seems to be a slight problem.

Wikipenguino: Uh oh.

William: The EPF has just caught word that Wikipenguino X is making his way across the continent to the Ninja Archipelago.

Falco: Well that's just great. Looks like our little friend knows about it's relocation.

Kenny: Well, we'll obviously need a fast form of transportation that can get there quick enough. Plane seems like our best option, but I don't know how long it'll take to get through the airport and all.

Wikipengal: Well, there is The Snowdragon.

Cheddar: And what's that? A newly discovered species? No phreaking way I'm going to ride a dragon-

Wikipengal: No no no, its-

Wikipenguino: Of course! Uncle's newly created vehicle. Dennis informed me.

Wikipengal: Yeah, that.

Alayne: Where is this vehicle parked?

Wikipengal: As a matter of fact, just outside behind the building, I believe.

Terry: Are you sure he won't mind us borrowing it?

Cheddar: 'course! We'll just ask him.

Chapter 2: The Snowdragon[edit]

Later, the team was standing outside in the sun with Dr. Infinity and Wikipengal next to the large metallic plane-like body that was The Snowdragon.

Dr. Infinity: Can't you just use the airport? And this is still work in progress, I don't know how well it can perform.

Wikipenguino: If we take the airport, we won't get there quick enough. We have to use it.

Cheddar: We'll be careful with it, uncle. We promise.

Mike, who was hovering above their heads again, smiled and winked at the scientist.

Dr. Infinity looked slightly uneasy.

Dr. Infinity: Oh, alright. Just please, please bring it back in once piece.

Falco: We won't let you down!

Dr. Infinity: Farewell!

Wikipengal: Bye guys! I'll keep in touch from here!

Group: Bye!

The doors of the vehicle closed.

The interior of the vehicle had two seats in the piloting area and some seats in the back. Wikipenguino waddled up to the controls and sat down in the co-pilot's seat.

Wikipenguino: Okay...let's see if we know how to actually fly this thing. Because I don't have much experience.

Kenny: I might know a thing or two about flying a plane, so I may have some idea.

Kenny sat in the pilot's seat and strapped himself in with the seatbelt. The control board was almost flat and was primarily one big screen which was deactivated. Kenny pushed a button and the screens and controls came to life. He then pulled a red lever which started the engine and pushed the steering wheel into a forwards position.

The Snowdragon started to move.

Cheddar: Hey, we're actually doing it!

Terry: Good. Now let's begin the flying process.

After a few flips, clicks and button presses, the vehicle lifted off of the ground and was soon heading above the clouds.

Wikipenguino: Okay, so I've set the auto pilot to take us to Parie whenever you're ready, Kenny. We'll be there in no time!

A few hours later, the Snowdragon landed in a field in the city of Parie, Frankterre.

Wikipenguino: Parie! We're here!

Terry: There's no time to lose. Wikipenguino X will probably be arriving very soon. We'd better hurry!

They called two taxis to fit the whole group and Kenny, using what little French he knew, managed to tell the drivers where they had to go. In a matter of time, they arrived at their destination.

Wikipenguino: I don't see any hiding places for a file...unless they hid it in this traffic light.

Cheddar: In the traffic light? Did it happen to be jammed in there?

Kenny: Perhaps, the answer lies...below us.

Kenny gestured towards a manhole.

Cheddar: What? No, no way I'm going in there.

Kenny waddled up to the manhole and when nobody was looking, picked it up. Down the hole was a ladder. A dim glow could be seen at the end.

Kenny: Follow me!

Kenny slid down the ladder and once far enough from the ceiling leapt down. Falco did the same while the rest of the team carefully descended. Mike dropped downwards and levitated upwards once he was close enough.

Falco: Come on guys, hurry!

Cheddar: Hey, not everyone's a ninja, Falco.

After they managed to reach the bottom, they observed their surroundings. They were standing on a metal floor and surrounded by concrete walls. The room was lit up by lights attached to the wall. A single circular corridor was present ahead of them. There were some security guards present, who were slumped unconsciously against the wall.

Falco: Looks like we weren't the only one looking for the file.

Kenny: This way.

They sprinted through the corridor to find broken, sparking cameras and more injured and unconscious guards. At last, they were in the vault room. However, the vault was open and it's contents were absent.

Wikipenguino: WHAT?!?

Suddenly, they heard footsteps and panting.

Wikipenguino X sprinted into the room from one of the other corridors and froze upon seeing them.

Wikipenguino X: You penguins! Again!

He saw the vault was empty.

Wikipenguino X: And the file has escaped my grasp once again...Despicable. Unless one of you have it?

Falco: If it isn't the elusive Wikipenguino X...I take it this was your handiwork?

Wikipenguino X: Unfortunately, no and I only just got here, after all...

Falco: Anyways, seeing you're here, we can't miss this opportunity to finally turn you in. The EPF has you on their wanted list, after all.

Wikipenguino's flipper was centimeters away from his keysaber.

Wikipenguino X: Oh, I don't think so.


In a split second, the X-Antibody had thrown something on the ground which exploded into massive clusters of smoke. While the others were coughing, Wikipenguino grabbed his keysaber and swiped his way through the smoke, trying to hit his X-Antibody only to no avail. Kenny had attempted to chase him too, only to find nothing.

Kenny: He's gone.

Wikipenguino: Dang it...

Kenny: Through there.

He pointed out a hole in the wall they had seen when they first entered the room.

Kenny: Somebody must have been here before either of us could get it.

The group returned to the Snowdragon both annoyed and clueless.

After the team settled down inside, a red light started flashing on the control panel next to one of the screens. Kenny pressed a button under it. Wikipengal appeared inside the screen.

Wikipengal: Hey guys!

Wikipenguino: Oh...hey...

Wikipengal: Found the file?

Wikipenguino: *Siiiiiiiigh* Nope. Someone other than Wikipenguino X beat us to it.

Wikipengal: Oh. Well, I was about to say I might know who it is. Bugzy recently announced he was going to be auctioning a very suspicious looking document and that thing costs a fortune.

Kenny: I see. So where is this very expensive file?

Wikipengal: In the city of Los Puffles, Região Lisboaguesa, o' course.

The Snowdragon later touched down in the city of Los Piffles at sunset. By now, most of the city's flashing lights and signs had been turned on, making a very colourful cityscape.

William: Okay, so where do we have to go?

Kenny: Just follow me I know where we're going. The UPM will be auctioning the items at one of these casinos...And I believed we've reached it.

They stood outside a large three-story hall which was blanketed in lights and signs.

Kenny pushed open the doors. Inside were several tables with dozens of players at different ones, all playing different games. The floor was a red carpet covered in intricate golden patterns. Glass chandeliers dangled from the towering ceilings. At the back of the room was a stage were some UPM gangsters were chatting and preparing the auction. An audience was already gathered in front of them.

Wikipenguino: Looks like we found our dudes.

Falco: How're we gonna steal it from them?

Terry: We're gonna steal it?

Cheddar: Of course not! We're just going to silently take the file without their permission or without any intention to return it.

William: Hang on, I have an idea.

William waddled out of their sight then after a short while returned with some credits.

William: Hey guys!

The UPM members looked at him.

William: Wanna play Go Fish?

UPM Member 1: Not right now, we have an auction to-

William: Come on, just one game? Or are you not up to the challenge?

Wikipenguino: William, what exactly are you doing?

William: Trust me, I have an idea.

UPM Member 2: Oh, alright. I suppose one game would do.

UPM Member 1: But we have an auction to-

UPM Member 2: It can wait. After all, it's just one game! That wouldn't hurt, would it?

All of the UPM members waddled off to join William in a round of Go Fish. He turned around and nodded to the rest of the team before following them.

Kenny: That's our cue.

They quickly ducked out of sight and went behind the stage.

Alayne: There it is!

Sure enough, the file was right there, left unguarded.

UPM Member 2: Alright, Jeff. D'you have any fours-?


All of a sudden, smoke, dust and rubble exploded from the wall to the left and part of the room collapsed. Out of the smoke emerged some S.H.A.R.K. minions including Pyrofire, Bernie892 and Sam Rudi X. An evilly grinning Wikipenguino X waddled out as well with none other than Darktan II. Some penguins fled, but others just stood in shock.

Wikipenguino X: Surprise, surprise! Nothing like a good surprise attack on your enemy every once in a while. I enjoy surprises...Don't you?

Darktan II: I very much agree. And we'll be taking that.

Wikipenguino: NO!

Darktan had used his telekinesis to grab the file. Mike attempted to fly over and grab it back until Pyrofire blocked him with a blast of flame, scaring away most of the remaining spectators.

Wikipenguino X: It's time we leave now.

The S.H.A.R.K. minions fired at the group who attempted to follow them. Unfortunately, they managed to reach a helicopter and started to escape. Kenny tried to leap onto it, but was blasted back by Darktan. Falco blasted fire only to have it overpowered by a beam of ice Darktan sent his way. The group attempted to fire only to miss.

Pyrofyre: Well, that was easy.

Darktan: Let's not waste time and just see what's inside.

Wikipenguino X: As you wish, sir.

They opened the file marked with a large red X.

All: WHAT?!?

Inside were some McDoodle's coupons and other useless items. Darktan pulled out a recording from the file and pressed play. Suddenly, a familiar tune played.

We're no strangers to love

You know the rules and so do I-

Some of the S.H.A.R.K. minions were trying to conceal their laughter. Darktan immediately crushed the recording in his flippers. The laughing stopped.

Wikipenguino X: I...I didn't know this file was a fake-

Darktan: Fools! I wasted my time and energy on obtaining this useless decoy when I could've been doing something more worth of my time! Continue your attempt to find this file. Do not summon me again unless you are certain it is the original copy.

Wikipenguino X: Yes, sir.

The group walked back to the Snowdragon, downtrodden and worried now that Darktan had gotten his flippers on File X. As Wikipenguino was about to turn on the engine, suddenly, Dr. Infinity appeared on one of the screens.

Dr. Infinity: I heard about what happened in Los Puffles tonight. The EPF office there just informed us.

Wikipenguino: Yes, my X-Antibody got his flippers on File X. Antarctica is doomed.

Dr. Infinity: I need to you all something. Wikipenguino X doesn't have File X.

All: WHAT?!?!

Dr. Infinity: Well, according to the records I just checked, File X was removed from Parie hours before it was taken by Bugzy. It's at an EPF site somewhere in Antarctica. Only the Director and top ranking EPF agents know. I might be able to check it out, but I'll have to see.

All: Phew.

Falco: Is File X safe?

Dr. Infinity: Darktan will have learned the decoy we planted is fake, so Wikipenguino X will probably be searching where it is right now. It's up to you to find out where he'll go next so you can stop him.

Kenny: Okay, you can count on us.

Dr. Infinity: Thanks. Now I have an important meeting to go to.


Chapter 3: Tracking Wikipenguino X[edit]

After spending the night in the Bellegione, the Trio set out on the Snowdragon, arriving at Dragonstone, the island country ruled by Alayne's father, Brandon Stark, around night time. As they landed at a military air force base, they were greeted by a group of Dragonstone soldiers, with the commander riding on a dragon.

Commander: Welcome back to Dragonstone, m'lady. These must be your friends?

Alayne: Yes. This is Wikipenguino, Falco, Kenny, Cheddar, and of course you know William. Guys, this is Norren Mallery, one of my father's top commanders. He usually commands a military base somewhere in one of our colonies, but he was called back briefly for some of my father's missions.

All: Hello!

Alayne, Wikipenguino, and William stepped into a car while Cheddar, Falco, and Kenny stepped into another. Within a few moments, the cars were on their way to the residence of the Lord of Dragonstone, Stark Mansion.

A few moments later, the group arrived at Stark Mansion. The Mansion was similar to the Lagois Mansion, except it was slightly smaller and was in the middle of Dragonstone instead of by the sea. As the group walked through the gate, they were greeted by the steward and two members of the elite guard.

Guard 1: M'lady, your father's waiting for you inside. Welcome back to Dragonstone.

The group continue on into the Mansion, into the main hall, they were greeted by Alayne's father, Brandon Stark, Lord of Dragonstone.

Brandon Stark: Ah, Alayne, I've been missing you. These must be your friends?

Alayne: Yes father. I believe you remembered them from my wedding?

Brandon Stark: Yes, I do. Now I must get back to attending to some important business. As you are Alayne's friends, you can have anything in the kitchen. The butler will show you to your rooms.

Alayne gestured the group and the butler, who was standing at a doorway, to follow her. A few moments later, they found themselves at a doorway. She opened the door, which led into an elegant and somewhat large room.

Alayne: This is my father's secondary meeting room. It's a little smaller than the first, but it will do.

She then gestured to the butler.

Alayne: Can you get us some drinks and snacks? Thanks.

The group then seated themselves around the large table. After waiting in silence for a few moments, the butler brought in the drinks and snacks on a cart. He then left after placing them on the table.

William: So, time to discuss what we should do about Wikipenguino X. File X should be safe, for now, though I doubt it will be long before he finds it. We need to apprehend him.

Cheddar: Haven't we already done this?

Falco: Yes, unfortunately. But we won't stop until he's locked up for good.

Alayne: Do we have a plan?

William: I might have one, but I'm not sure it'll work.

Wikipenguino: Let's hear it, then!

William: Okay, we'll need to plant a decoy. Except it won't be in an EPF base because that's too obvious. We'll pretend that we planted it in a warehouse in Gernomia. And we'll also provide clues for him to go there. Once he's there, we spring a trap, and boom.

Wikipenguino: Sounds good!

Kenny: I agree.

Alayne: We'll spend the night here, and tomorrow we'll set out. My father might be able to help us with a few things.

The group eventually headed upstairs to their respective bedrooms, exhausted from recent events and a lack of sleep. Alayne stayed for a few minutes to ponder the contents of the meeting and to have a quiet moment to herself, before going upstairs herself.

During midday the next day, the group headed to a cafe by the sea to further discuss their plan.

Cheddar: Soooooooo tell me how exactly is this going to work?

Kenny: Tux I believe managed to assemble a group of agents who are going to disguise themselves as S.H.A.R.K. members and "capture" him. The other members will probably search through everything he has and find a document containing part of the "true" whereabouts of File X. Tux will lead them back to an EPF outpost where they'll find more clues and files hinting towards Gernomia as well.

Falco: If we're lucky enough, he'll take the bait and follow it right into our trap and BAM! Mission accomplished.

Cheddar: Ah. Got it!

Wikipenguino: Fantabulous. I'll get the Snowdragon!

The hilly and mountainous terrain and dark, cloudy and stormy skies of the Darktonian Realm was just as dark, cold and stormy as ever. In one of the many hills and rocky mountains, a lit up cave was present in one of them. Two S.H.A.R.K. soldiers were stationed on either side of the cave's entrance.

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier 1: Until how long are we supposed to stand here? This place is creepy.

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier 2: Until our shift ends. And that's not for another 1 hour.

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier 1: *Sigh* Wait- what's that noise?

In the distance, the two could here struggling and yelling. They both readied their ice rifles.

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier 1: Who's there!?

A group of penguins in dark gear waddled up to them. The soldiers prepared to fire.

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier 3: Relax! We're one of you! And we caught this one trying to sneak in.

One of the penguins shoved another of them forwards. It was none other than Agent Tux.

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier 2: Well, well, well...

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier 1: Perfect...The Supreme Leader will be very happy indeed...

Tux remained silent.

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier 1: Heh heh heh...Bring him inside!

After the two waddled in, and the others looked around to see if anyone else was watching, one of them pulled off their headgear and looked at Tux.

Tux: You certainly acted well, Agent Chase.

Chase: Thanks.

Another one of them pulled off their headgear. It was Agent A.

Agent A: You really think they're gonna fall for this?

Tux: With hope, yes. Anything is possible.

One of the soldiers called out from inside the cave.

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier 1: Are you guys coming inside yet? You know how impatient our leader is...

Chase: Yes, yes, of course!

Tux: Let's proceed.

The agents put their headgear back on and marched inside. The cave was much larger on the inside. Two tunnels leading elsewhere on the left and right were present with penguins waddling in and out of them. Computers, screens and monitors were almost everywhere with dozens of agents working at many of them, all of which were talking loudly. S.H.A.R.K. flags were present on the walls. As soon as they noticed Tux, they stopped chatting.

???: Well, well, well...Agent Tux...

Many of them turned to see Wikipenguino X.

Wikipenguino X: You thought you could simply waddle into the Darktonian Realm and attempt a reconnaissance mission? I thought you were cleverer than that. Surely you weren't that foolish...

He awaited Tux's reply only to hear nothing. Wikipenguino X laughed.

Wikipenguino X: That's what I thought. Search him!

Wikipenguino X stood back while some eager-looking penguins with hand-held scanning devices quickly waddled up to Tux and started examining him with their devices which beamed light over him.

One of the disguised agents shuffled uncomfortably slightly.

Chase: Should I do something?

Tux: No. Stand your ground.

Then one of the agents looked surprised and checked Tux's inner suit pocket. He inserted a flipper and pulled out a document.

Penguin: I found something that might interest you, sir!

Wikipenguino X: What's this?

Wikipenguino X slowly waddled closer and snatched the file out of the penguin's hands. He opened it and after a few seconds, smiled evilly.

Wikipenguino X: Well, isn't this interesting. I didn't know you were carrying this...See if there's anything else you can find.

The penguins continued to scan him and after a minute, waddled back.

Penguin: We found nothing else, sir!

Wikipenguino X: Throw him into captivity. I'll torture him later.

Tux: Wait.

Wikipenguino X: Ohhhhhhhh so now you decide to speak up. What now?

Tux: That file. The one you said was interesting. It came from this outpost I was at earlier where some similar files were at. If you allowed me to, I could show you where it is.

One of the S.H.A.R.K. members, Bernie892, who remained silent until then spoke up.

Bernie: But sir, it could be a-

Wikipenguino X: SILENCE! I can decide for myself! I don't need idiots like you to decide everything.

After about twenty seconds, Wikipenguino X made up his mind.

Wikipenguino X: Very well, I'll allow it this time. But this time, we're going in with backup. Bernie, assemble Shadow Squadron.

Bernie: Y-yes, sir.

In the starry, silent night not far from the town of Snow Town, Eastshield, the footsteps of the S.H.A.R.K. soldiers echoed through the nearby forests as they trudged through the snow and shined the lights from their rifles through the snow-clad trees.

Agent A: Just how far away is this outpost?

Tux: Not too far. Trust me.

After about a minute, Tux stopped before two trees in front of a rocky hill.

Wikipenguino X: Well?

Tux: We're here.

He waddled between the two trees and after a few seconds, a door appeared in the hill and opened.

Wikipenguino X: Ah. Clever.

They waddled inside and found some agents. The agents saw them and gasped.

Agent 1: Tux! You traitor!

The agent nodded very slightly. Tux did the same. Wikipenguino X and the rest of the soldiers didn't seem to notice.

Wikipenguino X: Well, it looks like the party's over thanks to this traitor. Get those agents and search this place!

The agents put their flippers in the air as some soldiers came and cuffed them while the others opened drawers and cabinets and rummaged through their contents. Wikipenguino X joined them and after a few moments and after some minutes, looked victorious.

Wikipenguino X: At last...I will locate the true site of the file...

He then looked back at the rest of them.

Wikipenguino X: Come on. Let's return.

Chase: But sir, what are we going to do with the prisoners?

Wikipenguino X: Execute them.

Chase: A-all of them?

Wikipenguino X: Yes. By deletion. They are no longer of any use to me.

Tux: What do we do?

Agent A walked over to one of the S.H.A.R.K. soldiers and knocked him unconscious. Grabbing his weapon, he quickly shot two more S.H.A.R.K. soldiers. The other agents got wind of what Agent A was doing and quickly followed suit, making quick use of the other soldiers.


Wikipenguino X and the remaining S.H.A.R.K. soldiers opened fire on the agents, despite being heavily outnumbered. Within moments they were surrounded.

Tux: Wikipenguino X, you're under arrest.

The agents quickly handcuffed Wikipenguino X and the rest of the S.H.A.R.K. soldiers and escorted them to the cells in the base.

A few hours later, with the whole base asleep, sounds could be heard from the outside, awakening Wikipenguino X and some of the S.H.A.R.K. soldiers.

Wikipenguino X: Who is it?

Voice: It's Darktan. Come to free you after you got yourself arrested, again. Now get out of the way so I can blow this wall.

After Wikipenguino X stepped out of the way, the wall quickly blew. Wikipenguino X and the S.H.A.R.K. soldiers quickly fled to freedom in through the cold and dark Eastshield forest. A S.H.A.R.K. soldier grabbed the map containing the location of File X before escaping.

Chapter 4: The Plan[edit]

Cheddar: WHAT?!

The group was now at Wikipenguino's vacation house in Gernomia, planning the next stage of the mission. They had just learned that Wikipenguino X had gotten his flippers on the location of File X, meaning time was limited.

Falco: Yes, it's true. According to Dr. Infinity, Darktan broke into an EPF outpost in southern Eastshield, and besides freeing Wikipenguino X and some S.H.A.R.K. soldiers, made off with a map containing the location of File X. Agent Tux tells me it's the real one.

Kenny: Well, what do we do now?

Wikipenguino: They're considering where to move it, but S.H.A.R.K. is closing in on them, meaning they're trapped.

Alayne: Do we know the location of File X?

Falco: Yes. Agent Tux was able to give us the coordinates.

William: Then let's go then.

The group piled into two separate cars to take them to the airport.

Cheddar: Why aren't we taking the Snowdragon?

Falco: It's such a high risk mission for the Snowdragon to be used. We're taking two cars, loading the cars on the airplane, flying it to some site, unloading the cars, and driving it to the location. That way they don't know we're coming.

After arriving at the airport and loading the cars onto a cargo plane, the group piled into a private jet.

All: Woah.

Wikipenguino: I bought it on behalf of us. It carries many of the functions the Snowdragon has, but it's bigger and more luxurious. There's bedrooms and all the stuff that a house has. I thought that if we go on high profile missions, we should at least have comfort. Enjoy yourselves. Flight lands in eight hours.

The group eventually parted and went to different areas of the plane to enjoy their amenities.

Wikipenguino: Oh, and meet me back in the office in an hour.

About an hour later, the group had started planning things out in the office.

Falco: Alright, so how are we gonna do this exactly?

Cheddar Oh! I have a plan! Why don't we just ask the military for help and drop a nuke where the file is. On second thought, that would probably leave a massive crater and a deadly layer of radiation but hey, problem solved!

Terry and William both looked at Cheddar like he was a strange creature they'd never seen before.

Cheddar: I'm kidding, I'm not that evil, relax.

Kenny: Hmm...I suggest we sneak our way in somehow. There's always a chance those S.H.A.R.K. agent's will be keeping an eye on us as soon as we're there. Perhaps a distraction of some sort?

Wikipenguino: Yeah, I agree.

Falco: Maybe disguise ourselves as one of the agents?

Wikipenguino: I suppose, but from what I've heard from Tux's message, he's already tried that when he went in with his team. They were caught red-flippered so yeah...chances are, my evil X-Antibody will be wary of traitors or spies.

Wikipenguino got up and started pacing around the room a few times.

Cheddar: What're you doing now?

Wikipenguino: Trying to think...

After about a minute, everyone else was exchanging ideas and thoughts. Wikipenguino then returned to the table.

Wikipenguino: Any ideas so far?

Falco: Well, we have some. We could just call for backup and launch an all-out assault on S.H.A.R.K. when they arrive. I could go Inferno Mode and burn them all for good.

Wikipenguino: Wouldn't that burn down the whole forest and turn us into the rest of us into penguin pancakes?

Falco: Yeah, that's what we were thinking. Another idea is we could call our good ol' friend Lance X. Penguin, time travel back and take the file before they can even learn about it's existence or maybe erase it from reality.

Terry: But we've ruled that one out because it could have catastrophic events on reality today. You see, if the butterfly effect is correct, then technically speaking-

Falco: Thanks, Terry, but we don't exactly have time to go full-on nerd mode at the moment. If you haven't noticed, we're on a time limit here.

Terry scowled but said no more.

Falco: Thirdly, we could just ram our way through to the EPF base and just destroy the file for good, that way nobody can have it. Other than that, none of our other ideas seem to work. Even Cheddar's idea of dropping a nuclear bomb on the facility seems like the only other way.

Cheddar: I never said we would actually do it, I was joking...

Wikipenguino: Uh, alright. I thought of something that might work, but who knows.

William: Okay, let's hear it.

Wikipenguino: Falco and Kenny could act as spies and watch any suspicious activity. When they find those S.H.A.R.K. minions, they'll keep watching them until they get to a certain point. Once they cross that line, Kenny and Falco will inform us and cause a distraction to buy us some time. Meanwhile, the rest of us will silently transport the file somewhere out of their reach while the agents can perhaps aid Falco and Kenny in the fight. We'll try look as casual as possible so they won't suspect anything. Well, that's my plan.

Falco: Huh. I like the sound of that!

Cheddar: Ditto.

Alayne: We're all in agreement that this will work? A show of flippers in favour of this plan?

All of them raised their flippers except for the two puffles.

Terry: But I don't have any flippers!

Mike spun his propeller cap in annoyance as well.

Falco: But you're both agreeing to it?

Terry: Seems like the best option, yes I am.

Mike nodded in agreement.

Wikipenguino: Fantabulous. Now let's get going.

Falco: Oh, this is gonna be fun...

A few hours later, as the skies began to grow dark, the plane touched down in a clearing in the middle of an Eastshield forest. It was now dusk. The group could see the lights of a small town close by.

Cheddar: Where are we?

Falco: As it looks, Alderidge, Eastshield. I've been here before. I believe it's the closest town to a secret EPF base somewhere.

Wikipenguino: I'm guessing the base is the location of File X?

Falco: Yes, it is.

The group got off the plane and began heading to their cars, with Falco, William, Alayne, and Terry getting in one car and Wikipenguino, Kenny, and Cheddar getting in another. The cars then started, soon driving off.

Falco: I'm going to need to establish a connection with the base.

Falco quickly pulled out his phone and phoned the base. An EPF agent picked up.

EPF Agent: Hello?

Falco: This is EPF Agent Falco Hochstadt, we're en route to the base.

EPF Agent: Oh hi Agent Falco.

Falco: Yes, hi. How are you holding out?

EPF Agent: We've doubled the guard outside. No sign of any suspicious individuals.

Falco: Secure all your weak points. S.H.A.R.K. will try to exploit them.

EPF Agent: We're already on it.

Falco: Ok, keep a watch. We'll be there in half an hour.

EPF Agent: Okay.

Falco set the phone aside.

Falco: William, speed up! Alayne, I need you to contact the others.

A few minutes later, Falco picked up the phone again.

Falco: Anything to report?

EPF Agent: Nothing sir.

Falco was about to put the phone aside again when background noises were heard. Soon, sounds of a scuffle, along with what sounded like commands, were heard.

Falco: What was that?

EPF Agent: I don't know. One moment. What's going o-AGH!

Falco: Hello? Stay with me? Do you hear? Hello?

Two gunshots were heard in the background, before signal was lost.

Falco: William, we got to speed up. They're there.

Alayne: I'll contact the others.

Chapter 5: Duel At Dusk[edit]

Both cars were soon speeding through the back roads of the Eastshield forest, heading to the base.

Falco: Well, looks like we have to abandon our original plan. Looks like they're quicker than we expected.

William: What are we going to do?

Falco: We improvise.

Alayne: We're heavily outnumbered and most agents are probably dead.

William: However, they still need to find File X, and that area of the base is probably still guarded by a few agents.

A few sounds were heard from Falco's phone?

Voice: Hello? Falco are you still there?

Falco: Hello? Who is this?

Voice: I'm the agent you spoke to earlier.

Falco: What happened?

EPF Agent: I'm fine. S.H.A.R.K. has infiltrated. They managed to get in but File X is safe. But not for long. When are you going to get there?

Falco: Two or three minutes!

EPF Agent: Okay. We've called for backup but they'll take hours to arrive. We'll need everyone we can get.

A few minutes later, the group arrived at the gate, which was strangely left unguarded.

Terry: Where'd everyone go?

Falco: I don't know, but I don't like this either.

After passing the gate, they group arrived at their destination. They got out of their cars and loaded their weapons.

Wikipenguino signalled them to halt. Cheddar nearly waddled into William but stopped at the last moment, nearly tripping over. After they looked around and listened for any noise, they slowly waddled to the base.

Terry: It's eerily quiet...

Falco: Watch out!

The group ducked behind the car just as a S.H.A.R.K. soldier threw a grenade. A few moments later, the soldiers unleashed a storm of bullets.

Wikipenguino: We got to get inside the base!

Falco: Okay, Wikipenguino, Cheddar, and I will be holding them off. The rest of you get inside the base.

Moments later, William, Alayne, and Kenny were heading towards the base, dodging bullets.

Kenny: Almost there!

William pulled out his gun and shot at the S.H.A.R.K. soldier guarding the door, while Kenny aimed at another soldier on the roof who was firing at them. With the coast clear, the group ran into the base. William motioned the nearest agent.

William: Where is File X?

EPF Agent: Building C. And we are in Building A.

Kenny: We have to go back outside?

William: Oh, boy.

The trio began making their way out.

EPF Agent: Wait! We need you to help defend the back door.

The agent motioned to Kenny.

With Kenny heading off, William and Alayne made their way outside. Keeping their guard up, they began walking towards Building C. Along the way they could see the bodies of both EPF and S.H.A.R.K. members.

As they were about to open the door, a voice was heard.

Voice: Freeze!

William and Alayne turned around to see a squad of S.H.A.R.K. soldiers aiming their guns at them.

S.H.A.R.K. Lieutenant: Put your flippers in the air and drop the weapons n-ARGH!

William and Alayne saw three figures quickly disarm or shoot the soldiers. A few moments later, they could see that the figures were Wikipenguino, Falco, and Cheddar.

Alayne: How'd you make it through?

Wikipenguino: Cheddar. Anyways, where's Kenny?

William: He's defending Building A. File X is in Building C.

Falco: We got to hurry!

Meanwhile, Wikipenguino X, Darktan and a team of members were ploughing through any leftover agents defending building C. At last, they were approaching the vault which hid the document only to encounter the team, who were all blocking the entrance. Falco's flippers were alight, Wikipenguino holding his ditto pistol, Cheddar with his slingshot ready and some unrecognisable glowing substance as ammo, Terry and Mike with grenades and William and Alayne with ice pistols.

Wikipenguino X: You really think you can stop us? How exactly are you going to do that?

Wikipenguino: Together.

Wikipenguino X: Fine. Shadow Squadron, take them.

The hallway suddenly burst into absolute chaos. Bullets were firing and projectiles were thrown. Every now and then, an explosion would occur, breaking apart walls and bits of the floor, showering them with rubble, dust and debris.

The Shadow Squadron agents were proving to be difficult to handle, as very few of them were being taken down. Falco meanwhile, was having a showdown with his arch-nemesis, Pyrofire who was taunting his abilities. Cheddar was dodging and ducking, using tricks and throwing anything he had at unsuspecting Shadow Squadron members.

Just as Wikipenguino was struggling to fight a S.H.A.R.K. agent who was now attempting to punch and kick him, he noticed Wikipenguino X slowly sneaking into the vault. Wikipenguino dodged another flying punch, picked up a fragmented slab from the wall and swung it at the agents face, hitting him hard and knocking him out cold. He then rushed into the vault as well.

Wikipenguino X waddled slowly inside the vault, using a high-clearance card he'd previously stolen from an agent to lazily disable any security measures while keeping his focus solely on the file. A beige coloured file holder concealing a set of documents was indeed present on a pedestal encased in glass at the end of the room. A big, bold brick-red letter X was present on the front of the file. The words "classified" and "top secret" were stamped in a darker shade of red over it.

Wikipenguino X: At long last...The File...

Wikipenguino X used the card to unlock the casing and reached inside to grab it.

Wikipenguino: Put that back!

Wikipenguino X, who was holding the file in his flippers, about to expect it merely looked up and kept his back turned.

Wikipenguino X: Hello there, brethren.

Wikipenguino was now closing in slowly, still holding his X-Antibody at gunpoint with his ditto pistol.

Wikipenguino X: Why so aggressive? Oh that's want this? Don't you?

He turned around, waving the file holder in his flippers. When Wikipenguino didn't respond, he merely laughed.

Wikipenguino X: Looks like we'll have to settle this the hard way.

He put the file down carefully back on the pedestal before turning back. He whipped out his keysaber from under his sleeve and it ignited with a buzz.

Wikipenguino X: I've been looking forward to this.

He did another evil grin before swinging dangerously with his keysaber at his host without warning. Wikipenguino dodged his first move before drawing out and igniting his own keysaber to block the next, shoving his pistol back into his pocket. The two then engaged in a deadly keysaber battle swinging their blades at each other while blocking when needing to.

Wikipenguino dueling Wikipenguino X.png

Suddenly, Wikipenguino X kicked Wikipenguino back and retreated to grab the file before resuming the fight. Their duel eventually carried them out of the vault and back into the hallway which was looking more destroyed than ever. Falco was still locked in combat with Pyrofyre, with both panting but still determined to defeat each other.

Pyrofyre: Is that all you've got!?

Falco: I'm only getting started.

Cheddar was now lying in a corner of the room now feebly stirring with patches of dust and soot on his face, shirt and in his hair and was being defended by Terry. Mike was flying around, dodging bullets left and right and was being targeted by some Shadow Squadron agents with machine guns. William and Alayne were now struggling to overcome the remaining S.H.A.R.K. agents who still outnumbered them. Suddenly, Alayne was struck by some bullets, knocking her over.

William: NO!

William fired at the culprit and hit him square in the chest before rushing over to see if Alayne was alright.

Falco: OOF!

Falco, who was distracted by this, was suddenly blasted by a ray of energy into a wall by Darktan and fell to the ground, unconscious. Wikipenguino thought for a moment about what to do between continuing his battle with his X-Antibody or helping the others but had the choice made for him when Wikipenguino X took another swing at him. Wikipenguino kicked his antibody, finally making him trip and fall. Before he could make another move, a short burst of energy Darktan collided with him, sending him falling over as well.

Wikipenguino X: Looks like I win!

Wikipenguino X ordered the members of Shadow Squadron to retreat and quickly scrambled through a hole in the wall. Darktan followed them through. Some other S.H.A.R.K. soldiers gave them jet packs and started to ascend.


Wikipenguino X and the other S.H.A.R.K. agents were shot out of the sky. Wikipenguino X had apparently got his jet pack hit which started to malfunction. In his urgency to regain control of the jet pack, he accidentally released the file.


As soon as the file fell, a green blur whizzed past and grabbed it. The blur then zipped back down to the ground while Wikipenguino X angrily tried to pursue him but was held back by his jet pack. The shots had apparently come from a team of agents. Meanwhile, back in the base, Cheddar had finally got back up.

Cheddar: Uhhh...Huh? More agents?

The S.H.A.R.K. agents were now retreating as they were overpowered by the agents.

????: Need backup?

A familiar yellow penguin ninja with a propeller cap was standing in front of Cheddar while more agents jumped through the holes in the wall and started firing at any remaining S.H.A.R.K. agents. Reinforcements had arrived.

William: Kenny, your timing is impeccable.

Kenny: Glad I could be of assistance.

An EPF helicopter with a large, bright searchlight beamed down on the ruined base. An agent with a megaphone yelled down at them from above.

Agent: Put your flippers in the air! You are now surrounded!

The S.H.A.R.K. agents were now putting their flippers in the air in fear of harsher consequences. EPF agents were now surrounding the base and closed in, handcuffing and escorting the new prisoners out. Wikipenguino X, who had been hitting his damaged jet pack in anger had only made matters worse and only damaged the jetpack to the point of which it stopped working and he had crashed.

Wikipenguino X: Ugh...

?????: You're coming with us.

Wikipenguino X: ...what? WHAT!? TUX!

It was indeed Agent Tux who was standing over him. Two agents roughly forced Wikipenguino X into a standing position before dragging him away.

Tux then proceeded into the base where he saw Cheddar, who was in a sitting position now and being tended to by some medics, Falco, who was brushing dust and soot off himself, William, who was seemed to be among the least injured and was following some medical agents who were carrying Alayne away on a stretcher and Wikipenguino, who was talking to Terry. He approached them.

Tux: Ah, there you are.

Terry: Hey there.

Wikipenguino: Huh? Oh hello there, Tux.

Tux: Greetings, agents. You sure you don't need a medical agent?

Wikipenguino: Nah, I'll be fine. What happened?

Tux: Your friend Kenny called for our help and we arrived just in time to take down the S.H.A.R.K. agents. Darktan escaped, but we managed to arrest your antibody and his associates.

Wikipenguino: What about File X?

Tux: I'm afraid we don't have any info on that. It's certain none of the agents have it, though.

Terry: But then-?

Suddenly, the sound of a spinning propeller cap could be heard. Mike flew in from a hole in the wall holding the file with his telekinesis.

Cheddar: Mike!

Cheddar got up and limped towards his puffle.

Cheddar: Boy, I never thought I'd be glad to see you...

Mike gave the file to Tux.

Tux: Excellent. Thank you...Mike is it?

Mike nodded happily.

Tux: Anyways, it's time we get you all out of this place. I'm sure you've had quite an adventure.

Later, the team were at a hospital room in the nearby major city of Inland.

They were all crowded around Alayne, who was in a hospital bed. The rest of the team hadn't sustained any serious injuries from the battle except for a few minor cuts and bruises. Cheddar's right foot was wrapped in some bandages, but he could walk quite well nevertheless.

Kenny: Well, I suppose this is where we, or at least I, part ways.

Wikipenguino: My fourth-wall breaking abilities are telling me so, yeah.

Kenny: Me, Terry and Wikipenguino's plane back to Tropicalis will be leaving soon. Cheddar, Mike and Falco, you should probably leave soon too if you're getting the plane to Sub-Antarctica.

Cheddar: Yeah, okay.

Kenny: Well farewell, friends. Hope you all get well soon. Especially Alayne and Cheddar.

Terry: I'll admit, it was actually kind of fun. Not so much, just kid of.

Wikipenguino: Adios, amigos! It's been a great one. Cheddar, you sure you're going to be fine?

Cheddar: Oh, I'll be fine. With comedy, any wound can heal.

Alayne: See you, guys.

William: See you next time!

Falco: Bye! I may visit Tropicalis and Dragonstone sometime later.

They all waved goodbye to each other before the others left to go catch a taxi.


Meanwhile, on the prison island of Owcatraz, Wikipenguino X was locked up safely behind bars and paired with none other than Bernie892. Wikipenguino X had been muttering things angrily every now and then since the the day he was locked up. The fact that Bernie was his roommate didn't make things any better.

Bernie: Uh...S-s-s-s-sir?

Wikipenguino X: What!?

Bernie remained silent.

Wikipenguino X continued to mumble until he punched one of the poles holding up the room's bunk bed where he had barely slept ever since his capture.

Wikipenguino X: *Sigh* I can't do anything without those meddling penguins doing something to stop me...

Bernie: B-but that's not true. Like for example they're not doing anything to stop us here, right-?

Wikipenguino X: That's not what I mean! You don't have to take things so literally, Bernie! Oh I'll get my revenge on them, alright. I'll show them all. I'll show them the full might of S.H.A.R.K.

Bernie: How're we going to do that? There's no way we're going to escape this place.

Wikipenguino X: Escaping is not what matters, we'll get out, one way or another. Vengeance is what matters, Bernie. Vengeance.