The Ed

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The Ed
Born August 4, 1992 (1992-08-04) (age 25)
Residence Chill Island
Nationality Antarctican
Ethnicity Adelie Penguin
Citizenship Shopper
Occupation Meme Machine operator, EPF Agent
Known for Being chosen by the Meme Machine

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What the shenanigans is going on?!
— Ed

The Ed (1989- ) is a blue adelie penguin living on Chill Island. Despite his full name being The Ed, the "the" is silent. He was specifically chosen to operate the island's Meme Machine, producing meme energy to be used for many purposes around the island.

Ed occasionally gets into shenanigans across Antarctica, usually involving Club Penguin and its celebrities. These include beating Cadence in a dance-off due to a minor technicality, accidentally suggesting the recycling center be replaced with a school, and on more than one occasion siphoning gasoline from the Hydro Hopper boat in order to give his Card-Jitsu hot sauce extra range.

Personal Life[edit]

Early Life[edit]

The first few years of Ed's life were boring and uneventful, much like Colonial Antarctica where he resided. As a chick, Ed often played with undetonated mines from the STINC War and tried to blow up as many as possible.

Club Penguin[edit]

When Club Penguin Island was opened in 2006, he soon moved there and became friends with several of the island's personalities.

At some point during his time on the island, Ed became a Ninja and earned his Ninja Amulet. He only earned his Fire Gem, however, and ended up painting the other empty slots blue and white.

Chill Island[edit]

Ed moved to the newly-formed Shops Island in 2011 looking to find new meaning in his otherwise-bland life. It was there he met Chill57181, Mario Rk, and Penquino, who would soon become his best friends on the island. When Chill Island was opened, he moved there as his friend was the mayor and he hoped it would be more exciting than anywhere else in Shops (which it was).

In 2017, Ed was contracted by the Gemini EPF branch to help combat LoVE and their villainous ways, due to Ed's experience with mr skeltal.


Ed is a very eccentric penguin, often finding himself in trouble due to his antics.


Ed's primary job is operator of the Meme Machine, a strange zamboni-like vehicle that generates meme energy.


  • Ed lives in the Mario's Fryz basement.
  • There are rumors Ed is planning on producing a hit song named "Distant Egg Song", but he has yet to confirm this.
  • Ed's feathers are colored old blue, and he refuses to tell anyone how he got the color.
  • One of Ed's most prized possessions is a stuffed Kermit puppet that he takes great care of. He claims that it comes to life when the moon is full to indulge in some orange juice, but few believe him.


  • "You have to eat all the eggs."

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