The Fanon Character Gang

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The Fanon Character Gang
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Get your Fan on! (Get it?)
Name The Fanon Character Gang
Type Good Army
Location Wherever evil strikes
Head Star Kirby12
Job Protecting the continent they call home and save holidays.
Members see below
Headquarters South Pole City

The Fanon Character Gang, also known as The Fanon Gang is a group of penguins who work for the BoF. Yes, they are all character-users. The gang was officially founded on December the 22nd, right in time for the War of Christmas 2012. They are the third official elite group of the continent, after Antarctica's Protectors and the Hochstadt Gang.


On that fateful day, the members of the gang came together for a party at Star Kirby12's house in South Pole City. Christmas didn't seem good with all the mishaps, charity work that went horribly wrong, and a war that they would never forget. As the X-antibodies grouped together, they did to, to form the Fanon Gang. The result was victory.

But Questibak went away unnoticed, silently smirking...

7 days later, the gang was getting ready for New Year's Eve by testing fireworks (TNT sticks, lit and then shot up into the air, in a way that they explode in mid-air).

After hearing a story from an old Baldie (I mean old penguin), Fooly accidentally caused a nuclear spread with Radioactive Confetti and TNT, then Star fought the culprit, stopped the spread, shrank Mabel and got terribly hurt.

The next event confirmed happened on April Fools on the following year. The Raptor Bot that crashed into the fourth wall apparently dealt major damage to it, as a very minor breaking of the fourth wall, courtesy of the foolish troublemaker, caused it to completely get obliterated and mess with the flow of everything. 3 different stories got weirdly mashed up into a gigantic mess until the wall was fixed in one of these stories.

After the events of this really random story Star, Richperson and the Tobots decided to leave the Fanon Character Gang for unknown reasons.

The gang has been inactive for 2 entire years, each character going to do its own thing, until the Propellor Cap Trio launched a mirror-shaped portal into Club Penguin, creating a new wave of problems. The mirror transported them into another Club Penguin fanfiction in which every character's archetype was reversed, with good guys becoming bad guys and vice versa. Star and his team allied with the gang once more to solve this monumental problem and soon, with the help of a large variety of more heroes, the day was saved.


Though everyone is usually having adventures of their own, sometimes a threat is so large that only one hero or group of heroes won't be able to stop. That's why the Fanon Character Gang is here! A collection of the most notable heroes, adventurers and just about any highly important character in the non-country articles makes up this gang. Mayor threats are usually only found during special occasions, such a holidays, or once a year or so.


Leader: To be decided

Co-Leader: To Be decided

Weaponry Lead: Nicktang10

  • Nick's temper may get in the way sometimes, but he has leadership, and is boring responsible enough to handle all sorts of weapons. With many many weapons in his inventory and armoury, he is the natural one to be the Weaponry Lead.

Engineering Lead: Amigopen

  • Amigopen is a slow, but fierce war-machine packed with an arsenal of his own weapons, such as his Banhammer and ultra laser. His mind can sometimes be mixed up but as an engineer with a robotic army of his own, he is very powerful. Despite ocationally wanting to destroy Antarctica, he is quite a trustworthy member.

Scientific Lead: None right now

Pilot Lead: RealMax

  • Although RealMax is one of the newest members, RealMax is a master at piloting various motor and air craft such as planes and cars. If there is someone in trouble in another place, he will take the members on planes or on car and even on ships.

Other Members:


It is impossible to put strategies against Lollipop. Being Master of Randomness, Lollipop uses different attacks every time. He excels at coming up with strategies.

Chub 777

When Chub fights, it is hardcore! He is the survivalist of the group, and is skilled at surviving in the wild. He is also an astronaut and his knowledge has come in handy sometimes.

Buhc 777

Buhc is an experienced ace pilot. Although young, he boasts excellent flying skills and usually transports the gang to places or helps out with aerial attacks.


Eventhough he is not good at fights, he seems to be pretty good in spying randomly due to his handy teleportation. He has also helped the gang financially through WelCo sponsorship with the gang.


Mental issued Fooly usually proves to be great help, if he isn't clumsily causing more trouble for the gang. He is quite weak with melee attacks, but he is the best at ranged ones, while Fuzzle is the complete opposite. He is also own for aerial expertise, exploding and fourth-wall breaking.


He is the assistant of the Scientific Lead. He's pretty geeky. He's talent is being a nerd who knows a lot of things about everything.


Slidur could be as crazy as X-Treme Penguin, but that won't stop him from all of this. He could sling him self 1km high and stop whatever bad is happening. All his weapons (even a fire nunchuck) could possibly do something about the gang. He's known in the gang for going at speeds only he could travel.


One of the newest members of the team with a daring attitude and a passion for adventure as well as being a skilled keysaber wielder. He's great for doing medium-ranged melee attacks and block projectiles with his keysaber, and sometimes switches to his Ditto Pistol for long range. His experiences and adventures have also well trained him to dodge well.

Puffle Squad:


Mabel is the best fighter of the Puffle Squad. She is able to insult nonstop for 3 hours and 59 seconds with 59 milliseconds. (Lollipop timed it.) An eager fighter.


Fluffypuffle's modes are great for the team. It's like having more than one puffle! He has different attacks in each mode, which surprises the enemy. They never know his next move, and niether do we.


He is a plumber that sometimes hangs out with the gang and can manipulate stuff by entering his computer. While hacking, his comments are shown like this: *bssssk*(text)*bssssk*

Fluffy the Puffle

Fluffy works as a minor member, but is more interested and busy with his work on Club Penguin: The TV Series.


Fooly's best pal, Fuzzle sure knows how to attack well... once he isn't goofing off. Quick air swipes and propellor cuts make him a great close-up fighter.


The current HQ of the group opened on June 14th, 2013, in WelCoPlaza, South Pole City. Their original HQ was Star's igloo in SPC.

The current just finished HQ. Yes!


  • Meeting Room - The room in which all of the members of the gang hold meetings.
  • Training Area - A large room with robot dummies for training.
    • Training Rooms - Like Training Area, but made private for one person and the penguin is trained by someone else in the gang.
  • Garden - They thought it looked cute.
  • Kitchen - In here they prepare their meals. Almost unlimited supply of fish.
  • Relaxation Room - Comes with a vending machine and plasma-screen television. This is Lollipop's third-favourite room.
  • Armory - Is really a teleportation tube which leads to Nick's armory in his home.
  • Top Secret Room - I don't know what is in here, it's top secret!
  • Tech Room - Computers and other mechanical stuff are found here.
  • Scientific Engineering Workshop - The workshop where both the Scientific Lead and Amigopen work in.
  • Panic Room - The place where you will need to scream in.
  • Underground Base - Just in case something wrong happens.
  • Library - Filled with millions of books for research.
  • Mini Observatory - A large room to see the solar system from afar.
  • Main Lobby - A lobby
  • Slidur's Spy Room/Garage - Slidur monitors every room and keeps his jet and expensive vehicles here.Comes with tools and other things.
  • Arts & Crafts Room - Linked with the kitchen. Fooly regularly paints turkey or other foods. This is Lollipop's favourite room.
  • Vehicle Storage - A garage to store vehicles
  • The Puffle Training Room - A large room similar to the Training Area, except for puffles.
  • The Shut-Up-Mabel Room - The room where Mabel is tortured to shut up. This is Lollipop's second-favourite room.
  • The Launching Pad - Obvious. Confetti and TNT have to be clean and scanned before entering, though.
  • Recruitment Room - Where the recruits go.
  • File Room - A room with important files.
    • Secret File Room - A secret room in the HQ which most likely will be underground.
      • Even Secreter File Room - The name says it all.
        • Top Secret File Room - The secretest of the secret file rooms.
  • Offices - Each person has their own private office.


  • The Bathroom - Everyone needs this. They only built one. Who even designed this thing?!


  • Hochstadt Gang - Both groups have the common goal of keeping Antarctica safe from the forces of evil. The Hochstadt Gang sponsors the group financially with the help of the Castillan Government.
  • Government of Lisboagal - Lisboagal financially supports the Fanon Character Gang because they have a large colony on the Antarctic mainland, Regiao Lisboaguesa.
  • The Three Pieteers: The Pieteers do not communicate with the FCG much, and the two groups are neatrul with each other. Many FCG members do not like one of the Pieteers: Metal Knight, because he was friends with Darktan. Literally.



  • Star and Person resign along with all of the zords after Fanon Characters April Fools Special 2013!, damaging the gang's forces. They will still appear in future specials as allies or something like that.
    • These events began the construction of the new Headquarters and WelCoPlaza.
  • The name was chosen by Fluffypuffle, while in Fourth Wall mode, recognizing that they were all fanon wiki characters.
  • Mr Cow2 really wants to be in it.

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