The Eggnog Starts Now!

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"The Eggnog Starts Now!"
Single by Penquino (credited as Cp kid)
Released August 2012 (Shops Island), December 2012 (Rest of Antarctica)
Format CD single, digital download
Recorded August 2012
Genre Holiday, Pop
Label Chill Island Productions
Writer(s) Penquino
Producer Chill Island Productions


Penquino chronology

"The Eggnog Starts Now!"
"Livin' on Thin Ice"

The Eggnog Starts Now (Often stylized with an exclamation point) is a hit single produced by Chill World Productions and sung by Penquino. It was originally available at Chill World locations throughout Shops Island, where it was ranked #1 on the charts for multiple weeks. Due to popular demand, it was released for digital download so the rest of Antarctica could purchase and listen to it.

Despite being a holiday song and a parody of the song The Party Starts Now, it has surprisingly outsold The Party Starts Now and is thought to be one of the most-purchased songs of all time. The song sparked Penquino's musical fame on Shops Island, alongside his work in The KD Band. The Eggnog Starts Now continues to be a popular holiday song in Shops and elsewhere, and is considered "very meme-able".


Early concepts[edit]

In mid-2012, Club Penguin singer Cadence released her hit single The Party Starts Now. Penquino was inspired, so he started thinking of how to incorporate that into a song. In the end, he decided to make a fun, parody-style song. The parody topic ended up being Eggnog, a delicious holiday drink.

Song production[edit]

In early August 2012, song production began. It took about a week to record the brand new, but similar music to The Party Starts Now. It took an additional week to record all of the vocals. Since Chill Island Productions was a somewhat small company, they did not have any major producers. Thus, they produced the song themselves.


The song was released on August 25th, 2012, in Chill World locations throughout Shops Island, to astounding success. In it's opening week, all 500,000 disks that were made ended up being sold.

By December 2012, almost 2 million disks had been sold throughout Shops Island and its territories. Although demand started to lower by the end of the year in Shops, it was still high in the rest of Antarctica. Due to the small size of Chill Island Productions, the song had not yet been able to be distributed through the rest of Antarctica. Thanks to the revenue earned from the song, that was all going to change. On December 12, the song was introduced on iceTunes for Shops, the remainder of the Asiapelago, and the USA, with CD format also becoming available in parts of the USA. On December 15, it became available on iceTunes in UnitedTerra and the Ninja Archipelago, with CD format also becoming available for the latter. At this point, it was available for most of Antarctica, except for some small Free Republics, and other small island nations spread on the outskirts of Antarctica. Due to the December distribution, and the main focus of the song (Eggnog), it became labelled as a holiday-pop song.

Later, in February 2013, a music video was released for the song.

Christmas Gifts[edit]

After a year of stable-yet-declining sales, the song was released in Snowiny in CD format on December 10, 2013, just in time for the holiday season. It became very popular, and hit the top of the Snowinian music chart by the end of the year. As a Christmas gift to his citizens, Snowinian President Robert Smith went online to order 1 million disks with government funds. However, he was confused with the ordering form, and ended up ordering 11 trillion disks, technically making The Eggnog Starts Now the most-sold record in Antarctic history, far surpassing every other single and album. However, this mishap is ignored by the RIAAC, so the record sales aren't actually counted. The mishap ended up putting Snowiny in the worst debt in Antarctic history, something that has been exploited by Shops Island ever since.

In March 2014, the song became available on iceTunes in Snowiny, where it will forever be free to everyone and anyone who wants it. This was so that Chill Island Productions didn't have to mass-produce disks to ship to Snowiny. It isn't free on iceTunes in any other nation.


In January 2014, shortly after the Snowiny mistake hit news stations all over Antarctica, Club Penguin singer Cadence filed a lawsuit against Penquino and Chill Island Productions, as well as fellow CP musician DJ386, due to the similarity of the latter's songs to her hit The Party Starts Now.

The issue was settled in a South Pole City courtroom in early March. Cadence stated that The Eggnog Starts Now is a complete ripoff of her song, whose iceTunes-exclusive instrumental was stolen from The Party Starts Now, and also demanded that she receives 50% of the profit made. However, Penquino proved that the instrumental was different, and he also stated that The Party Starts Now nor it's instrumental is copyrighted, leaving freedom of expression available. He also admitted that The Eggnog Starts Now was originally meant as a parody of sorts.

In the end, Cadence's request for the song's profit was denied. However, starting in April 2014, every CD case in the USA has "Inspired by The Party Starts Now" on it somewhere, and the same phrase has to be on the song's iceTunes page in every country. The song was also added to the "parody" genre in the USA.

Release history[edit]

Region Date Format Label
Shops Island August 25, 2012 CD single Chill Island Productions
December 12, 2012 digital download
USA CD single, digital download
Asiapelago digital download
Ninja Archipelago December 15, 2012 CD single, digital download
UnitedTerra digital download
Snowiny December 10, 2013 CD single
March 15, 2014 digital download


500,000 disks were produced solely for the song's release weekend in August 2012, and all stores which received copies were sold out by mid-Sunday (It was released in stores on Saturday morning). Before the single was distributed in December 2012, another approximate 1,500,000 copies were sold throughout Shops Island and it's territories (mostly Freezestonia, and some in Moon Island).

Before December 2012, Chill Island Productions rented a vacant factory in the Western Shops Industrial Division to make sure their demand for CDs was met before the official release of the song in the USA and the Ninja Archipelago. Immediately after the factory was ready, it began producing what would end up as millions of disks for sale.


Commercial performance[edit]

Critical response[edit]

Sales and revenue[edit]

When released in Chill World outlets across Shops Island, the single cost 8 WB$, raking in an approximate 16,000,000 WB$ (2 million sales) by December 2012. Another million sales were made throughout Shops and it's colonies via digital download from December 2012 to June 2013, bringing in another 4.8 million WB$.

In the USA, about 17 million songs were sold in 2012, 5 million via disk (due to the upcoming holidays) and 12 million purchases via iceTunes. With the cost being 5 coins per disk and 3 coins per download, the total income from the USA was approximately 61 million coins (or 38.125 million WB$).

In UnitedTerra, about 10 million purchases were made in December 2012 via iceTunes. Due to iceTunes songs in UnitedTerra costing 1 Dauroe (5 coins), the December 2012 song revenue from UnitedTerra raked in a whopping 50 million coins (or 31.25 million WB$).

However, since the song's release in 2012, out of all the nations it has been available in, Snowiny is by far the most rewarding. There were over 11,000,000 million (11 trillion) disks sold in December 2013, more than any other single or album in Antarctic history. Much like a situation in Club Penguin in 2012 where Rookie purchased far too many anvils, Snowiny President Robert Smith accidentally purchased 11 trillion singles of the song with government funds. Originally he had intended to buy 1 million to give as gifts to citizens over the holidays. Unfortunately, he lost track of the numbers on his online ordering form, which specifically stated that people in Snowiny couldn't return their disks or get refunds (as there are no Chill Island Productions headquarters in Snowiny, and shipping costs way too much). Overall, the December 2013 revenue from the disks (at 5 Varoe per disk), is estimated to be at around 66 trillion coins (or 41.25 trillion WB$). Although quite good for Penquino and Chill Island Productions, the purchase put Snowiny into a major recession, something that Shops Island has exploited ever since.

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