The Epic Adelie Story

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The Epic Adelie Story
Background information
Participants Chub 777, Buhc 777, Chub 667X, Adelie Family, and
Date June 2010 - December 2025

The Epic Adelie Story, sometimes abbreviated as TEAS, is a fifteen year long saga of several stories. The stories revolve around the Adelie Family, especially the two brothers, Chub 777 and Buhc 777, and their struggle against the evil forces of Chub 667X and his accomplices. Along the way, they learn many things about destiny, mysteries, love and loss.

The Events[edit]

The 15 year saga consists of the following events:

After a series of hijacked Deletion Missiles hit Club Penguin, it is up to the Adelie brothers to save Club Penguin and South Pole City from the doom of Chub 667X, Herbert, Klutzy and a small antibody army.

  • Culldrome Isles Story Arc

Chub 667X teams up with Gravity from the Skulldrome Isles and Swiss Ninja from Snowzerland. The trio command their forces to invade the Culldrome Isles in search for the rare and elusive crystal, Porcyals. Will Chub and Buhc be able to stop the large army from destroying and taking over the archipelago? Or will they fail, leaving Culldrome into their worst nightmare?

Chairman Dux, the main rival of Steven Snowen, Culldrome's leader, creates the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome and declares war on the existing nation. Caught in the middle of it all, the Adelie Brothers and their little group must end the war and prevent another civil war from happening again. Will they succeed, or will everything be brought down in the battle of Culldrome?

The Confederacy, along with some allies, is now bent on taking over all of Antarctica. They get ready to unleash their powerful superweapon as part of their top secret Project Shadow. Having no choice, Culldrome and several countries join up and finally stop the evil Confederacy. What will happen and what will be revealed in the final shadow-showdown?


Still being written! TBA.

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